Five9 Adds Meera’s Conversational AI Platform

Meera is now accessible via the Five9 CX Marketplace

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Last Edited: May 5, 2023

James Stephen

Five9 has added Meera’s conversational AI platform to the Five9 CX Marketplace.

The conversational AI technology has also been integrated with the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center.

Meera is an AI-powered SMS marketing platform that provides automated text messaging for call centres.

Describing itself as an “AI sales assistant”, Meera uses natural language processing technology to achieve human-like messages which can automate 80% of sales teams’ work.

Vivek Zaveri, Founder and CEO of Meera, said: “We surveyed more than 800 American consumers, and 73.6 percent of respondents revealed they would prefer if banks, insurance agents, telecommunication providers, cable companies – nearly every kind of company they find themselves interacting with – offered to communicate with them via text message.

“We built Meera as a response to aggressive and often annoying outreach tactics offered by other marketing automation tools.

“By using AI and natural language processing, we’ve found that Meera can increase contact rates by up to 40 percent with conversational text messaging that mimics real-life conversation.”

Meera allows sales reps to automate time-consuming tasks, including call scheduling, answering questions via text, responding to demo requests, reminding customers about overdue accounts, switching warm leads to human sales reps, and more.

Five9, on the other hand, enables billions of call minutes each year and offers analytics, digital engagement, workflow automation, AI, and workforce optimisation to create more human-like customer experiences, assist contact centre agents, and improve overall business results.

Meera’s integration with Five9 will deliver text messages, using AI to streamline operations and improve customer experiences.

The AI technology will track Five9 call dispositions and send texts to customers and leads when pre-determined criteria have been met.

According to Meera, it will solve a number of call centre issues through its partnership with Five9.

When a customer hangs up while queueing for contact centre agents, for example, Meera will automatically text the customer, apologise for the wait, schedule a time to talk, and connect them to an agent.

Meera will also send follow-up texts if agents are not able to contact leads and notify agents when customers are available to speak.

Patrice DeLorey, the Five9 ISV Partner Manager, commented: “Meera’s conversational text messaging solution will help Five9 customers automate tedious work and, ultimately, close more deals.

“We’re confident that contact centres will be impressed by what Meera can do.”

Five9 recently upped its partnership with Cresta, who recently joined forces with Medallia to offer Five9 and LivePerson customers their combined conversational AI solution.

Five9 already has investment ties to Cresta. Last year, Cresta raised $80 million in Series C funding, with contributions from Genesys, Five9, and Zoom.

Furthermore, in March 2022, Cresta announced it had accredited its real-time integration with Five9, allowing its customers to connect to the Five9 AI customer engagement platform, as well as enabling Five9 customers to easily add Cresta’s real-time AI intelligence.

In April last month, Five9 launched its first ChatGPT-powered contact center offerings, called AI Insights and AI Summaries.

The solutions were launched during an earnings call in which Mike Burkland, Chairman & CEO of Five9 described AI innovation as mission-critical to the company’s continued growth.



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