NICE Celebrates Three “Eight-Digit” CCaaS Deals

Its efforts to replace several legacy vendors gained significant traction in Q3

NICE Celebrates Three “Eight-Digit” CCaaS Deals
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Published: November 16, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

NICE enjoyed another quarter of double-digit revenue growth, with three massive CCaaS wins contributing to its impressive results.

After the announcement, its stock rose from $167.76 to $201.62 – a massive jump that goes against the grain in the current economic climate.

The first of the three eight-digit megadeals stems from new business with a large state employees credit union. Commenting on this win during an earnings call, Barak Eilam, CEO of NICE, said:

We won the deal as this customer wants to consolidate onto a single platform, and the all-in-one, complete solution of CXone meets their need.

Next is a deal with one of the largest U.S. banks, which is incrementally migrating to the cloud and standardizing its operations. NICE is supporting this process.

The final eight-digit deal is with a global industrial company, which will move entirely off its legacy incumbent platform and onto NICE CXone.

Notably, each of these wins is a legacy replacement deal. Other significant Q3 wins of this nature – worth seven figures – include a large financial institution, a global BPO, a well-known insurance company, and a prominent, worldwide hotel chain.

Legacy Replacement Efforts Bear Fruit

Year over year, the total value of NICE’s competitive replacement deals rose by 96 percent in Q3.

Of course, financial uncertainty impacting particular legacy vendors has played its part. Indeed, NICE made a less-than-subtle campaign in September to usurp Avaya’s on-premise customers.

Nevertheless, it will gain encouragement that many enterprises – which harnessed legacy solutions from competitors – are moving to CXone. This is despite those competitors offering CCaaS solutions of their own.

Sharing his thoughts on this trend, Eilam said:

Legacy vendors have struggled to adapt to the rapid changes taking place in our industry and have not kept pace with innovation around cloud and digital. This has led to tremendous opportunities for us to grab market share from these vendors.

Yet, why are so many large enterprises choosing NICE, with CCaaS becoming an increasingly suffocated space?

The sophistication of its CXOne solution is the obvious answer. Indeed, Gartner recently highlighted it as one of only three market leaders.

Eilam also emphasizes the comprehensive nature of the solution, stating:

Enterprises are striving to reduce complexity with their IT landscapes, and, for the most part, our cloud competitors are unable to deliver due to their incomplete platform or owning only a single-point solution. As a result, we continue to win strategic deals against these cloud competitors.

NICE will hope that this momentum continues as competition grows in CCaaS.

Recent market entrants include Microsoft, Google, and Zoom, with Salesforce the latest to throw its hat into the ring.

However, for now, CXOne is much more advanced, which is especially crucial in CCaaS as the contact center is mission-critical for many mid-market and large enterprises.

For the future, NICE believes its Suiteform approach will help it stay a step ahead of its competition.

Suiteform: NICE’s Approach to Staying Ahead In CCaaS

“Suiteform is the ultimate combination of a suite and a platform,” stated Eilam.

Currently, NICE and Genesys excel in providing this combination to enterprises. Alongside their native application suite, these vendors offer APIs to many enterprise platforms.

Such APIs extend far beyond connections to CRM solutions and bot frameworks. Instead, they support a business-wide platform approach, which will be critical to the future enterprise when considering CCaaS options.

Indeed, businesses are increasingly likely to make individual solution selections based on how well they integrate with what they have already deployed across the organization.

Further promoting the Suiteform concept, Eilam added:

It will become the new market standard, a powerful fusion of an underlying cloud-native platform at scale, with a complete suite of seamlessly integrated applications.

Yet, for now, the significance of a cloud-native platform is perhaps still underappreciated in the CCaaS space.

Indeed, many of NICE’s competitors that rushed into CCaaS instead offer monolithic platforms, which makes it much more difficult for them to innovate quickly.

In the case of NICE, this is not a problem. In the past two months alone, the vendor released a new customer journey orchestration solution (Enlighten Orchestration) and a tool to spot contact automation opportunities (FluenCX).

Similarly, Five9 – which rearchitected its solution to be cloud-native – enjoyed a successful quarter. Meanwhile, Webex quickly rose up the CCaaS ranks with its cloud-native offering.

However, NICE hopes its Suiteform strategy will maintain its position at the forefront of the pack.

As Eilam concluded: “Suiteform, AI, and the focus on viable economics are going to reframe the enterprise software industry in the upcoming new era.”




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