Unpacking Vidicode UK’s Apresa Call Recording Solution

Moshe Beauford

Vidicode UK's Managing Director told me how Apresa helps meet the challenges facing SMBs

Unpacking Vidicode UK’s Apresa Call Recording Solution

For thirty years, Vidicode has designed and developed customized call recording solutions for SMBs and enterprise customers. Today, they are meeting their customers’ need to adhere to the latest GDPR, PCI, and MiFID II regulations through their Apresa Call Recording solution. Apresa is inexpensive, and the Linux-based offering is available on-premises as well as in the Cloud and virtualised. What sets Apresa apart is a range of extra features offered free of charge.

Vidicode UK Director, Everton Stuart said:  

“Out-of-the-box, Apresa comes with game-changing features that we offer free of charge, but other suppliers charge a premium for.”

Stuart continued, “We don’t see the need to charge for features that should come as standard. With our technology, everything is already there for the customer and they’re not paying for the additions that make a recording solution complete, rather they are paying for a complete solution at an affordable price.”

Expanding on Apresa’s free features, Stuart said: “Vidicode UK sees value in offering free security enabled features including active directory integration, encryption, fingerprint matching, and compression, along with call muting, which is critical for the Payment Card Industry (PCI) where the integrity of stored recorded data is required.”

Benefits of Apresa

As I further unpacked Vidicode’s Apresa, I discovered more value that’s passed down to resellers and end users including call quality management and screen recording. These features enable users to view screen input as well as activity with a customer, whilst listening to the call and scoring the whole interaction. Vidicode’s advanced features, as a result, can offer thousands in savings when compared to competitor systems, depending on the size of the organization.

With GDPR and MiFID compliance a key issue for businesses of all sizes, Apresa extends the use of a unique feature, ‘stop recording,’ which includes secure delete and ‘never record again’ functions that can save time, effort, and reduce costs if faced with an ICO or FCA investigation.

The Apresa solution is scalable to any size organisation for trunk or extension recording of N3, SIP/VoIP, ISDN II, E1/T1, TDM, analogue and audio (e.g. radio) communication – making it an attractive choice for resellers. Users can also add optional speech analytics functionalities via VoiceCrunch, VidicodeUK’s speech analytics engine.

Stuart said his team is happy to perform no-commitment demos and head-to-head UX comparisons for those on the fence.

Bottom Line

Vidicode is forcing those in the call recording industry to think long and hard about the features they offer at extra cost, especially amid growing competition. In addition to easy deployment, Apresa is compatible with a wide range of systems like Unify, Mitel, Avaya, and Panasonic, meaning no longer do SMBs and enterprises have to invest in all-new infrastructure to enable quality call recording.

Throughout our interview, Stuart stressed the need for more pricing transparency, a motto they exemplify through quality products along with the features businesses need to stay compliant affordably. In the end, I found Apresa to be an exceptional purchase for companies looking for easy integration, security, and compliance.

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