JD Sports Leverages Airship Enhancements to Elevate Mobile App CX

The revamped App Experience Platform promises to deliver more flexibility and personalization features.

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Published: June 21, 2024

Rhys Fisher

Airship has released additional enhancements for its mobile App Experience Platform (AXP).

With the solution already being deployed by the likes of JD Sports to support its retail mobile app customers, the new features include cross-platform wallet notifications, embedded content integration, and improved no-code management capabilities.

The tech vendor believes that these tools will provide marketers with greater flexibility and enable them to deliver more personalized experiences.

The innovations will also help users gather zero-party data directly from specific app experiences without disrupting their customers.

Given JD Sports’ iOS app currently has an overall customer rating of 4.8/5 from nearly 500,000 reviews, Arianne Parisi – the company’s Global Chief Digital Officer – is unsurprisingly impressed with Airship’s mobile app solution:

As the leading global sports-fashion retailer, JD Sports is committed to connecting with our customers in consistent, convenient and rewarding ways everywhere – in-store, via our website and apps and through email, SMS and loyalty.

“Airship’s recent innovations in mobile wallet notifications and no-code app experiences empower our team to deliver elevated customer experiences and enriched personalization over time.”

So, let’s take a closer look at Airship’s mobile AXP and how the new features will impact the solution.

Airship’s Mobile App Experience Platform

Released in April 2022, the AXP is an enterprise SaaS platform designed to improve in-app mobile experiences for brands.

Its no-code capability allows product, digital, and marketing teams to independently create, refine, and publish app experiences without needing ongoing developer support or app updates.

The platform also integrates native app experiences, customer journey orchestration, and app UX trials through no-code methods and user-friendly visual interfaces.

With a promise to further boost the AXP’s CX offerings, Airship outlined the following three key enhancements:

Cross-Platform Wallet Notifications

Airship’s Wallet Notifications API now allows brands to message all customers with a mobile wallet pass on both iOS and Android, providing a consistent method for dynamic updates and personalization.

Additionally, Airship’s new no-code feature, Embedded Content, lets non-technical teams add customizable content blocks within apps, tailoring user experiences, gathering feedback, and encouraging valuable actions without ongoing developer support.

This API helps brands keep customers informed about loyalty rewards, coupons, tickets, membership benefits, special events, and more.

Embedded Content

Airship claims that its embedded content represents a significant shift for marketers, moving away from interruptive techniques like ads, emails, SMS, and pop-ups.

The tool integrates dynamic, personalized content throughout apps – delivering tailored value to all customers, including those who usually ignore marketing efforts.

Feature Flags

Feature Flags enable controlled rollouts of app features and no-code experiences like Scenes and Embedded Content, allowing marketers and developers to innovate rapidly, manage risks, and optimize results before a full-scale launch.

For instance, retailers can gradually introduce a new loyalty program through an in-app Scene, refining it based on feedback and ensuring optimal outcomes. The company believes that this method helps identify and address any operational impacts early on.

Moreover, Airship simplifies this process by automatically segmenting the Feature Flag audience, allowing marketers to promote awareness, educate users, and gather feedback through messaging and embedded experiences.

This approach also lets users easily toggle new features on and off, conducting controlled rollouts to ensure confidence and effectiveness before a wide release.

Speaking at the announcement of the new enhancements, Brett Caine, CEO of Airship, discussed how the changes will benefit platform users:

“Airship has been at the forefront of developing new ways to personally communicate with customers since the early days of mobile – from notifications and in-app messaging to mobile wallets and Live Activities.

Channel expansion will continue, but it’s clearer than ever that marketers must strive to meet customers’ experience expectations by elevating them rather than disrupting them.

“We’re giving marketers the power and control they need to shed developer reliance. Now marketers can go beyond messaging and interruptive approaches to seamlessly and precisely engage customers in their moments of attention.”

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