Qualtrics Unveils AI Applications to Assist Frontline Employees

The entire customer journey can now be supported by Qualtrics Frontline XM solutions

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Published: March 9, 2023

James Stephen

Qualtrics has released Qualtrics Frontline XM solutions to help frontline employees deliver quality customer experiences.

Its new solutions leverage AI technology, using what Qualtrics describes as the “world’s largest database of sentiment” to improve customer experiences from beginning to end.

The applications, which have been designed specifically to enhance customer relations, provide support across all virtual and physical touchpoints for contact center agents and those connected to customer journeys.

Qualtrics CEO Zig Serafin, said:

The days of having to survey customers whenever we want to know about their experience are over.

“Qualtrics is innovating to empower every organization to understand what’s going on at every stage of the journey, at every frontline touchpoint, without ever having to ask.”

‘XM’ (Experience Management) is a term coined by Qualtrics and refers to their methodology for implementing effective customer experience solutions. The company believes these innovations will help to put the power of ‘experience management’ into the hands of those within organizations who need it most, namely the frontline, customer-facing employees.

According to Qualtrics, frontline experience, such as customer support, online purchasing, and in-store pickups, have a significant impact on a company’s revenue and costs.

Qualtrics’ latest solutions help to support the hundreds of touchpoints between customers and employees. It views the sheer number of these touchpoints as the greatest challenge in this area.

Using Qualtrics, companies can understand customer needs and respond appropriately within the moment.

The solutions have been built from the ground up with Qualtrics AI and machine learning. With access to its enormous database of human sentiment, it is able to offer real-time suggestions for every product, make predictions, and assist frontline teams. Furthermore, it purports to provide empathetic, fast, and scalable customer experiences.

Qualtrics Frontline XM integrates with popular tools used by organizations, including chatbots, content management systems, learning management software, call center technology, email campaigns, and CRM software.

On its website, Qualtrics sets out ‘CustomerXM’, ‘EmployeeXM’, ‘ProductXM’, and ‘BrandXM’ as the “four core experiences” that it can help organizations tackle. This latest release, Frontline XM, appears to fall within the CustomerXM category, which lists customer touchpoints as one of its key criteria.

The new solutions also have a clear cross-over with CustomerXM and EmployeeXM, which comes as no surprise following its release of CrossXM in October 2021 that bound together customer, employee, and brand experiences.

Around the same time, Qualtrics also announced two new AI features designed to reduce agent workloads providing similar assistance technology for agents as outlined in its FrontlineXM solutions.

In November last year, Qualtrics launched Manager Assist to help managers understand and respond to employee feedback in real time.

Indeed, the VoC vendor is releasing innovations thick and fast as Qualtrics distances itself from SAP, with an acquisition seemingly on the horizon.



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