Most Popular Cloud CX Reviews 2022

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Delve into our most popular reviews of cloud CX technologies

Amazon Avaya Cisco Genesys Analysis
Most Popular Cloud CX Reviews 2022

Cloud customer experience opportunities, or “Cloud CX” solutions, are rapidly gaining attention as some of the most powerful tools for business transformation. In today’s ever-evolving customer service landscape, companies recognise the need to be prepared for serving customers from anywhere. The cloud delivers this crucial flexibility.

The question for most companies isn’t whether cloud CX is crucial to their digital future – but where they should start with necessary investments. Today, we’re listing some of our most popular cloud CX reviews to help you discover some of the hottest options currently on the market.

Cisco CX

Cisco CX Cloud or the Cisco Customer Experience ecosystem is a state-of-the-art solution built to provide companies with insights into their entire IT environment from anywhere within the organisation. The CX cloud system promises everything business leaders need to accelerate agility in an environment where customers are increasingly demanding more from their favourite vendors.

Companies within the Cisco CX cloud can discover lifecycle guidance to help with quickly deploying and optimising technologies for digital transformation. You can also unlock useful analytics, valuable AI enhancements, and state-of-the-art customer and case management.

This Cisco Cloud CX review explores the top features and functionalities of Cisco’s latest customer experience offering in the cloud. You can learn all about the benefits of the various lifecycle views and customer relationship management tools within the ecosystem.

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

Among the most well-known and reliable vendors for communication and customer service tools, Avaya has countless dedicated customers from all over the world. The company’s cloud-based contact centre promises a convenient and reliable way to take your customer service strategy to the next level. You can even link your CCaaS and UCaaS in the same place.

Built with a focus on flexibility, Avaya OneCloud combines everything from video to chat, messaging to self-service in one landscape. You can track significant trends with reporting and analytics infused with machine learning insights. There’s even workforce engagement functionality for the hybrid team.

Our comprehensive Avaya OneCloud CCaaS review covers all the details you need to know about this cloud-based customers service environment, from the top features to the benefits awaiting anyone willing to invest in the future of contact centres.

Freshworks (Freshsales)

Freshworks is a leading provider of cloud CX solutions in the modern world, offering Freshsales – a dedicated CRM for today’s teams to manage sales and conversions. The service is built explicitly for flexible, ever-changing teams on the move. Using Freshsales, companies can dive into all the benefits of context-driven sales for better opportunities.

You can gather helpful information about your customers through every step of the sales cycle and even plan intelligent strategies for converting one-off clients into loyal brand advocates. The Freshsales solution even comes with access to a range of collaboration tools for teams.

In our Freshworks Freshsales review, we’ll introduce you to the critical tools you get with the Freshsales ecosystem, how they work, and why they’re so beneficial to expanding brands. We’ll even give you insights into what kind of companies would benefit most from investing in Freshsales, so you can decide if this is the ideal tool for you.

Genesys Cloud CX

One of the market leaders in transformative technology for communications and customer service, Genesys offers the Cloud CX environment for your flexible, remote-working team. The all-in-one cloud contact centre unifies customer and agent experiences across all channels, from social media and text to phone, email to chat.

Genesys Cloud CX simplifies the art of delivering meaningful customer experiences to your audience with a system capable of scaling to suit the needs and demands of any business. According to Genesys, you can achieve everything from a 20% boost in agent productivity to 90% first call resolution rates and 94% average response rates.

Our Genesys Cloud CX review will give you a behind-the-scenes look at all the technology that comes as part of your CX investment. You’ll discover all the top features of Genesys Cloud CX and the benefits you can leverage with this system for your cloud CX strategy.

Medallia Cloud

Medallia Experience Cloud is a dedicated solution for customer experience and journey mapping. After all, achieving excellent customer experience results in the cloud isn’t just about having the right tools for connecting with your target audience. Your company also needs to be able to understand your customers better.

The Medallia cloud environment helps capture customer feedback and information into marketplace trends so that you can make better decisions for your company’s future. The more information you collect, the easier it will be to create powerful customer experiences based on emerging trends.

In our Medallia cloud experience review, we’ll show you all the features and benefits of Medallia cloud and why you might want to use this system to upgrade your analytics.

Amazon Connect

Amazon isn’t just one of the biggest marketplaces globally; it’s also a leader in cloud technology. The Amazon Connect omnichannel contact centre leverages the power and versatility of the AWS environment to give companies a flexible and reliable ecosystem for customer communication.

Connect is a state-of-the-art tool that companies can adjust to suit their unique service needs. With this omnichannel environment, you can track important customer information across multiple channels, and keep your teams connected, no matter where the hybrid working world might take you.

Out Amazon Connect cloud contact centre review will help you understand what this technology can offer for businesses considering the digital transformation of their CX strategy. You’ll even learn how Amazon Connect integrates with other tools in the AWS ecosystem.



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