Medallia Teams Up with Cresta, Expands Five9 and LivePerson Partnerships

New partnerships expand Medallia reach and improve contact center AI

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Published: May 3, 2023

James Stephen

Medallia has joined forces with Cresta and expanded its partnerships with Five9 and LivePerson to drive innovation and extend its reach.

Describing itself as the “global leader in customer and employee experience”, Medallia developed a relationship with Cresta to combine its experience insights and sentiment data with Cresta’s generative AI.

Meanwhile, through the product partnership with LivePerson and Five9, the combined Medallia-Cresta conversational AI solution will reach new customers.

Alex Glanz, EVP of Strategy at Medallia, said:

These partnerships allow organizations to empower their agents with feedback and insights into their customers’ emotions, needs, and experiences.

“Combining experience insights and sentiment data with the generative AI delivered via real-time agent assistance from our partners enables agents to provide more personalized and relevant assistance, which is a win-win for customers and agents.”

According to Medallia, the partnerships with LivePerson and Five9, enable companies to easily see the effect of conversational AI on customer experiences, such as the way assist models work and which need tuning.

Moreover, they enable companies to increase agent productivity and raise response consistency using personalized guidance for agents and customers.

Five9 already has investment ties to Cresta. Last year, Cresta raised $80 million in Series C funding, with contributions from Genesys, Five9, and Zoom.

Furthermore, in March 2022, Cresta announced it had accredited its real-time integration with Five9, allowing its customers to connect to the Five9 AI customer engagement platform, as well as enabling Five9 customers to easily add Cresta’s real-time AI intelligence.

Also in 2022, Cresta released a new Real-Time Intelligence Platform, which included the introduction of Cresta Insights and Cresta Chatbot.

The specialist in the real-time agent assistance market, Cresta, is bringing its generative AI technology to the table, providing contact center agents with live guidance during customer interactions.

Scott Kolman, CMO at Cresta, said: “As the experience leader with extensive customer feedback and experience data, Medallia helps companies improve the efficiency and quality of their contact center interactions.

Together, we’re leveraging deep customer and employee insights to equip agents with personalized guidance so that they can seamlessly address customer needs.

Last month, Medallia launched the Medallia Experience Orchestration (MXO) service to offer clients omnichannel and customer insights to improve the buyer’s journey.

The platform allows enterprise end-users to understand exactly what customers want from brands and their associated channels.

MXO has its origins in Thunderhead, a firm specializing in real-time CX data management and journey orchestration, which Medallia acquired in January last year.

The VoC vendor, Medallia, also acquired Mindful last month, enabling it to add automated, intelligent callbacks to its contact center suite.

As a result, customers will be able to schedule callbacks over voice, SMS, or live chat.

In April last month, Five9 launched its first ChatGPT-powered contact center offerings, called AI Insights and AI Summaries.

LivePerson is not new to data insights in the contact center either. In July 2022, LivePerson launched a conversational mining solution in order to transform conversational data into intelligent action.

Known as Contact Center Conversation Mining, the technology transforms conversational data into intelligent action using automation and AI-powered workflows.



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