Five9 Teases New AI Knowledge Distiller Solution, Showcases Its AI Insights Dashboard

Catch up on some of the most eye-catching announcements from the recent Five9 CX Summit

Five9 Teases New AI Knowledge Distiller Solution, Showcases Its AI Insights Dashboard
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Published: August 29, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Two weeks ago, Five9 celebrated its three-day CX Summit in Las Vegas.

The event featured customer success stories, partner exhibitions, and – perhaps most interestingly – new insights into its product roadmap.

That roadmap includes a new AI product: the Five9 AI Knowledge Distiller.

While not formally announced yet, Five9 offered a sneak preview of the solution and underlined how it might benefit end-users.

Here’s a quick overview, alongside other headline takeaways from the event.

The Five9 AI Knowledge Distiller

The Five9 AI Knowledge Distiller allows businesses to pull data from across the entire journey – plugging into applications such as Google Drive, Salesforce, Sharepoint, and more.

From there, it distills insights – as the name suggests – which contact centers can use in numerous ways. One of those includes augmenting intelligent virtual assistants.

Jonathan Rosenberg, CTO and Head of AI at Five9, somewhat implied this use case when introducing the solution at the Summit. He said:

Imagine – instead of having to type questions into the back end – you could ingest all of the knowledge about your company. So, the bot could just answer, well, anything.

“Imagine further, you could combine that vast knowledge with information about the customer, allowing the creation of personalized bots and assistance that could deliver unprecedented levels of service,” continued Rosenberg.

“Imagine that. Well, we imagined it, too. So today, I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the next member of the AI family here at Five9: the AI Knowledge Distiller.

“It allows you to curate knowledge from wherever it lives and put it everywhere.”

That may include augmenting knowledge bases, dashboards, and voice of the customer (VoC) applications – alongside conversational AI applications. Stay tuned for a more comprehensive overview when the solution launches formally.

A New AI Insights Dashboard

For months, Five9 has teased its AI Insights solution, which leverages generative AI and real-time transcription to interpret customer interactions and categorize them.

Callan Schebella, EVP of Product Management at Five9, took to the CX Summit stage to showcase the solution – highlighting how it “shows things people can’t see.”

Analyst Robin Gareiss took a snapshot of the new AI Insights Dashboard during Schebella’s presentation and shared it on LinkedIn.

In the screenshot, not only are conversations categorized by intent, but those intents have an AI-generated sentiment and customer satisfaction score.

Moreover, it shows how agent performance is split across different contact reasons – allowing for much more granular insights that may aid coaching programs.

Yet, that’s not all. When operationalized, such data may transform contact center conversational AI, case management, and workforce engagement initiatives.

Five9 Claims an NPS Score of 85+

During his presentation, Andy Dignan, Chief Customer Officer at Five9, told the audience that the vendor’s customer NPS score is an astounding 85+.

While that may come as a surprise, Five9 has established a reputation for robust post-sale support, paving the way for customers to bleed further value from its platform.

What makes that reputation more impressive is that Five9 often works with global organizations that have complex customer requirements.

Indeed, a fifth of its reviewing customers on the Gartner Peer Insights platform are enterprises valued at more than $10BN.

That statistic stems from the most recent Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer” for CCaaS report. Yet, at the Summit, that was not the Gartner study that garnered the most attention…

Achieving Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader Status

After many years as a “Challenger”, Five9 finally achieved “Leader” status in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS earlier this month.

The vendor celebrated the accomplishment at the CX Summit.

“I think it’s recognition and validation of all the success we’re having across our strategic initiatives,” said Mike Burkland, CEO of Five9, before the event.

The march upmarket, those very large enterprises choosing Five9… we’re winning some of the biggest deals in the market. I think that’s one. Our international expansion is another. And our AI leadership is the third.

“We’ve talked about the strategic initiatives for a long time. And I think Gartner recognizes our progress in those. So we’re thrilled, we’re happy, we’re honored, but we’re also not surprised.”

Yet, Five9 is not resting on its laurels – as the innovations above suggest alongside its $82MN move for Aceyus – as previously covered by CX Today.

Discussing the acquisition, Dave Michels, Lead Analyst at TalkingPointz, told CX Today:

It looks like a really smart acquisition that’s about data. We’re not talking about ACDs and other sorts of things anymore, and as the new comes in, we’re going to see some fairly significant changes on a report like this.

As such, when Gartner begins to update its CCaaS criteria to account for new trends, like the increasing focus on leveraging customer data, Five9 may stay at the forefront of the space.

The Reimagine CX Award Winners

For end-users, the Five9 CX Summit offered an opportunity to network, learn from peers, and dive deep into their success stories.

The event shared many of the latter and featured a special awards ceremony to celebrate the most ingenious Five9 implementations across six categories.

To precede over the Reimagine CX Awards, friends of CX Today, Liz Miller, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, and Evan Kirstel, B2B TechFluencer, served as independent judges.

In doing so, they announced the following businesses as the award winners.

  • Increase Business Agility with Cloud Award – Winner: Webjet ltd.
  • Scale with AI & Automation Award – Winner: Central Bank
  • Ecosystem/Partner Award – Winner: CNG Holdings Inc
  • Empower Agents and Supervisors to Deliver Results Award – Winner: Hanna Andersson
  • CX Promise Award – Winner: PING
  • Reimagine CX Award – Winner: Alaska Airlines

After announcing Alaska Airlines as the final winner, Five9 shared a video case study, which is also available here:

More from Five9

Alongside these announcements, Five9 capped off a busy August by releasing a co-sponsored study with Verint into various contact center inefficiencies.

The report surfaces several opportunities for service operations to enhance customer, agent, and business outcomes. Check out the critical learnings here.

Moreover, that research emphasizes the close relationship Five9 maintains with many of its partners – which is helping the vendor to deliver vertical-specific solutions.

Learn more about how such partnerships allow Five9 to flex across sectors by reading our article: Five9 Harnesses the Power of Partners to Deliver Industry-Leading CX



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