Top Reasons to Combine UCaaS and CCaaS in 2023

The benefits of combining UCaaS and CCaaS

Top Reasons to Combine UCaaS and CCaaS in 2023 - CX Today News
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Published: September 20, 2023

Rebekah Carter

The benefits of combining UCaaS and CCaaS go much further than most business leaders realize.

Aligning the various components of your communication ecosystem doesn’t just simplify your technology stack. It can also improve both employee and customer experiences, enhance productivity, and reduce a number of operational costs.

As companies continue to transition more of their tools and technologies into the cloud, combined UCaaS and CCaaS platforms are growing increasingly popular. They can form the foundation of a comprehensive “Everything as a Service” strategy, and accelerate digital transformation.

Today, we’re looking at some of the top reasons why every company should consider combining CCaaS and UCaaS solutions in the cloud.

1. UCaaS and CCaaS Platforms Strengthen Collaboration

Collaboration is essential in any workplace. Service representatives and sales professionals in contact centers can accomplish more when they can work synergistically with their coworkers. This is particularly true in today’s world of expanding customer expectations.

Today, by the time a customer reaches a human service rep, after exploring a range of self-service solutions, they often have complex issues to be addressed. While well-trained professionals can deliver fantastic support, they may need input from subject matter experts. Aligning UCaaS and CCaaS platforms ensures every agent can access the support they need.

With the right solution, agents can rapidly find out which experts are available to answer their questions, and connect with them instantly. This reduces the need to transfer customers to other members of staff, and reduces average handling times. Plus, when conversations do need to be transferred, agents can pass all the context of a conversation to another employee instantly.

2. Better Customer Experiences

Exceptional customer experience is more important than ever in today’s world. Consumers now expect businesses to deliver personalized, efficient, and convenient interactions across a range of channels. However, with disconnected platforms for internal and external communication, delivering amazing experiences becomes more complex.

An aligned UCaaS and CCaaS environment can help businesses to delight customers in a variety of ways. They can integrate with CRM systems and other platforms, providing agents with rapid access to the data they need to deliver personalized interactions.

UCaaS and CCaaS solutions can ensure teams can rapidly work together on solving customer problems, sharing data, contextual information, and resources instantly. Plus, many solutions come with access to intuitive AI tools. These can deliver instant insights to staff members, help streamline troubleshooting processes, and even automate certain tasks.

3. UCaaS and CCaaS Improve Employee Experiences

In recent years, business leaders have discovered that employee and customer experience often go hand-in-hand. When team members in the contact center are empowered with the right tools and resources, they work more productively and efficiently, which enhances customer satisfaction.

What’s more, a strong focus on employee experience helps to minimize staff turnover in the contact center, reducing time wasted on training and onboarding. Combining UCaaS and CCaaS means businesses can provide their teams with an efficient, single-pane-of-glass work hub.

They can synchronize multiple critical apps into one space, minimizing the need to jump between different tools to complete tasks. Plus, combined UCaaS and CCaaS tools can offer an insight into valuable performance and engagement metrics throughout the workplace. This provides businesses with the information they need to make decisions that support their teams.

Some solutions can even make it easier to deliver training and coaching to staff members in real-time, through whispering tools, or AI-driven assistants.

4. Enhanced Business Insights

Aligning the various components of your cloud-based communication stack is an excellent way to improve visibility into useful insights. When all of your solutions for customer service, communication, and collaboration exist in the same environment, there are fewer risks of data silos. This is crucial now that companies produce around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day.

Aligned UCaaS and CCaaS tools make it easy to collect data from the entire business ecosystem in one environment. You can track everything from performance metrics, like average handling times and technology adoption rates, to customer satisfaction scores.

Many flexible UCaaS and CCaaS platforms even make it easier to align data from other environments in the same landscape. This allows companies to more effectively track stages of the customer journey, determine how certain service factors affect satisfaction rates and more. Some solutions even include embedded AI tools, which assist businesses in making intelligent decisions for growth.

5. Greater Security, Privacy, and Compliance

Unifying the UCaaS and CCaaS landscapes doesn’t just provide better visibility for business decision-making. It can also help organizations to improve how they manage and control data. This is essential at a time when compliance is becoming more complex to master.

Combined UCaaS and CCaaS platforms allow businesses to track how data is managed at every stage of the customer journey. Plus, they can come with monitoring tools which help to track adherence to scripts and compliance policies. Some tools come with built-in solutions for recording voice, capturing screens, and managing data ecosystems.

There are even solutions available which can automatically notify team members when issues of non-compliance occur. What’s more, in the world of hybrid and remote work, aligned tools can help to reduce the risk of data security issues slipping through the cracks.

6. UCaaS and CCaaS Platforms Increase Agility

Both the communication landscape, and the customer service world are changing rapidly. In the last few years alone, we’ve seen an increase in flexible work, the use of automation and AI-driven tools. As solutions like generative AI and LLMs continue to change the way companies serve and support customers, agile and scalable solutions are growing more important.

Through a combined UCaaS and CCaaS platform, companies can access the agility they need to adapt to changing trends and implement new tools across their entire ecosystem. The right tools can make it easier to embed transformative technology into a wider environment.

Many solutions also support integrations with APIs and advanced solutions for business growth. For instance, you can combine your UCaaS and CCaaS platforms with workforce management tools, reporting tools, and chatbot creators.

Combining UCaaS and CCaaS Technology

As the cloud environment becomes increasingly essential to continued business efficiency and agility, combining UCaaS and CCaaS only makes sense. With the right flexible ecosystem, businesses can connect all of the core components of their communication stack in one place.

Not only does this lead to improved employee and customer experiences, but it can also minimize operational costs, and drive better business results in the long term. For UCaaS and CCaaS vendors, the age of consolidation has officially arrived.

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