Microsoft Launches New Agent-Assist Tools for Contact Centers

The move marks another expansion of its Dynamics 365 Customer Service platform

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Published: March 14, 2023

James Stephen

Microsoft has released Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service to provide agents with real-time and AI-powered assistance.

Copilot will help agents to resolve customer issues faster and more effectively and automate tasks to give agents more time to focus on their customers’ needs.

The new AI technology will be able to retrieve relevant answers to complex customer questions and offer tailored responses in real-time via email and chat messages.

Jeff Comstock, Vice President of Dynamics 365 Customer Service, said: “We’re entering the era of next-generation AI that is driving new levels of productivity and efficiency, unleashing new innovations in the customer service space. AI is profoundly changing how customers engage with businesses and how agents provide exceptional service to them.

“From a service perspective, customers expect fast, accurate answers to their questions and personalized help when they contact a business. Meanwhile, businesses are under pressure to provide exceptional customer service with fewer resources.

“Legacy ways of integrating multiple-point solutions for customer service do not work. The time to embark on a digital transformation journey is now. Choosing the right AI-powered customer service solution for that journey, empowering customer service agents with AI, and reducing costs has never been more important.”

Previously, searching through internal knowledge libraries, finding the correct solution, responding to the customer, and resolving the case was a time costly procedure. Copilot’s AI technology now automates the bulk of these processes by diagnosing customer issues, searching the company’s internal knowledge plus data from trusted websites, and supplying agents with a solution for the customer.

Copilot analyzes customer data and anticipates their needs to help form suggestions for the agent as to the best way of interacting with the customer.

Agents will remain in complete control of the technology by verifying responses, editing and personalising messages to customers, and deciding on the best approach to take with them.

The omnichannel capabilities in Dynamics 365 Customer Service also provide a solution for agents who may have struggled in a multi-channel environment.

Comstock explains: “In today’s fragmented contact center solution space, agents are often inundated with multiple messages on different channels of engagement.

“They are overwhelmed by multitasking and context switching, often wondering how they can keep up with overflowing incoming requests.”

Agents can now receive a simplified view of chats with integrated case management from various channels, such as text messaging, WhatsApp, Google Business Messaging, and Apple Messages for Business. Copilot’s AI suggestions work equally effectively across all communication channels.

Copilot can also create personalized responses to customer questions sent via email “in seconds”.

Meanwhile, it may provide predefined prompts, including “request more information”, “suggest a call”, and “empathize with feedback”.

Also, agents can create their own custom prompts, if they choose.

Microsoft predicts this tool could save agents anywhere from minutes to hours of researching and writing emails to customers.

The launch of Copilot in Dynamic 365 Customer Service bolsters Microsoft’s contact center capabilities.

However, it does not seem to shed any light on the question: what exactly is Microsoft’s Digital Contact Center Platform?

Instead, Microsoft continues to build out its older CCaaS platform, which remains another part of its expansive Dynamics portfolio.



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