The Top Contact Center Security and Compliance Vendors in 2024

Leading Security and Compliance Vendors for Contact Centers

The Top Contact Center Security and Compliance Vendors in 2024 - CX Today Market Map
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Published: April 1, 2024

Rebekah Carter

Security and compliance vendors focusing on the contact center landscape offer companies innovative ways to protect both employee and customer data in today’s world. Combining solutions for compliant conversation recording, with real-time monitoring, security alerts, and risk mitigation, these vendors ensures contact centers can stay one step ahead of compliance regulations. 

As the customer journey grows increasingly complex, and the volume of data generated by interactions grows, the right security and compliance tools have grown increasingly important to business leaders. Some innovators in today’s world are even offering organizations the opportunity to tap into powerful AI-driven tools.  

We’ve assessed the current contact center security and compliance market, to bring you this map of the leading vendors to consider in 2024.  

The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our Security & Compliance Marketplace.

  • Pindrop 
  • PCI PAL 
  • Oak 
  • Smarsh 
  • Cisco 
  • Theta Lake 
  • Dubber 
  • IBM 


Combining audio, video, and AI technologies with a comprehensive risk database, Pindrop provides protection to both contact centers and their customers. The company offers solutions for intelligent voice authentication, minimizing call center fraud, as well as tools for mobile app voice ID and security. With Pindrop, companies can fight back against a range of issues, from phishing and spoofing attempts to identity theft and account mining.  

The organization’s comprehensive toolkits combine device validation and voice biometrics, with risk-based authentication, account risk intelligence, and fraud profiles. According to Pindrop, their technology has helped to reduce fraudulent calls handled by agents by up to 80%.  

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PCI Pal  

Securing transactions and interactions throughout the contact center landscape, PCI Pal supports organizations all over the world with a variety of intelligent tools. The company specializes in ensuring companies can adhere to PCI DSS standards, enabling access to everything from streamlined IVR payment systems, to speech recognition tools, and agent assistance solutions.  

PCI Pal works alongside leading contact center systems from vendors like 8×8, as well as a range of PSPs, UCaaS, and CRM partners. The company’s offerings can even help organizations to automate and streamline various parts of their compliance process. All tools offered by PCI PAL are also scalable, and cloud-based so companies can remain agile as they grow.   

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Offering a range of solutions for compliant call recording and reporting, OAK helps businesses leverage end-to-end tools for archiving, data storage, and management. The company partners with countless software leaders such as Microsoft, Avaya, Mitel, and Gamma, to offer technologies that integrate seamlessly with the existing customer service technology stack.  

OAK also offers dedicated solutions for companies in highly regulated environments, like healthcare, as well as recording and reporting tools for Microsoft Teams. The Clarify Call Recording solution makes it easy to preserve PCI compliance, while the suite of call reporting tools help companies monitor call traffic, manage queues, and support staff throughout the contact center.  

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Ranked among the top security and compliance vendors for companies in highly regulated industries like finance, government, healthcare, and law enforcement, Smash is a leading SaaS company. The group’s end-to-end compliance platform allows companies to capture and protect content from every communication channel, from SMS, to voice and email.  

With Smarsh, organizations can access a platform that links communication capture technology, with employee conduct monitoring, enterprise discovery, archiving, and warehousing. There are intelligent tools for storing business data, examining cybersecurity and vendor risk, and tracking potential threats. Plus, the solutions available from Smarsh can integrate with tools like Microsoft Teams. 

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Delivering a range of technology solutions for contact center and unified communications, Cisco supports businesses in implementing digital transformation efforts that align with evolving compliance requirements. The company offers a comprehensive set of network and IT security services, as well as compliance management and configuration solutions.  

Companies can also leverage Cisco’s tools for the contact center for native workflow reporting and monitoring and analytics, to improve business continuity and reduce risks. There are interaction recording options, as well as a range of advisory services available for risk mitigation, vulnerability management, and incident response.  

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Theta Lake  

Delivering security and compliance solutions to modern teams and contact centers, Theta Lake helps enterprises manage and reduce risk. A leader among security and compliance vendors, Theta Lake offers a comprehensive compliance and archiving suite, with solutions for automated risk detection, compliance workflow tools, and archiving capabilities.  

Theta Lake’s solutions include integrated communication capture tools for various forms of communication, cloud-based directories, monitoring tools, and analysis options. Plus, the company’s offerings integrate with a wide range of contact center and UCaaS platforms, from Microsoft Teams and Zoom, to Webex by Cisco, RingCentral, and Slack.  

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Security and compliance vendor Dubber offers a host of purpose-built solutions designed to protect businesses against communication threats. The solution can capture rich content from all types of communication channels, and empowers companies to implement their own custom policies for data collection and retention. It also offers supervision solutions to help organizations track potential risks in real-time throughout the contact center.  

Dubber’s portfolio of compliance solutions include tools for proactive reporting, with automatic alerts. Users can also leverage secure data management tools, real-time monitoring and surveillance tools, and powerful record keeping solutions. Plus, the unified system works with a huge selection of service provider networks.  

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Leading technology vendor IBM offers various intelligent tools to business leaders, covering everything from AI to networking. The IBM Security and Compliance center empowers teams to identify and address security, compliance, and risk issues within hybrid and multicloud environments. The comprehensive cloud-native solution suite can adapt to suit the needs of different business operations, with vulnerability management, cloud detection response and other tools.  

Plus, IBM offers powerful solutions specifically designed for the contact center, such as AI powered tools (IBM Watson), which can assist with detecting risks, automating workflows, and improving both customer and employee experiences.  

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