Kore.ai Builds Virtual Assistants for the Zoom Contact Center

Zoom Contact Center customers now have more choice over the conversational AI applications they leverage

Kore.ai Builds Virtual Assistants for the Zoom Contact Center
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Published: September 7, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

The Zoom Contact Center now offers access to intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) powered by the Kore.ai XO platform.

By implementing these bots, Kore.ai claims that some businesses can automate up to 90 percent of their front-line requests.

Moreover, the IVAs detect user intent, sentiment, and tone. As such, contact centers may enhance their conversational intelligence and enable more human-like conversations.

Meanwhile, Kore.ai promises no-code deployment and support for over 130 languages.

Delving deeper into the prospective benefits for Zoom Contact Center customers, Raj Koneru, CEO of Kore.ai, stated:

 Our no-code platform enables an easy integration that brings the benefits of multichannel conversational experience to Zoom’s unified communications and collaboration processes. This will facilitate a connected, collaborative, and intelligent communications platform.

That said, Kore.ai virtual agents are not the only bots available on the Zoom CCaaS platform.

Indeed, Zoom also offers a native Virtual Agent to its contact center customers, which stemmed from the vendor’s acquisition of Solvvy last year.

Yet, the new integration gives Zoom customers more choice over the IVAs they deploy.

Moreover, many customers may have requested the move. After all, Kore.ai’s XO offering often appears at the forefront of many analyst studies into the enterprise conversational AI market, including the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant.

To maintain that market lead, Kore.ai is pushing the boundaries of GenAI innovation – like Zoom.

For instance, Kore.ai makes it possible to plug custom LLM models into the back of its XO platform to bring new conversational AI capabilities to life – such as auto-generated suggestions.

Meanwhile, Zoom is also embracing the GenAI wave, embedding Claude – Anthropic’s ChatGPT competitor – across its CCaaS platform.

Such innovation has helped Zoom secure hundreds of CCaaS customers during its first 12 months in the space as the video conferencing pioneer continues to grow its enterprise business.

How to Implement Kore.ai IVAs on Zoom

Kore.ai Virtual Agents for the Zoom Contact Center will soon go live on the Zoom App Marketplace.

Those with a Zoom developer account may access the application. Yet, to integrate it into their contact center environment, businesses will also require developer access to the XO platform.

Once this is established, Kore.ai will set up and secure the integration.

After, Zoom Contact Center users can develop bots through the XO platform and deploy them across Zoom’s voice and chat channels.

While doing so, they may also build routing paths to available live agents when an escalation seems necessary – based on predefined rules.

Once that conversation escalates, agents may see the failed bot interaction transcript, derive its context, and continue the conversation from where it broke down.

The Power of Partnerships In CCaaS

Commenting on the Zoom-Kore.ai link-up, Dan Miller, Lead Analyst & Founder of Opus Research, stated on LinkedIn:

[This is] more evidence that success in CCaaS depends on technology partnerships.

That post followed the massive announcement from Genesys and Salesforce that the two vendors will soon release a joint platform for CCaaS and CRM.

The news shook the contact center space and proved another example of the growing appetite for greater interoperability within the CX stack.

Zoom itself has helped to push this trend forward, most notably in its close partnership with ServiceNow – a vendor that shares a reputation for building solutions with high ease-of-use.

That partnership brought the mature ServiceNow employee center experience to the Zoom desktop client, helping to level up its agent experience features.

Moreover, it paved the way for the Zoom Contact Center for ServiceNow, which allows businesses to manage customer conversations within the latter’s environment.

Yet, Zoom has also forged many more notable partnerships with leaders in various CX tech subsets, including Oracle, Genesys, Verint, and now Kore.ai.

Expect such efforts to ramp up further as Zoom strives to stay ahead of the interoperability curve and achieve sustained success within the CCaaS space.



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