The Top CPaaS Vendors for CX Transformation in 2024

Leading CPaaS Vendors in 2024

The Top CPaaS Vendors for CX Transformation in 2024 - CX Today Market Map
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Published: April 1, 2024

Rebekah Carter

CPaaS vendors offer today’s contact center leaders an agile and flexible way to reach customers on a range of channels. With a Communications Platform as a Service vendor, companies gain access to versatile tools for embedding real-time communications capabilities into existing apps and workflows.  

Using CPaaS, organizations can digitally transform their customer experience strategies, leveraging various communication methods from SMS and messaging to web-based video and audio.  

As customer journeys have become more complex, and customer expectations have evolved, the demand for CPaaS has increased. By 2032, analysts predict the market will reach a value of $130.8 billion, and new vendors are emerging in the landscape all the time.  

So, which CPaaS vendors should you consider working with in 2024? Using our knowledge of the CX landscape, we created this map of the top providers for 2024.  

The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our CPaaS Marketplace.

  • Alibaba 
  • Avaya CPaaS 
  • AWS Communication Developer Services 
  • Bandwidth 
  • Enreach 
  • Infobip 
  • Intelepeer 
  • Bird (MessageBird) 
  • Microsoft (Azure Communication Services) 
  • Mitto 
  • Plivo 
  • Sinch 
  • Soprano 
  • Tanla Platforms 
  • Tencent cloud 
  • Toku 
  • Twilio 
  • Vonage 
  • Webex Connect 


Cloud services and software vendor, Alibaba offers its CPaaS solutions through the Alibaba Cloud division. Unlike some CPaaS vendors, Alibaba focuses heavily on the mobile landscape, offering solutions for SMS messaging and automated notifications. Companies can communicate with customers through authentication, reminder, and progress messages, as well as mobile push notifications.  

The lightweight CPaaS solution works through a single API connection, for rapid and streamlined performance. Plus, Alibaba offers coverage across over 200 regions, allowing for extensive global reach. Additionally, Alibaba customers can access support and maintenance services from the Cloud team, smart volume control options, and customizable configurations. 

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Avaya CPaaS 

Communications vendor Avaya delivers CPaaS functionality via “Avaya Communications APIs”. These allow organizations to implement various capabilities into existing apps and workflows, from AI assistants, to messaging solutions and voice services. Avaya also supports SMS and MMS.   

Avaya supports a range of deployment options, including a “build your own solution” service for bespoke requirements. Like many leading CPaaS vendors, Avaya offers step-by-step support to businesses through the Avaya Customer Experience Services (ACES) team. The team can curate, prototype, and commercialize applications for business leaders, and their teams, reducing the need for in-house expertise.  

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AWS Communication Developer Services 

Cloud giant, Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers CPaaS functionality through its CDS (Communication Developer Services) offering. The flexible cloud-based toolkit combines APIs and SDKs to enable developers to implement communication capabilities into apps, websites, and ecosystems, with minimal coding.  

AWS supports various communication channels, such as push notifications, SMS, voice, video, chat, and email. Plus, the ecosystem comes with powerful AI and machine learning capabilities, as well as comprehensive tools for campaign and journey automation. There’s even access to the Amazon Chime SDK for video, audio, and desktop sharing functionality.  

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Recognized as one of the top CPaaS vendors by various industry analysts, Bandwidth offers a carrier-grade CPaaS platform, that gives businesses the freedom to build high-quality voice, messaging, and other capabilities into existing workflows. The scalable platform comes with rich automation capabilities, as well as global coverage and high-level reliability.  

Bandwidth’s solutions also support emergency calling and in-app calling APIs, as well as intelligent tools for authentication. Plus, Bandwidth’s technologies can easily integrate with leading technologies from vendors like RingCentral, Genesys, and RingCentral. They also allow businesses to leverage the latest features of Bandwidth’s conversational AI technologies. 

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Communications vendor Enreach offers CPaaS technologies alongside its flexible UCaaS and CCaaS systems. Focusing on service providers in the communication ecosystem, Enreach gives companies access to provisioning automation APIs, intelligent communications APIs, and more. According to the company, their offerings cover everything from real-time communication to authentication. 

Businesses even have the freedom to connect unified communications capabilities with contact center solutions, for a robust end-to-end strategy. Plus, there are tools for adding artificial intelligence tools such as chatbots to automated customer service workflows.  

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HORISEN describes itself as a CPaaS enabler, offering customers technology that allow them to create their own customized solutions. Going beyond simply offering APIs to vendors, HORISEN focuses on developing tailor-made solutions for vendors, specific to their unique needs.  

HORISEN focuses on developing comprehensive software from start to finish, delivering access to core functionalities, additional features, and security capabilities. The company primarily serves mobile operators, carriers, agencies, and integrators, with award-winning solutions and customer service, as well as white labelled offerings.  

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Telecommunications company Infobip is another of the better-known CPaaS vendors in the CX landscape. The company’s “CPaaS X” toolkit gives organizations a series of APIs they can use to unlock the core capabilities of the Infobip product stack. The modular solution offers extensive scalability, and quick integration with a wide range of business tools.  

Companies can leverage APIs for resource provisioning, campaign registration, consumption reporting and more. Plus, there are automated client onboarding solutions and number provisioning tools for service partners, to accelerate their go-to-market strategy. The comprehensive Messages API even unifies multiple messaging channels, from SMS, to RCS, and chat apps.  

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Focused on the cloud communications and customer experience landscape, IntelePeer’s product portfolio covers everything from AI and automation to service management. With IntelePeer’s CPaaS technologies, organizations can go beyond basic API connectors, to leverage smart automation, tools for enhancing audience engagement, and in-depth analytics.  

As a CPaaS vendor, IntelePeer makes it simple for brands to implement existing global calling and messaging functionality into apps, websites, and workflows. The solutions can also work seamlessly with various external tools like CRM and email platforms. Plus, IntelePeer offers a range of pricing options to choose from for different budgetary requirements.  

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Bird (MessageBird) 

Formerly known as MessageBird, Bird is one of the leading CPaaS vendors in the modern communications market. The brand offers a range of reliable and secure APIs for communication channels like WhatsApp, SMS, email, and social messaging. There are automated sales dialler tools for sales-focused teams, and systems for automating phone-based payments.  

Bird’s technologies can even allow companies to embed real-time communications directly into a range of ecommerce platforms. Bird’s CPaaS solution also extends to cover things like email receipt and number validation, signup form creation, journey flow management, and chatbots. 

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Microsoft Azure Communication Services 

Another of the top CPaaS vendors for modern teams, Microsoft delivers CPaaS and API capabilities via Azure Communications Services. The “ACS” solution offers communication tools for video, voice, chat, and SMS, accessible across various mobile platforms, applications, and websites. Plus, the technology is certified compliant for regulatory standards like GDPR and HIPAA.  

Companies and developers working with Microsoft’s Azure ecosystem can also leverage streamlined and user-friendly development toolkits, on a fully managed Azure platform. This includes access to GitHub and Visual Studio tools. Plus, the open-source SDKs offer direct integration with valuable solutions in the Microsoft toolkit, like Microsoft Teams.  

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Committed to supporting contact centers in their quest for omnichannel communications, Mitto is a flexible, mobile-focused CPaaS vendor. The company’s toolkit ensures companies can quickly add new channels into their customer service strategy, from chat apps and social media, to voice capabilities, SMS, and AI solutions.  

Mitto also offers access to a comprehensive integrations marketplace, where companies can leverage direct connectors with tools like HubSpot, Shopify and Salesforce. There are also dedicated offerings available for number verification and lookup, as well as campaign and journey management.  

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Cloud communications platform vendor, Plivo, supports companies across more than 190 countries, with simple solutions for personalizing customer communications. Product options range from SMS, Voice, and verification APIs, to number lookup options. Plus, Plivo also has its own flexible omnichannel contact center for B2C customer service teams.  

Companies can enhance their CPaaS offerings from Plivo with rich automation capabilities, and leverage additional services for phone number management, and SIP trunking from the same brand. Plus, Plivo promises to make development simple, with user-friendly developer tools, service status tracking, and extensive customer support. 

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Ranked among leading omnichannel CPaaS vendors worldwide, Sinch develops streamlined and effective APIs for video, audio, messaging, and other forms of real-time communication. The company offers solutions for identity verification and authentication too, as well as toolkits for building chatbots and automated workflows.  

Sinch allows companies to add common communication apps into their ecosystems, like WhatsApp, and helps brands to maintain compliance standards with end-to-end security. Plus, the APIs and SDKs offered by Sinch can adapt to suit any preferred coding language. Sinch also offers access to dedicated expert, for assistance building streamlined CPaaS solutions.  

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Serving large enterprises, governments, and other highly regulated industries, Soprano is a CPaaS provider that supports an extensive omnichannel approach to customer service. Companies can leverage solutions for embedding conversational AI tools into their CX workflows, as well as SMS, voice, RCS, email, WhatsApp, and secure messaging.  

With the Soprano CPaaS platform, companies gain access to a full range of convenient tools, as well as complete support from the Soprano team. The company offers a tailor-made approach to everything from optimising communication compliance, to CPaaS application controls.  

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Tanla Platforms 

Named a visionary CPaaS vendor in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant, Tanla offers a robust CPaaS solution packed with tools and APIs for real-time communications. The company ensures businesses of all sizes and industries can embed messaging and voice capabilities into workflows, as well as IoT connectivity solutions, and blockchain components.  

With Tanla Platforms, organizations access a comprehensive digital marketplace, with a global edge-to-edge network for secure and private connectivity. Tanla promises leading performance and reliability, and even empowers organizations with protections against spam and fraud. There are also analytical and reporting tools built into the platform.  

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Tencent Cloud 

Another of the modern CPaaS vendors recognized by the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Tencent Cloud gives companies streamlined solutions for digital transformation. For contact center vendors, Tencent Cloud’s APIs enable rapid access to multiple communication channels, from video and audio calls, to messaging and chat. There are also authentication solutions available for security and compliance.  

Tencent Cloud also offers a range of additional services to business leaders, such as content delivery networks and cloud virtual machines. Unlike most alternatives, Tencent Cloud supports a wide range of users, from enterprises, to e-learning companies, video streaming experts and more. The company also has a global presence across over 70 availability zones.  

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Committed to transforming customer experiences, Toku is a cloud communications provider that helps companies build bespoke customer service solutions. The companies products range from embedded communication tools like programmable voice and in-app voice calling, to programmable messaging for mobile consumers.  

Toku’s solutions can adapt to suit the specific needs of companies in various industries, including highly regulated sectors like Fintech and government. Plus, the companies tools can also support businesses in their authentication and compliance strategies, with user verification and number masking capabilities.  

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One of the better-known CPaaS vendors in the CX market, Twilio offers a huge range of flexible tools for communication. The company’s API solutions address a range of business needs, from sending real-time notifications to clients, to verifying numbers and identities. There are even automated solutions for marketing and IVR management.  

Twilio makes it simple for companies to gain access to multiple communication channels, such as voice, messaging, email, and social messaging, within their existing workflows. Plus, Twilio promises extensive reliability, with automated failover and 99.95% uptimes. There are even in-depth security and privacy components built into the CPaaS toolkit.  

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Offering flexible communication solutions to enterprises and contact centers, Vonage takes a modular approach to enabling digital transformation. The company’s CPaaS solutions give businesses APIs to leverage for voice, SMS, video, and authentication purposes. The company also gives organizations access to a full developer center, with various forms of documentation and resources.  

Vonage’s tools ensure companies can align their communication and contact center ecosystems, with integrations for well-known solutions like Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp. Plus, the company promises exceptional end-to-end security and reliability with all of its services. Developers can even build entirely automated workflow with Vonage support.  

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Webex Connect  

Part of a wide selection of communication tools offered by Webex (via Cisco), Webex Connect is a centralized cloud communications platform. It empowers companies to access more than 16 communication channels, which they can embed into their existing applications and workflows with out-of-the-box tools for building and testing applications.  

Webex Connect supports companies in search of low-code development options, with a centralized platform featuring enterprise-grade infrastructure and rapid deployment. Companies can even leverage applications like Webex Campaign for marketing automation, Webex Engage for contact center optimization, and Webex Notify for instant alerts.  

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