Uniphore Upgrades Its GenAI-Powered Analytics Solution, Targets Contact Center Data Failings

Contact Centers are falling short on data-driven insights. Is Uniphore’s U-Analyze tool the answer?

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Published: March 21, 2024

Rhys Fisher

Uniphore has upgraded its U-Analyze analytics solution, promising users the ability to “leverage the power of AI and their own data.”

The latest version of U-Analyze leverages generative AI (GenAI) to provide users with insights into customer conversations across text, voice, and video.

Leaders can then use this information to make more informed, data-driven decisions, a capability that Uniphore believes will “revolutionize” CX and agent performance.

While Uniphore doesn’t go much further into the upgrade, the vendor confirms it will aid customers’ ability to “capture, structure, and apply” a full suite of multimodal data.

The AI specialist also claims its latest innovation will help solve the growing issue of contact centers failing to fully capitalize on the potential of AI and data-driven insights – a problem identified in a Uniphore-sponsored global survey of over 500 contact center leaders.

The survey revealed a clear disconnect between businesses and their data, with almost 40 percent of respondents admitting that they lack the data to respond quickly to business decisions or improve CX.

Moreover, 86 percent of those surveyed stated that they are not making predominantly data-driven decisions.

In discussing U-Analyze’s new capabilities, Hayley Sutherland, Research Manager of Conversational AI & Intelligent Knowledge Discovery at IDC,  predicts that AI-driven insights will play an essential role in contact center solutions moving forward:

Enterprise organizations are hungry for better insights and better conversational analytics solutions. Traditional analytics solutions don’t necessarily include the technologies driving the current wave of innovation in the enterprise – including generative AI and knowledge AI.

“With these upgrades to U-Analyze, Uniphore is keeping on the cutting edge of such innovations and helping organizations move the needle when it comes to AI-driven actionable insights based on customer interactions, which could have a big impact on business processes and results.”

While U-Analyze has received the latest makeover, it’s just one part of Uniphore’s AI toolkit. You can find out more about the rest of Uniphore’s solutions below.

More Multi-Phore Than Uni-Phore

As is the case with most CX tech solutions, seldom do they exist and operate in a vacuum – and U-Analyze is no different.

In order to obtain and leverage the required data, U-Analyze works in tandem with U-Capture, a cloud-based solution that enables voice and screen recording, as well as streaming.

The latest version of the tool allows companies to both stream and record voice and screen conversations directly in the cloud.

In February of last year, the capabilities of U-Capture were bolstered by the acquisition of UK-based conversational analytics provider Red Box.

Red Box specializes in capturing high-quality audio, screen, and metadata from customer conversations.

This data is integrated into another of Uniphore’s tools, its X Platform, an AI suite that combines multiple AI, RPA, and knowledge solutions into one comprehensive package.

Both U-Capture and U-Analyze are supported by the X Platform, which underwent its own upgrade late last year.

The additional AI capabilities allowed the tool to process multiple modes of data across an enterprise-grade platform.

This multimodal architecture ensures the seamless integration of new generative AI, knowledge AI, and emotion AI solutions – utilizing voice, video, and text data in real-time.

Unlike competitors opting for text-based large language models (LLMs), Uniphore distinguishes itself by capturing, structuring, analyzing, and leveraging a comprehensive array of data to address inherent challenges associated with relying on a single data source.

It is clear that Uniphore has grand ambitions for the AI and data-driven sector, with CEO and Co-Founder Umesh Sachdev, in a buoyant mood when discussing U-Analyze’s latest upgrade:

“Analytics will never be the same with Uniphore’s enterprise-grade AI platform transforming the way our customers are able to harness the power and value of data.

This is a significant milestone in Uniphore’s unwavering commitment to our global enterprise customers on their journey to becoming AI-led companies.

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