Oracle Bolsters Its Campaign Management Offering with WhatsApp Integration

The integration plugs a gaping void within Oracle’s revered Responsys platform

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Oracle Bolsters Its Campaign Management Offering with WhatsApp Integration - CX Today News
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Published: November 16, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Oracle has bolstered its Responsys Campaign Management solution by expanding CPaaS disruptor Mitto’s offerings in its marketplace so users can leverage its advanced WhatsApp Business solutions.

Responsys is a popular platform amongst many marketing and sales teams for developing, testing, and optimizing campaigns via an easy-to-use interface.

Its email marketing functionality is perhaps the standout feature. Yet, Oracle maintains its market pull with advanced audience targeting, customer segmentation, and cross-channel customer journey orchestration features.

Those channels include SMS, in-app messaging, Facebook, and many more. However, WhatsApp has remained a considerable gap – until now.

With Mitto’s integration, marketers can create WhatsApp Business messages from inside the Responsys app.

This allows organizations to engage billions of WhatsApp users worldwide. The messaging app also boasts a remarkable 99 percent open rate.

To put that in perspective, email open rates are just 24.8 percent.

Excited to bring these new possibilities to Oracle customers, Andrea Giacomini, CEO of Mitto, said: “WhatsApp is a remarkably powerful channel, and we firmly believe that it should be accessible to all companies, both large and small.

“Mitto’s Oracle Responsys integration capabilities do just that and let marketers and sales teams unlock the power of WhatsApp Business to engage and support customers across the globe.”

By utilizing WhatsApp to “support and engage” customers, marketers enable real-time messaging and notifications – breaking the traditional boundaries of B2C communication.

As a result, brands often benefit from more relaxed, less formal interactions that foster closer customer relationships.

Yet, that’s just skimming the surface. Here’s a sneak peek at some more of the possible benefits.

Oracle Responsys and WhatsApp: A Powerful Partnership

WhatsApp is the preferred messaging app across large swathes of Europe, Latin America, and India.

However, its reach is not only geographical, but it’s also generational – with many older users joining family group chats since the early days of the pandemic.

As such, WhatsApp is proving an evermore valuable tool for marketing and sales teams as they move into new markets and attempt to attract new customer demographics.

Alongside more personal engagement and higher open rates, that is quite the value proposition for marketing and sales teams.

But it doesn’t stop there. Integrating WhatsApp with Responsys helps to build trust with end-to-end encryption and brand badges that verify businesses.

Such an addition is crucial to avoid sales and marketing initiatives causing a surge of contact center traffic, with customers and prospects requesting reassurance that the message is not a scam.

2022 Gartner research highlights how widespread this issue is. Indeed, the analyst found that:

“10 percent of B2C and 24 percent of B2B customers receiving a proactive alert followed up with the company only to confirm that the notification was not a scam.”

Also, the integration allows marketers to centralize data from WhatsApp engagements with the insights it collects from other channels – enabling 360-degree customer visibility.

Finally, alongside data, Responsys users may combine cross-channel digital marketing initiatives to maximize campaign outcomes and create customer loyalty programs.

Maximizing the Chances of WhatsApp Success

While WhatsApp provides the platform for marketing and sales success, some campaigns may struggle to achieve the expected traction. After all, it’s an engagement channel, not a magic wand.

Thankfully, with Mitto’s integration, users can leverage Oracle’s advanced personalization features across the channel to increase success rates.

For instance, a marketing team may utilize advanced segmentation tools to target campaigns across locations, genders, interests, incomes, and prior business engagements.

Such personalization helps businesses to provide more value to the individual through personalized promotions and exclusive discounts.

Moreover, businesses may weave WhatsApp into a customer engagement framework – which includes Facebook, Instagram, and Viber – managed from a centralized UI.

Indeed, organizations can create cross-channel customer journeys that respond in real-time to customer behaviors with AI to maximize campaign performance. It’s sophisticated stuff!

Mitto: Making the Art of the Possible, a Reality

As one of the few vendors included in the inaugural CPaaS Magic Quadrant, Mitto knows a thing or two about injecting channels into customer journeys.

This new integration exemplifies such expertise, allowing Responsys users to access WhatsApp Business through the Oracle Marketplace – with a complete set of complementary capabilities.

Not only that, the vendor makes the process simple – allowing marketing and sales teams to customize messages, improve engagement, and drive conversions in just a few clicks.

To learn more about this – and Mitto’s many other integration solutions – for customer experience teams, visit:


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