Top CX Vendors Majoring in E-Commerce in 2022

Rebekah Carter

Uncover some of the vendors that are paving the way for strong e-commerce experiences

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Top CX Vendors Majoring in E-Commerce in 2022

E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing aspects of the consumer landscape. For years, customers have been turning to e-commerce as a fast, efficient, and convenient way to access the products they need. Since the pandemic, e-commerce has become less of a novel option and more of a mandatory requirement, as retailers realise they need to maintain sales, even when physical stores are closed.

To keep customers engaged and spending money online, e-commerce companies need to make the customer experience as streamlined and personalised online as it is in-person. Fortunately, CX solution providers can help with this.

Here, we’ll be looking at just some of the top CX vendors majoring in solutions for the modern e-commerce company.


One of the simplest tools for generating leads, improving sales workflows, and managing customer conversations, LiveChat allows e-commerce brands to deliver meaningful conversational experiences online. LiveChat is an app designed to help companies connect with their target audience through convenient chat-based conversations.

Because Live Chat is designed to flexibly integrate with a wide range of apps and pre-existing tools, it’s the perfect solution for companies hoping to embed chat functionality into their store. You can use this solution to offer everything from data-backed recommendations on products to quick and convenient customer service for your audience.


Talkdesk is an innovative brand in the CX environment, committed to helping companies from all backgrounds serve their clients more effectively. In the last couple of years, Talkdesk has offered a wide range of cloud-based tools to help e-commerce brands connect with their audience wherever they are. The Talkdesk Experience cloud is particularly beneficial to e-commerce companies.

With Talkdesk, businesses can build a comprehensive ecosystem for customer contact, service, and sales, in the cloud – perfect for the age of digital transformation. What’s more, Talkdesk is ready to integrate with tools and services your team already uses.


Created to help companies deliver excellent customer support to clients wherever they are, Freshdesk provides users with an all-in-one environment for helpdesk management. Freshdesk is intuitive, easy-to-use, and based in the cloud, so it’s great for empowering a flexible, hybrid or remote team for your e-commerce store.

To ensure companies have everything they need to thrive in an e-commerce landscape, Freshdesk also offers a wide range of help articles and guides for beginners. This ensures you’ll have all the information you need to get your team up and running.


One of the many leading solutions for contact centre innovation today, 8×8 provides a flexible way for e-commerce companies to upgrade their approach to customer experience. The inherently flexible 8×8 ecosystem is built to suit the needs of companies from a wide range of backgrounds – making it great for rapidly scaling e-commerce brands.

There are AI insights available, so you can track information about your target audience and how they like to interact with your brand. 8×8 can even help you streamline your communications workflow for your contact centre agents so that you can improve time to resolution for your clients.


Yotpo is a dedicated e-commerce marketing platform with a host of valuable tools built-in for customer experience. Aside from giving companies the tools they need to advertise to customers in a digital world, Yotpo also ensures you can build your reputation through effective word-of-mouth referrals and extensive loyalty programs.

As the e-commerce marketplace grows increasingly more competitive, Yotpo ensures you can build deeper, more lucrative relationships with the customers you bring to your e-commerce store. It’s an excellent solution for brands interested in leveraging the power of loyalty.


Just because you’re selling your products online doesn’t mean you should be overlooking the importance of getting to know your customers. Zendesk is a leading CRM solution ready to integrate with a host of e-commerce platforms, CCaaS solutions, and more. With Zendesk, you can bring data together from all parts of your business to discover what you really need to do to accelerate sales.

Zendesk provides a behind-the-scenes look at your target audience, the products they like most, and the kinds of purchasing journeys they encounter on a daily basis. The more information you collect, the better your relationship with your customers.


Flexible, modular, and ready to help with everything from sales to service and marketing, HubSpot can be a powerful tool for today’s e-commerce leaders. The HubSpot ecosystem makes it quick and simple to keep track of customer information, so you can create segmented marketing campaigns, score your leads, and empower your service team.

The HubSpot CRM is free to use, with a host of extra available features you can build in using the various HubSpot hubs. This means you’re not limited to a one-size-fits-all solution for CX. At the same time, HubSpot can integrate easily with various e-commerce website building tools.


If you’re looking for a cutting-edge CRM solution designed to help you make the most out of your sales, Salesforce could be just the solution for you. The Salesforce landscape is brimming with tools to empower sellers from all environments. There’s also plenty of training and education available for those who need help learning how to use the system.

Salesforce integrates with a wide variety of e-commerce website-building tools. You can use the unified cloud commerce software to track every part of your client’s journey and use that information to make better decisions for your brand.

Content Guru

For e-commerce companies in search of a complete contact centre solution for their CX strategy, Content Guru has plenty to offer. The secure, flexible, and scalable technology comes with access to everything from CRM functionality to in-depth reporting and analytics.

Content Guru empowers brands to make meaningful decisions about how to serve their target audience, using genuine data collected from a range of different environments. This technology can also help to improve the way you interact with your clients.



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