Salesforce Unveils a New “Magical” Data Platform

Salesforce Genie helps deliver highly personalised experiences across multiple departments

Salesforce Unveils a New “Magical” Data Platform
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Published: September 21, 2022

Sandra Radlovački

Sandra Radlovački

Salesforce has released a new data platform – Salesforce Genie – to complement its “world’s first” real-time CRM, Customer 360.

Naming the new launch Genie, the company advises users to turn data into “customer magic” by using features available in the platform.

Genie aims to break down data silos across departments through unified data, ingesting and storing real-time data streams at scale. Then, the platform combines the data with other transactional information to build a real-time customer profile record.

Since Genie works on the Salesforce metadata model, users can manage customer graphs across the entire Customer 360 platform and apps available in the AppExchange.

David Schmaier, President and Chief Product Officer, Salesforce, said: “Every business leader wants to take advantage of real-time data to create compelling, personalized customer experiences — milliseconds matter in this new digital-first world.”

“That’s why we built Genie, our most significant innovation ever on the Salesforce Platform. Genie makes every part of Customer 360 more automated, intelligent and real-time.”

An Array of Integrations

Salesforce supercharged Genie by integrating it with its own solutions alongside the solutions of its partners.

To provide more responsive actions to users, the platform also integrates with automation solutions Flow and Einstein. By feeding on large amounts of real-time data, Einstein offers billions of personalised predictions daily to help deliver seamless experiences.

In addition, Genie provides security and privacy of data since it runs on Salesforce’s public cloud infrastructure, Hyperforce.

The recently expanded partnership between Salesforce and Snowflake made it possible for Genie to access data stored in Snowflake without moving or duplicating it.

To meet the needs of various business departments, Salesforce implemented Genie innovations that cater to sales, marketing, and commerce.

Finally, Genie integrates with solutions of other Salesforce-owned companies, including MuleSoft and Slack.

This release is the latest in a series of Salesforce updates to its robust CRM portfolio as it continues to dominate the industry.


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