Salesforce Lets Contact Center Genie Out the Bottle, Promising Next-Level CX Automation

Zac Wang
Senior Reporter

The company announced the release during its annual Dreamforce conference

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Salesforce Lets Contact Center Genie Out the Bottle, Promising Next-Level CX Automation

Salesforce announced its latest contact center platform, named Contact Center Genie, during its annual Dreamforce conference this week.  

The AI-powered platform brings together contact center functionalities like messaging, voice, and bots onto one platform, and provides real-time assistance to agents based on information collected from user data. 

It integrates chats from a company’s website, app, and even WhatsApp, where companies will have access to tools to create WhatsApp-specific digital interactions. 

The company was keen to stress that the new platform is “one easy, affordable package that can transform your contact center today, not years from now.” 

The launch comes as CX companies attempt to pivot during the economic downturn, with buyers becoming laser focused on cutting costs while increasing efficiencies. Contact Center Genie is the latest attempt by a tech vendor to help companies slash costs amid worker shortage and soaring inflation. 

Ryan Nichols, SVP & GM Contact Center, Service Cloud at Salesforce, said:  

“You all are being asked to do more with less. You want to be able to deliver the sort of seamless customer experience that the data shows drives incredible customer loyalty. You need to be able to drive those experiences to scale them, sometimes to millions of consumers, but some days you don’t even have enough agents to answer the phones.” 

Nichols went on to say that Genie can help lower call volumes by directing customers to self-help functionalities. When those aren’t enough, it will transition customers to an agent without having to start the interaction from scratch. 

As part of the announcement, Salesforce showcased a demo case study featuring GE Appliances, who said that it was able to reduce call handling times by 12 percent through Contact Center Genie, which in turn reduced costs.  

In the demo, Salesforce also showcased the new platform’s integration capabilities, where a GE Appliances agent was able to spot that a customer’s fridge was running at a higher temperature than usual and recommend an appropriate fix, all through one dashboard. 

The announcement comes on the heels of Salesforce’s launch of its new data platform, named Salesforce Genie, which is meant to complement its new real-time CRM, Customer 360. 

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