Zoom Introduces a “Fresh” New Look and Product Updates

The video conferencing pioneer strives to showcase that it is much more than that alone

Zoom Introduces a “Fresh” New Look and Product Updates
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Published: September 13, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Zoom is fighting back against misconceptions that it is only a video conferencing app, launching an expanded adaptation of its logo.

The new logo turns Zoom into Zoooooom, with each “o” representing one of the six central facets of its communication platform.

The following tweet promotes this “fresh” new look and reinforces Zoom’s ambition to become a stalwart communications platform.

Discussing this journey and ambition in a blog post, Janine Pelosi, Chief Marketing Officer at Zoom, stated: “What started as a video meeting app quickly moved into broadcast webinars, connected conference rooms, and more, and it continues to evolve and expand.

Now you can use Zoom to connect teams on and off video, reimagine your workspaces, engage new audiences, delight your customers, and build new innovations –– all on the Zoom platform you know and love.

The evolution Pelosi discusses has taken more than a decade, and she promises that it will continue as Zoom aims to advance its communications platform.

From its new visual identity, this intent is clear. While Zoom also promises a new “color palette, typography, product icons, and more.” Yet, its rebrand expands further.

Indeed, Zoom has also changed the name of “Zoom Chat” to “Zoom Team Chat” in a bid to embrace the future of business messaging – a topic recently addressed by Mark Zuckerberg.

Another possible reason for this is customer confusion. After all, many make the mistake of mixing up the chat available in Zoom Meetings with the messaging function within the Zoom One collaboration suite.

Zoom will soon enhance this messaging function – now known as Zoom Team Chat – teasing new chat capabilities likely to come in October.

What Else Is New on Zoom?

Expect Zoom to make many new announcements at its upcoming Zoomtopia user conferences, which will take place in November.

However, the vendor has unveiled several new updates in anticipation of the event. These mainly comprise of new UC features.

For example, users will soon have the ability to transfer messages from Zoom Chat into Zoom Team Chat, making it easier to compile notes once a meeting ends.

From the Team Chat panel users may then schedule a Zoom meeting, which may help escalate a text conversation to a call.

Yet, perhaps more interesting from a CX perspective is its recent additions to the Zoom Contact Center.

Now, managers can benchmark performance targets, trigger alerts for when agents meet or do not meet these, and harness a dashboard to track real-time and historical metrics.

Moreover, agents can use Zoom Phone to transfer contacts to subject matter experts (SMEs) across the business, share files with customers, and shift queries from chat to video. They can also engage with customers over video through a browser instead of through the Zoom app alone.

Finally, the Zoom Contact Center now integrates with third-party conversational AI solutions – including Dialogflow and Lex. These add to the bot capabilities Zoom gained from its recent Solvvy acquisition.

New release waves like this may excite Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research, who spoke favorably of Zoom’s CCaaS ambition, despite noting a need for new digital channels.

Speaking to CX Today, Kerravala said:

I think what you’ll see from Zoom is they’ll continue to use these small technology accretions to add differentiated features, and then they’ll close the gap with internal R&D for the core capabilities.

As the latest releases highlight, these core capabilities are coming thick and fast. And, while the vendor has work to do in catching up with CCaaS leaders – which are Genesys, NICE, and Talkdesk, according to Gartner – it boasts the resources to further accelerate its evolution.



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