Cresta Upgrades Its Real-Time Intelligence Platform

The company introduces two new features

Cresta Upgrades Its Real-Time Intelligence Platform
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Last Edited: August 3, 2022

Sandra Radlovački

Sandra Radlovački

Cresta has revealed its new-and-improved Real-Time Intelligence Platform that aims to improve contact centre efficiency and enhance every customer interaction.

With this release, Cresta introduced two new additions to its platform: Cresta Insights and Cresta Chatbot.

Cresta Insights turns conversational data into actionable insights, enabling a deeper understanding of customer behaviours, emerging trends, and the competitive landscape.

Moreover, the solution uses advanced natural language understanding (NLU) to uncover critical contact drivers and group conversations into common themes.

Zayd Enam, CEO and Co-Founder of Cresta, said: “Contact centres are the front door for customer interaction, and business leaders are increasingly turning to AI to understand those customer conversations to drive business strategy and action.”

“However, we’ve noticed that platform fragmentation has become the top pain point preventing them from truly realizing this vision.

“Our Real-Time Intelligence platform helps businesses conquer this challenge by delivering a holistic and deeply integrated platform that rapidly layers into any existing contact centre. This modular and integrated approach closes the gap between insight and action, empowering teams to achieve superhuman visibility, insight, and action on every conversation.”

To tackle high handle times, Cresta added its Chatbot solution, which offers user authentication and pre-transfer data collection, along with open prompt fraud detection and predictive suggestions for a more seamless experience.

The Chatbot can also support sales processes with personalised suggestions based on customer profile data. Together with Cresta Insights, the Chatbot identifies high value chatbot use cases and automates workflows ahead of customer needs.

Cresta Director and Agent Assist – the existing solutions in the platform – have also undergone significant enhancements. New updates to Agents Assist include Auto Summarisation and Auto Note Taking to simplify post-call tasks.

To streamline coaching and quality assurance processes, Cresta Director now offers scorecards and personalised coaching plans within a single workflow. Such an enhancement enables managers to evaluate conversations with personalised notes, snippets, and coaching metrics.

Finally, a new Live Assist option allows managers and agents to communicate freely through integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack.

This news follows Cresta’s $80 million Series C funding round which was fueled by participation from CCaaS leaders like Five9, Zoom, and Genesys.


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