How AI Automation Frees Up Agent Time

Rebekah Carter

Using AI to improve agent productivity

How AI Automation Frees Up Agent Time

For some time, AI was regarded as a complex concept, restricted to Sci-fi films and books. These days, artificial intelligence feels like a natural part of our everyday lives, present in everything from our smartphones to our speakers.

As technology in this arena continues to evolve at breakneck speed, we’re increasingly discovering the benefits of combining the human and machine world. Artificial Intelligence, with its ability to learn from data and automate various tasks, can empower agents like never before.

Here’s how the $126 billion AI market and the advent of automation can unlock the new age of agent productivity.

Boosting Customer Support Productivity

Although AI has a part to play in the support of countless different kinds of employees and professionals, it seems to be particularly valuable for contact centre agents. With endless calls to deal with, frustrated customers, and complex service cycles, agents need all the help they can get to deliver the kind of experiences clients expect.

Through AI automation, companies can:

  • Intelligently route customers to the right agent: Customer’s hate being passed between agents, repeating their query over and over. Automated artificial intelligence systems can determine what a client’s needs are based on keywords in the sentences they say. This allows the system to automatically send the client to the agent best equipped to handle their needs
  • Instant access to information: AI assistants can also automatically surface valuable information about a customer when an agent picks up a call. This saves the professional significant time and effort in finding useful information, without the need to compromise on personalised service
  • Suggest valuable strategies: AI solutions can detect the sentiment of a customer in a call and pull ideas or techniques from previously successful conversations to advise agents on what to do next. The same solutions can also alert supervisors and agents when a professional needs someone to step in and offer help
  • Reducing repetitive tasks: Much of the work your agents do every day is administrative. Filling out forms, updating customer information, and “finishing” calls can take a lot of time. Automation with AI’s help makes it easy to remove these time-consuming tasks from an agent’s schedule. That means employees have more time to spend on making clients happy
  • Improving conversation quality: In discussions with customers, AI automation can even improve the overall image of your brand. Intelligent solutions can reduce background noise in a contact centre so it’s easier to hear the agent. The same solutions can also translate and transcribe words in real-time, allowing for a better understanding

Augmenting the Agent Workforce

AI automation isn’t just about getting rid of common agent tasks. The right AI solution makes it easier for agents from all backgrounds to deliver highly personalised and engaging service experiences to customers. By freeing up valuable time for the agent, your AI solution ensures that you can leverage your resources in the most effective way possible.

Whether your systems are automatically recording calls or simply dialling a number to automatically return a call to a customer when an agent is available, they’re creating better CX outcomes.


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