Contact Center AI Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult (or Expensive!)

NICE has developed APIs to increase AI accessibility for contact centers

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Contact Center AI Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult (or Expensive!) - CX Today News
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Published: March 4, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

AI is the first technology that promises to change how contact centers work in decades.

Conversation and workflow automation, interaction mining, and virtual assistants are just some of the exciting AI-driven possibilities reinventing dated contact center processes.

The impact of automation is already palpable. For instance, the traditional “Press One for… Press Two for…” IVR is transitioning to fluid, intelligent voice bots.

Yet, dramatic, full-scale AI transformations are few and far between, as some contact centers lack AI-capable infrastructure, while others are uncertain of where to implement it.

A 2022 LiveVox study underlines these problems while also finding that deployment delays and routine updates are “widespread” AI implementation issues.

Such reports bolster the overarching perception that contact centers must heavily invest in expensive platform updates or reorchestrate their systems’ architecture to benefit fully from AI. But do they?

Crafting an Alternative Solution

Smaller contact centers, startups, and enterprise DIYers have had little opportunity to apply AI across their operations until now.

Yes, alternative options were available. However, these typically proved too expensive, too complex, or generic, with little-to-no contact-center-specific training.

NICE recognized this when launching ElevateAI in 2022 – and seized the opportunity.

The CCaaS leader took its coveted, purpose-built Enlighten AI models and distilled them down into easy-to-use Cloud APIs, which contact centers can connect into their existing tech stack to realize new efficiencies and enhance their customer experience.

Trained on NICE’s anonymized set of over a billion contact center data points, the APIs democratize access to the latest AI innovations. As such, they can do everything from summarizing conversations to coaching agents (and much more).

After making this point, Michele Carlson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at NICE, said:

“Through the API, businesses may then layer their own data in the models to increase the AI’s specificity for their organization without having to build from scratch. That’s time, and ultimately resource-saving.”

That is a proposition that appeals to SMBs and Enterprise customers, in addition to the partner community.

A Proposition for Businesses of All Shapes and Sizes

The prospect of expensive, out-of-the-box AI solutions often disillusions small businesses.

Yet, ElevateAI APIs are DIY-capable, meaning that these companies can get up and running fast, applying AI to targeted use cases and allowing users to build from there.

Doubling down on this point, Ashley Griggs, Senior Sales Leader for ElevateAI by NICE, noted that:

“For this reason, purpose-built CX AI also appeals to BPOs that wish to build and develop from out-of-the-box AI to customize their business’ applications and deliver on specific customer requirements.”

As such, campaigns like ElevateAI’s “1K Every Day” initiative have generated significant interest, particularly at the lower end of the market, where AI is less accessible. The ongoing campaign offers the first 1,000 interactions per customer for free, every day.

However, the broader API suite has also proven popular with larger enterprises. Typically, these organizations have invested millions of dollars into their legacy environment and aren’t yet ready to rip and replace that complex patchwork of systems. Instead, they want to augment processes as they more cautiously transition to the cloud.

For instance, a healthcare or financial firm may turn to ElevateAI to parse all their interactions, ensure compliance, and satisfy internal standards.

Alternatively, an enterprise may want to build its own Voice of the Customer tool, intent engine, or something else. ElevateAI’s purpose-built, proven APIs can provide a powerful starting point for organizations of any size to gain immediate benefits.

ElevateAI by NICE: What Else Is Possible?

Across various environments, ElevateAI acts as a knight in shining armor, offering access to NICE’s premium Enlighten AI models without incurring additional legwork or cost.

Further, access to NICE’s CX AI models allows ElevateAI users to gather immediate insights into sentiment and behavioral data from customer audio while tracking voice activity.

By leveraging these models, contact centers may unlock various use cases, from tracking agent soft skills – including active listening, rapport building, and empathy – to isolating vulnerable customers.

Yet, NICE is always building on these possibilities, adding new AI features via a continuous innovation cycle for developers.

For example, ElevateAI by NICE has started to factor new generative AI capabilities into its offering, at no additional cost. These include:

  • CX Auto Summary
  • Summary Details
  • Agent Action Items
  • Interaction Topics
  • Agent Improvement
  • Agent Coaching Assistant
  • Interaction Composition

Like all the other capabilities, contact centers can supplement this with ElevateAI Explore, a built-in reporting platform that provides data visualizations of the suite’s business impact. Users can access Explore without leaving the ElevateAI suite, removing the need to port data into a third-party BI tool.

Finally, NICE offers critical implementation support, if necessary, and helps scale the application.

The Future Starts Today

As the AI era approaches, NICE promises to leave no business behind with the expansion of its ElevateAI offering.

It serves up cutting-edge innovation through accessible APIs, which could – in fact – help brands build an excellent foundation for a full-scale CCaaS migration.

To learn more about ElevateAI and its possible applications in your contact center, visit:

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