Genesys Launches ‘Industry First’ Free CCaaS Trial

The offering provides a free trial of the Genesys Cloud CX platform

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Published: March 28, 2023

James Stephen

Genesys has introduced an ‘industry first’ free trial of its Genesys Cloud CX platform.

The new offering, called GCXNow, gives small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) an automated self-service trial of the contact center solution, which can be purchased and activated within minutes.

Leveraging Genesys Cloud CX, GCXNow allows companies to create end-to-end customer experiences across various channels, including phone, chat, text, email, and social media.

Olivier Jouve, Chief Product Officer at Genesys, said: “Today, small- to mid-size companies increasingly want a more agile experience for exploring technology that simultaneously matches their nimble and innovative nature.

“GCXNow helps us fulfill our objective to make it easier for any organization to innovate using advanced experience orchestration capabilities.

By delivering an automated and curated self-service experience for Genesys Cloud CX, organizations can get up and running faster with a full-featured solution, helping them drive immediate value for their customers, employees and business.

A “State of the Consumer” report by Genesys (due for release next month) found that 86% of consumers believe a company is only as good as its service and, over the past year, around a third of consumers have left brands with poor service.

Genesys says that GCXNow meets consumer expectations by allowing them to utilize modern CCaaS capabilities faster and for a lower cost. SMBs can quickly broaden their market reach, improve the quality of their customer support, and manage costs.

A Genesys and Savanta report from November last year found that 82% of respondents said that better customer service and greater revenue growth and profit margins are the two major business priorities. In these areas, only 57% believed they were performing “extremely well”, however.

Genesys feels it is well-positioned to serve SMBs as it has accrued a lot of experience working with companies of that size.

Based on the company’s fiscal year 2023 customer statistics, more than 50% of Genesys’ customer base is from the SMB and mid-market business segments, equating to over 4,500 Genesys Cloud CX customers.

SMBs can also benefit from digital and artificial intelligence innovations through GCXNow’s access to bots and workflows for interactive voice response, messaging, and email.

GCXNow Trial Features

Harnessing Genesys Cloud CX, GCXNow can provide customers with a free trial and the option to purchase. The trial includes 30 days of access to Genesys Cloud CX, enabling businesses to assess the capabilities on offer and gauge their value within the context of their own companies.

During the trial, users will have access to preconfigured workflows, a trial support center, and consultations with product experts.

Following the trial, businesses will be able to seamlessly continue working with their established configurations, if they wish to purchase the product.

From this summer, in-app purchasing will mean companies no longer need to carry out purchases via a sales team. They will be able to switch from a trial to a subscription using a credit card within the app.

Through an annual agreement, companies will be able to enter into an annual agreement, which includes the choice of paying monthly or up-front.

GCXNow includes intelligent onboarding via automation capabilities, which are continually “monitoring, learning, and evolving”.

In-app guidance and tutorials powered by telemetry, which uses system-wide trends and data, add further value for users.

The complete GCXNow trial is now generally available in the United States. Global expansion across AWS Regions will begin in April.

Genesys entered into a Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with AWS in January this year, doubling down on its commitment to helping joint customers improve the experiences they can offer. CX Today explored the potential reasons why the two market rivals have decided to team up.

Earlier this month, Genesys surpassed $2bn in total revenue, following a shift from legacy to cloud-based solutions.



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