Google to Start Adding Apps Into a New Contact Center Marketplace

TTEC and Verint are amongst the first prominent CX providers to secure their places

Google to Start Adding Apps Into a New Contact Center Marketplace
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Published: April 6, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Google will soon add the first applications to a new marketplace explicitly built for its CCaaS solution: the Google Contact Center AI Platform.

Despite only launching late last year, several organizations are already working with Google to deploy the cloud contact center.

These include Fitbit, OneUnited Bank, and Segra, with the latter implementing the CCaaS platform across 90 facilities.

Segra noted several of the platform’s native functionalities as fundamental in its decision to work with Google. These included its intuitive UI, agent workspace, and IVR call management capabilities.

Yet, to win more business, Google must establish additional tight integrations with various enterprise solutions – such as CRM, UCaaS, and ERP platforms.

Close ties with specialist platforms for WFM, QA, and reporting are also necessary for the many enterprises that like to mix and match solutions from best-of-breed contact center vendors.

Recognizing this, Google will hope to attract an array of vendors into its marketplace, with some familiar names already securing their places.

The First Additions to Its Contact Center Marketplace

While Google hasn’t yet made a formal announcement regarding its marketplace, many providers have let their inclusion slip.

First is TTEC, which launched an Optics for Google CCAI Platform. The solution aims to unify contact center data and spotlight trends.

Sharing more, Dave Seybold, CEO of TTEC Digital, stated:

Optics for Google CCAI Platform empowers brands to drive key metrics and make better-informed decisions by making it easy to access and share their data.

The solution also aims to push insights across the business through various other integrations and pre-built Looker dashboards, reports, and contact center metrics.

Verint also announced its spot in the marketplace, launching an integration with its workforce engagement (WEM) portfolio.

As a result, Google’s CCaaS customers may leverage its automated forecasting, scheduling, and QA solutions – alongside orchestration, routing, and compliance tools.

Excited to make the announcement, John Bourne, SVP of Global Channels and Strategic Alliances at Verint, stated:

The Verint Platform is open and offers customers a broad range of best-of-breed applications in the cloud. We are pleased to work with Google Cloud to bring innovative CX automation solutions to the market.

Expect many other names to be included, with Google also teaming up with the likes of Salesforce, UJET, and Zendesk to complete some of its existing deployments.

The marketplace will help to standardize such integrations, ensure simple procurement, and enable consolidated billing.

More News About the Google’s Contact Center AI Platform

Alongside the promise of a contact center-specific marketplace, Google is stirring up interest in its CCaaS solution with its generative AI innovation.

Indeed, last week its announced plans to embed a Generative AI App Builder into the Google Contact Center AI Platform.

The innovation will allow businesses to create multimodal bots using natural language alone. They may also review, optimize, and deploy the bots from within the platform.

Such a prospect exemplifies how Google may use its large language models (LLMs) and conversational AI prowess to differentiate itself in the contact center space.

Another differentiator is that the CCaaS platform is available on Chrome, the world’s most popular web browser.

Interestingly, Chrome has a dedicated team building contact center-specific functionality within the OS, which businesses deploying the Contact Center AI Platform may leverage.

Google has also established partnerships with Accenture, Cognizant, Deloitte, HCL, IBM, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, and Wipro to bolster its presence further.

All this, alongside an iron-clad partnership with UJET, underlines Google’s growing intent to become a prominent CCaaS player.



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