NICE Enlighten AI Review: Generative AI in CCaaS

NICE Enlighten AI: Next-Level Contact Center AI

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Published: August 25, 2023

Rebekah Carter

NICE Enlighten AI, the all-in-one contact center toolkit for intelligent customer interactions, has evolved drastically in recent years. Innovating on the cutting edge of the contact center AI marketplace, NICE has created one of the most intuitive solutions for CX elevation on the market.

In the last few years alone, NICE has introduced companies to Enlighten XO to develop self-service applications, AI-driven journey orchestration tools, and even generative AI assistants, like Enlighten Copilot.

The company’s constant focus on intelligent growth has earned it significant industry recognition. As of 2022, NICE was a leader in the Forrester Wave and Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the next generation of the Enlighten AI ecosystem, introduced in June 2023.

What is NICE Enlighten AI?

Enlighten AI is the comprehensive AI toolkit created by NICE to serve a variety of business needs. The portfolio of tools included in the system focuses primarily on elevating customer experience. With a combination of artificial intelligence algorithms, companies can identify behaviors that drive customer experiences, build better journeys, and improve team productivity.

According to NICE, Enlighten AI makes the entire contact center smarter. Combining the latest generative AI technology with the vast array of data in CXOne, the solution helps CX stakeholders to engage customers better, empower employees and ensure operational excellence.

The innovative suite of CX solutions includes features like:

  • Real-time interaction analysis: Enlighten AI can use advanced analysis to examine real-time customer interactions. This helps to guide agent actions, provide insights into customer sentiment and trends, and improve customer journey mapping.
  • AI-powered agent guidance: Intelligent assistants powered by generative AI can offer real-time next-best-action advice. This helps agents resolve customer issues faster, reducing call handling times and improving outcomes.
  • Automated quality management: NICE can automate the entire quality management process, analyzing 100% of customer interactions. The platform’s advanced analytical tools enable organizations to measure and track agent performance for consistent quality.
  • Streamlined interactions: NICE Enlighten AI uses intelligence to route customers to agents based on availability, customer preferences, and agent skillset. This ensures every customer contacts the most relevant agent for their needs.
  • Omnichannel alignment: NICE allows companies to embed AI innovations into multiple channels. Enlighten AI supports voice, social media, chat, email, and more. This allows for a more consistent customer experience across platforms.

The NICE Enlighten AI Solutions

More than just an AI add-on for the contact center, Enlighten AI offers companies a variety of solutions to address different use cases. The technologies draw on NICE’s 20 years of industry experience and 500+ patents in AI innovation.

The core components of the toolkit include:

Enlighten AI for Customer Satisfaction

The Enlighten AI solution for customer satisfaction provides companies with immediate visibility into behaviors that influence CX. Companies can leverage out-of-the-box behavioral models, real-time feedback, agent guidance, and 100% personalized coaching support.

Enlighten AI for customer satisfaction even comes with full spectrum omnichannel analytics and automated quality management. Heat maps for sentiment analysis, grids available for agent behavioral scores, and built-in supervisor and agent scorecards.

Enlighten AI for Complaint Management

Companies can preserve their reputation with the power of AI with NICE compliant management tools. With monitoring and listening technologies, The solutions help businesses rapidly uncover and act on customer complaints. Plus, you can reduce your risk of regulatory fines by tracking compliance status and data usage issues.

The automated complaint management toolkit even scores 100% of interactions automatically. This helps businesses identify, categorize, and route complaints in a reliable format.

Enlighten AI for Vulnerable Customers

Ideal for contact centers investing in next-level compliance, Enlighten AI for vulnerable customers ensures you treat all customers fairly. The solution provides front-line staff with the visibility and guidance required to address the needs of different consumers.

It comes with tools to help track your compliance status for the FCA. Plus, companies can analyze every interaction with AI to ensure they’re proactively serving clients according to the highest standards.

Enlighten Auto Summary

Built to improve team productivity, Enlighten Auto Summary reduces AHT and ACW with automated agent summaries. This reduces agents’ time concentrating on note-taking, allowing them to focus on delivering excellent experiences.

Enlighten Auto Summary rapidly delivers objective and consistent interaction insights with purpose-built generative AI. It also integrates naturally with the NICE CXOne ecosystem.

Enlighten AI for Sales

Created specifically for sales professionals, NICE Enlighten AI for sales aims to increase conversion rates and empower teams with proven insights. Companies can leverage objective scoring for sales skills to help drive better business results.

AI analytics offer real-time recommendations to agents based on customer intent and sentiment. Plus, intuitive reports and insights help companies to invest in the proper training strategies for their teams. Enlighten evaluates every interaction regardless of the platform.

NICE Enlighten AI: Generative AI Solutions

In June 2023, NICE announced a massive update to its Enlighten AI toolkit, powered by a partnership with Open AI and investment in generative capabilities. The platform update included three new features to deliver a more humanized, customer-centric CX experience.

NICE’s domain and data-trained models are underlying these solutions, derived from a host of different interactions. The three innovations include:

1. Enlighten Copilot

Like Microsoft’s Copilot solution, Enlighten Copilot helps users unleash greater productivity and efficiency. The solution offers access to centralized conversational AI assistance for smarter guided interactions. Companies can leverage AI-driven personalized coaching, task automation opportunities, and accurate AI-driven prompts.

With personalized coaching and automation, Enlighten empowers agents to deliver more memorable experiences while improving employee engagement.

2. Enlighten Autopilot

Unlocking new opportunities in the self-service landscape, Enlighten Autopilot helps agents to engage customers based on trusted company knowledge. Autopilot uses the latest generative AI and conversational tools to create automated responses to customer queries.

The technology can align each customer response with brand and business goals. The solution personalizes each experience, leveraging access to behind-the-scenes business data.

3. Enlighten Actions

Enlighten Actions revolutionizes the way companies enhance operational effectiveness. With CX orchestration tools, Actions proactively uncovers areas for valuable AI-driven optimization.

The solution combines the latest generative AI technology with industry benchmarks and insights. This ensures companies can rapidly find new ways to automate and enhance the contact center.

The Benefits of NICE Enlighten AI for Businesses

The uniquely positioned AI toolkit from NICE delivers many potential benefits to business leaders. Not only do these intelligent solutions empower companies to improve customer experiences on a massive scale, but they can improve agent experience and reduce operational costs.

Some of the biggest benefits of NICE Enlighten AI for business leaders include:

  • Improved customer satisfaction: NICE Enlighten provides companies with the tools they need to deliver unique experiences. Real-time insights, guidance, and sentiment analysis drive personalized and engaging interactions. Plus, they help companies to map and improve the customer journey step by step.
  • Enhanced coaching and agent guidance: In hybrid and remote work, Enlighten AI ensures business leaders can still support teams. Generative AI solutions use real-time prompts to guide agents towards the best outcomes in interaction. They also help to teach and reinforce new soft and technical skills.
  • Greater team productivity: Enlighten AI automates various aspects of customer experience management, helping agents resolve issues faster. These tools can route customer calls more effectively, automate common practices, and empower teams to accomplish more in less time.
  • Better decision-making: With NICE, companies can access end-to-end visibility into their CX strategy. Advanced analytical and reporting tools give companies the insights they need to make intelligent decisions. Companies can enhance their service, sales, and marketing strategies with this technology.
  • Transform self-service: With access to state-of-the-art generative AI solutions, contact centers can unlock new levels of self-service. The right technologies empower companies to provide customers with more conversational, personalized, and humanized interactions.

The Verdict: Is NICE Enlighten AI Right for You?

Now available worldwide, Enlighten AI is one of the most intuitive solutions for contact center AI today. Leveraging the latest innovations in natural language processing, conversational AI, and generative AI, this solution opens new doors for business growth.

With these technologies from NICE, business leaders can rapidly improve agent productivity and engagement and enhance customer satisfaction. What’s more, with intuitive behind-the-scenes insights, business leaders can make more intelligent growth decisions.

As the potential of generative AI in the contact center continues to unfold and NICE consistently invests in new tools and services, the platform will likely grow even more impressive.

If you’re looking for a way to unlock next-level AI for your contact center strategy, NICE Enlighten AI could be the perfect platform.

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