NovelVox Launches Case Management Solution for Cisco, AWS, Avaya, NICE, and More

‘NV Desk’ is designed to empower contact centre agents

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Published: August 25, 2023

James Stephen

NovelVox has launched a new case management solution that empowers agents via contact centre integrations with Cisco, AWS, Avaya, NICE, Webex, Five9, and Genesys.

The solution, ‘NV Desk’ provides an alternative to disjointed applications that force contact centre agents to switch between screens, while attending to customers.

NV Desk offers a centralised view of customer concerns, as well as third-party integrations like separate CTI connectors or CTI integration, which can add extra costs and be difficult to manage.

Amit Gandhi, CEO of NovelVox, commented on the launch of NVDesk: “In contact centres, agents engage with customers through both voice and digital channels, often utilizing separate applications.

“With NV Desk, we provide agents a seamless integrated experience that no one offers.

“It is one unified application, embedded within the agent workspace with all the capabilities of an advanced case management solution.

“As the application comes pre-integrated with the contact centre, the need for dealing with separate vendors, incurring additional costs for CTI integration, or constantly switching between screens is eliminated.”

Describing itself as a “leading contact centre solution provider”, NovelVox has launched a pre-integrated, unified case management solution to counteract the potential barrier to quality customer experiences and remove third-party integration and CTI connector concerns.

NovelVox confirms that handling interactions from a single screen on its NV Desk results in “improved case resolutions” and “enhanced customer satisfaction”.

The cloud-based application provides a configurable interface, enabling administrators and supervisors to tailor it to their specific business needs.

The key features of NV Desk include pre-integrations with more than eight contact centres to eliminate the need for screen switching, advanced case management features, and automatic loading of relevant cases based on customer details for new interactions.

The solution also has a dedicated agent and supervisor dashboard to track key metrics in real time that are associated with cases.

Finally, it offers a reporting engine, which can generate customised contact centre reports.

NovelVox is a global software company and creator of contact centre agent desktops, contact centre wallboards, and contact centre applications for businesses of all sizes.

In May 2023, NovelVox launched Amazon Connect Agent Desktop and Wallboard .

Amazon Connect Agent Desktop by Novelvox caters to every industry. It provides a single-screen view of customer information so that agents can see all details and past information while handling customer inquiries.

As a result, agents can deliver personalised experiences without switching screens, improving FCR and AHT.

Naturally, AWS also recognises the importance of effective case management, particularly due to rising customer expectations when it comes to quick and well-informed customer service agent responses and response times.

Clyde Logue, Head of Product at Amazon Connect, spoke on this subject:

“This is the digital age and customers often consider ‘digital’ to mean ‘immediate’ – if they have an issue or a question, they expect instant resolution.

“It is really important that agents have the right information in just a few seconds or less.

“This is how enterprises will deliver the best service and, by extension, retain their customers.”

Solutions like this, which significantly improve customer or employee experiences, tend to get snapped up by contact centres sooner or later!



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