UJET Targets Avaya, Genesys, and Cisco Customers with a New CCaaS Migration Offering

Google’s CCaaS partner ramps up its attempts to poach legacy customers

UJET Targets Avaya, Genesys, and Cisco Customers with a New CCaaS Migration Offering
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Published: December 5, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

UJET has created a comprehensive pre-CCaaS migration assessment package, which all Avaya, Genesys, and Cisco legacy customers can access for free.

The vendor devised its latest offering – “UJET Connect” – to ensure a smoother cloud transformation process and, of course, introduce a new audience to its CCaaS platform.

It also aims to offer an alternative to the “rip and replace” approach offered by some providers whose current solution will “no longer be supported” or may not meet evolving needs.

Perhaps this is a dig at Avaya, which is currently enduring tricky times from a financial perspective, and may not innovate as quickly as a result. Although, this did not appear to be the case at the recent Gitex 2022 event.

UJET may have also directed the comment Genesys, which ditched its hybrid cloud, Multichannel CX platform in October.

Indeed, it’s not the first time UJET has criticized the move. It recently launched an email campaign stating that Genesys is “limiting both the resiliency and future portability of your cloud contact center.”

Whatever the case, Avaya and Genesys – alongside Cisco – customers can access UJET Connect for free, which offers:

  • CCaaS migration consulting, a business case evaluation, and a cost-benefit analysis.
  • A comprehensive breakdown of the current contact center environment and capabilities.
  • Gap analysis to compare and contrast the status quo against the desired future state.
  • The phased blueprint for migration from a Cisco, Avaya, or Genesys legacy contact center.

Banging the drum for the package is Robin Gareiss, CEO and Principal Analyst at Metrigy.

“UJET Connect gives CX leaders the information they need to make an educated decision,” she said.

[I] like the business case assessment and cost-benefit analysis, which are particularly valuable because they directly link the value of the platform to addressing each organization’s problems and opportunities.

UJET recently gained momentum in the space by teaming up with Google to launch its Contact Center AI Platform – a fully-fledged CCaaS solution.

The solution is an evolution of the Contact Center AI suite, which many contact centers have deployed to bring virtual agents and speech analytics to their operations.

Yet, Google still has a long way to go – winning its first CCaaS customer last week.

As such, UJET is not resting on its laurels, embarking on a mission to “bring the technology gap” between older service architectures and modern customers.

From its recent messaging and UJET Connect, it appears that the business is not afraid to rile its competitors to do so.




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