How to Compare CPaaS Providers for a CX Boost in 2024

Comparing CPaaS Providers for CX Transformation

How to Compare CPaaS Providers for a CX Boost in 2024

Published: April 9, 2024

Rebekah Carter

If you’re looking for a way to transform customer experiences with cutting-edge AI, next-level user authentication tools, and omnichannel customer service, it’s time to compare CPaaS providers.

While comprehensive CCaaS platforms can offer much of the functionality your contact center needs to excel in 2024, CPaaS solutions take things to the next level. They offer access to kits of APIs, SDKs, and workflow builders that allow you to fully customize your approach to customer experience.

With CPaaS, you can infuse your CX strategy with new AI bots and tools, add new communication channels to your ecosystem with ease, and even align data for insights into customer journeys. However, it all starts with choosing the right vendor.

Here’s our behind-the-scenes guide to comparing CPaaS providers in 2024 based on our reviews of some of the top solutions available.

Step 1: Define Your CPaaS Goals

First, it’s important to establish what you want to achieve with the help of the right CPaaS providers. Some companies focus heavily on empowering companies to deliver mobile-first support with network-as-a-service solutions and 5G-powered APIs. Others can assist companies in building comprehensive omnichannel marketing and service strategies.

You might even consider using CPaaS solutions to connect physical and digital customer experiences, like Marks and Spencer’s (check out the story here), or design 360-degree customer journey profiles with end-to-end insights into customer data.

Once you’ve established your goals, ask yourself which communication channels or features you want to implement and what technologies they need to align with in your current stack. For instance, do you have existing CRM systems, contact center platforms, and workforce management tools you need to connect to get the best results?

Step 2: Compare the Coverage and Reliability of CPaaS Providers

While many leading CPaaS providers offer access to similar APIs and tools, the service they can offer may vary. If you’re investing in CPaaS to bring SMS and voice functionality into your existing apps and workflows, you’ll need to ensure your provider can offer coverage in all the areas you serve.

Check for access to local numbers and data centers, and think carefully about your company’s future. Just because you only connect with customers in one country now doesn’t mean you won’t want to scale as your business grows.

It’s also important to consider the reliability of your CPaaS providers. The last thing you need is for an issue with your connections to harm your relationships with customers. Most CPaaS providers will give you peace of mind by offering comprehensive failover strategies and multiple carrier connections. They can also offer uptime guarantees, promising 99.99% uptime or more.

Step 3: Prioritize Security and Compliance

Security and compliance are crucial in the contact center. As regulatory bodies continue to impose stricter guidelines about how data should be stored and secured, it’s crucial to ensure you have the right strategy in place. Look for CPaaS providers that take an end-to-end approach to security.

They should be able to demonstrate that their APIs and tools are secure by design, with built-in end-to-end encryption and access controls to preserve your data. Some vendors will also offer access to business continuity tools, real-time always-on monitoring, and additional protections.

Depending on your industry, you might want to look at a company that can customize its CPaaS offering to meet your needs, implementing PCI, GDPR, or HIPAA compliance strategies. Alternatively, you might want to invest in additional security features, administration solutions, and access management controls when building your CPaaS stack.

Step 4: Look for Innovative CPaaS Providers

One great thing about investing in CPaaS is that you can embrace the landscape as slowly as you like, implementing new features whenever you choose. However, while you might start your journey with a few basic things, like voice connectors or SMS APIs, it’s essential to ensure you can scale.

The best CPaaS providers are constantly looking for ways to democratize access to innovative tools in the contact center. They might offer access to comprehensive customer data platforms, allowing you to connect all your customer data points and build stronger customer journey maps.

They could give you access to low-code and no-code tools that allow you to build custom generative AI bots or virtual assistants. Some vendors may even give you the power to upgrade your mobile connections with 5G network as a service solution. Research all of the tools your vendor offers before you make your choice.

Step 5: Explore Simplicity and Customer Support

CPaaS providers can offer companies a more convenient and straightforward way to implement communication capabilities and features into their workflows. However, the user-friendliness of the technology and the level of support you get can differ from platform to platform.

Some vendors expect their customers to have a level of technical knowledge but still provide developers with extensive documentation to help them. Others offer comprehensive low-code and no-code solutions that make it simpler to optimize your CX strategy with little technical knowledge.

Some vendors offer bespoke onboarding experiences, as well as support from partners to help you set up the perfect configurations. At a minimum, your ideal vendor should provide comprehensive access to technical support, training resources, and CPaaS implementation guidance.

Step 6: Examine Licensing Costs

Finally, it’s essential to ensure your CPaaS strategy matches your budget. Different CPaaS providers can take their own distinct approach to pricing and licensing strategies. Some companies charge companies every time they leverage an API connection, while others offer cost-saving package deals.

Remember, when assessing your options, it’s important to consider the return on investment you’ll get from your technology, and the total cost of ownership. Consider any additional fees you might have to pay for custom API development or configuration costs.

Ask yourself whether you’ll need to pay for any “bonus” extras, such as advanced security features or access to subscriptions for the marketing tools and other services you want to integrate. The best CPaaS providers should be as transparent as possible about their charges.

Comparing CPaaS Providers in 2024

CPaaS providers are evolving in 2024, offering ever-more accessible APIs and SDKs, powerful communication tools, and intuitive AI solutions. As companies continue to search for new and agile ways to enhance their CX strategies, demand for CPaaS is likely to grow going forward.

Make sure you’re prepared to unlock the full benefits of CPaaS technology in your organization by following these steps for the vendor comparison process.




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