The Top CRM Providers for 2024

Leading vendors in the CRM marketplace 

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Published: March 20, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is one of the most valuable tools businesses can access in a world obsessed with experience. These digital solutions provide organizations with a convenient way to track, optimize, and preserve connections with customers.  

CRM tools can integrate with contact center ecosystems, provide behind-the-scenes insights into opportunities and leads, and assist sales and service professionals in their day-to-day work. At present, the CRM market is expected to reach a value of approximately $145.79 billion by 2029, growing at a rate of 12.5%. As customer expectations evolve, demand for CRM solutions continues to grow.  

So which vendors offer the best solutions for companies in search of CRM technology? Here are some of the top providers in the landscape today.  

  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Pipedrive
  • Kustomer
  • Zoho
  • Freshworks
  • Nimble
  • SugarCRM
  • Microsoft
  • Capsule
  • Bitrix24
  • Oracle NetSuite
  • Insightly
  • Zendesk
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Sage
  • SuperOffice
  • Maximizer
  • Efficy
  • Leadsquared
  • Nutshell


Salesforce is an American software company focused primarily on developing tools for sales and service teams. The Salesforce ecosystem comprises several cloud-based tools built to streamline customer service, provide insights into sales opportunities, and generate analytics. The Salesforce platform also allows companies to build internal apps to support customers and employees.  

Salesforce uses innovative technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist companies in making better decisions about customer service. The company also offers extensive learning and educational resources to CRM users. Salesforce also recently purchased Slack for internal collaboration.  

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The HubSpot SaaS portfolio consists of a variety of “hubs” designed to address different sales, service, and marketing needs. Each hub comes with its own selection of tools comprising everything from communication and collaboration capabilities to live chat functionality. The CRM service from HubSpot is available on both a free and premium basis.  

The technology provides pipeline visibility via a clean visual dashboard, sales logging opportunities with syncing for a range of integrated services, and comprehensive lead management. Salesforce has improved its technology in recent years to include new AI innovations and customer communication options (such as WhatsApp integration).  

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Offering various tools for sales and customer service management, Pipedrive’s product portfolio covers everything from lead management to insights and reports and sales automation. The CRM solution offered by the company comes with an intuitive interface which can integrate with existing workflow and contact management tools. There’s a unified leads inbox, an AI sales assistant, and the option to sync each users email and calendar to the system. 

Pipedrive is industry-agnostic, and its technology includes reporting features to provide users with insights into key metrics around customer service. Users can also leverage the CRM technology on the move through Android and Ios applications. Recently the company introduced a new cloud and data center in the UK, as well as a new campaign management solution. 

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Kustomer is a CRM platform that manages and contextualizes customer journey data for service teams.

In doing so, it condenses lots of customer insight into a single timeline that tells agents “everything they need to know.” That includes website visits, historical interactions, purchases, and more.

Agents may use this timeline while talking to customers across the many engagement channels that Kustomer also serves up. As such, the service team does less switching between various applications.

Kustomer IQ is available as an add-on, which embeds AI across the platform. The AI aims to automate and simplify various service processes – from enabling contact deflection to mechanizing desktop processes.

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The Zoho SaaS company produces software solutions for collaboration, communication, sales, and customer service management. The company’s CRM product was named a visionary in the 2022 Magic Quadrant for sales automation platforms and comes with various tools to streamline work experiences, including intelligent automation.  

Within the Zoho CRM, users can access individual target trackers, examine team performance, and leverage reports on revenue and lead generation. There’s also a built-in AI solution (Zia) which provides predictions on customer behavior and next-best-action guidance to employees. Zoho also integrates with over 500 different tools and platforms. 

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The Freshworks business suite consists of various software solutions made to address service management, conversational engagement, and customer service. The CRM solution offered by the brand comes in the form of Freshsales, which supports 360-degree customer profiles, workflow automation, and a unified inbox for managing conversations. 

Companies can use Freshworks to track information about customer intent, capture visitor information with web forms, and leverage AI chatbots for service. The CRM solution also provides complete contextual insights into contacts and supports communication across phone, email, chat and SMS. Freshworks also recently updated its messaging platform to assist with in-team collaboration. 

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Nimble’s relationship-focused CRM technology can be embedded into a user’s existing Outlook or Gmail inbox and integrates with both web and social media platforms. The technology allows companies to build comprehensive user profiles for each of their customers, with access to contact details, previous conversations, and company information.  

Users can track customer conversations and activities across multiple channels, access forecasting tools to assist with decision-making, and create automated workflows. There are built-in collaboration tools for teams, as well as pipeline management systems, email tracking, and a “Today Page” for organizing information into one pane of glass.  

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There are various CRM solutions available from SugarCRM, focused on different use cases. Companies can leverage sales automation tools, on-premises CRM technology, customer service platforms, and marketing automation in one environment. Plus, a comprehensive app marketplace allows users to integrate their existing tools with their CRM solutions. 

With SugarCRM, companies can automate the sales process with intelligent workflows and create pipelines and funnels to increase conversions. The customer service solution “Serve”, tracks customer information and sorts it into profiles for each user. There’s also built-in sentiment analysis and tools for building self-service solutions. 

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Dynamics 365 is the CRM solution offered by Microsoft. The service integrates with a range of other solutions within the tech company’s portfolio, including Business Intelligence and Collaboration tools like Microsoft BI and Teams. The Dynamics CRM platform allows users to monitor opportunities throughout the sales funnel, create comprehensive profiles, and automate tasks.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can work alongside the Power Platform, allowing companies to access no-code and low-code tools for automation and applications. There are also specialist features available for commerce, finance, service, and supply chain companies. Microsoft is frequently introducing new tools for its CRM, including AI enhancements.  

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The cloud-based CRM technology from Capsule combines various tools into an all-in-one platform for customer relationships. The solution allows companies to synchronize conversations across an omnichannel landscape with a unified inbox, and track users through different stages in the sales pipeline. There is also integrated analytics and reporting tools for tracking crucial metrics.  

The Capsule CRM can integrate with various email tools, as well as other marketing and sales solutions. It comes with calendar and task management capabilities, two-factor authentication for security, and API access for developers. The Capsule CRM platform can also integrate with Microsoft 365 tools.  

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Bitrix24 provides companies access to a comprehensive online workspace, which unifies CRM capabilities with collaboration tools, website builders, HR and automation capabilities, and project management. The all-in-one platform can track leads, deals, and contacts, manage online payments, and access contact center capabilities.  

Via Bitrix24, companies can automate aspects of their sales and marketing strategies, send invoices on-demand, and leverage sales intelligence for behind-the-scenes insights into growth opportunities. The included HR features also help with worktime tracking and employee management. 

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Oracle NetSuite 

Combining collaboration tools, accounting, ERP, and other business management solutions into a single portfolio, Oracle NetSuite addresses company needs across multiple industries. Alongside traditional CRM capabilities like SFA, the NetSuite CRM provides access to marketing automation, quotes, order management, and sales forecasting.  

Companies can leverage mobile tools for accessing crucial customer information on the go and work with partner relationship management tools to track collaborators. The CRM solution comes with intelligent automated workflows, comprehensive reports, and a 360-degree view of customers, syncing contacts across multiple channels. 

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Designed for sales, marketing, and service teams, Insightly is a scalable cloud CRM with support for integrations to a range of different apps and tools. The CRM software centralizes all crucial information about projects, leads and contacts into one environment. Within the ecosystem, companies can leverage marketing tools for A/B and multivariate testing as well as email promotion. 

There are segmentation tools, journey tracking features, and an SLA management center for improving customer experience. Users can also create their own customer support portal, self-service solutions, and ticketing networks within Insightly. 

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Zendesk is a SaaS vendor offering various products for service, sales, and marketing. The platform includes a range of CRM features, including apps and SDKs, which allow companies to build their own strategies for interacting with customers. The Zendesk solution provides an integrated view of all customer contacts and details across different channels with a unified inbox. 

Service teams and sales professionals can access self-service solutions and AI bots for service management, ticketing, and more. There are routing tools for connecting customers to the right agents and collaboration features for teams, such as chat and file sharing. Plus, Zendesk offers a range of reporting features. 

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Alongside the Oracle Netsuite solution, Oracle also offers a dedicated “CRM CX” service, which features mobile tools for sales representatives, browser and cloud support, and in-depth analytics. The CRM functionality offered by Oracle comes as part of a complete suite of tools to help businesses build and manage customer relationships.  

Within the CX portfolio, users will find a range of tools for marketing and advertising automation, sales funnel creation, tracking, and customer service. The platform also includes AI functionality for chatbots and analysis, as well as low-code development and automation tools. There’s also built-in identity and access management.  

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SAP is a software company offering access to various ERP and sales management tools. The CRM platform offered by the brand can be tailored to suit a range of business needs, with e-commerce functionality, customer data insights, and marketing capabilities. SAP also provides access to a range of customer data solutions to assist companies in collecting and managing valuable insights. 

SAP technology integrates with a variety of existing tools for contact center, financial, and ERP management. It allows companies to serve their customers on any channel of their choice and diagnose issues with built-in AI capabilities. Recently, SAP announced it’s planning to sell its stake in Qualtrics, to focus on new ventures. 

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Sage CRM combines sales, marketing, and service solutions for companies searching for CX technologies. The platform unifies communications from different channels, providing companies with insights into how to react and improve customer sentiment. There is built-in analytics and reporting tools for tracking crucial metrics on the platform, as well as collaboration systems. 

Sage supports real-time insights to help marketing and sales teams make the right decision at the moment. The solution can also be used to automate various tasks, such as creating orders and quotes, forecasting sales, and converting leads into opportunities. 

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Designed as a platform for revenue growth, SuperOffice combines various customer-facing processes, from sales and marketing, to customer service, into one tech stack. The solution can integrate with various tools and offers extensive customization features for users. There are also built-in AI and automation capabilities intended to improve team performance. 

The SuperOffice CRM provides end-to-end pipeline insights, productivity tools, and access to self-service channels for companies expanding their omnichannel strategy. It comes with options to help businesses improve GDPR compliance and privacy too. 

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Maximizer is a cloud-based platform built specifically for sales teams with agile project management tools and reporting features built-in. Users can access automated processes and pre-configured dashboards to improve productivity. There are also real-time insights and feedback available for users to access during customer conversations.  

With Maximizer, companies can track individual sales rep activities, monitor effectiveness, and track customer health analytics. There are also dedicated solutions available for companies in the highly regulated financial and insurance space. The platform offers plenty of visual reporting tools for end-to-end metric visibility too. 

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With a goal to help companies succeed in delivering exceptional customer experiences, Efficy combines CRM insights with marketing automation, SMS, email, forms, and landing pages. The complete platform is open and customizable, so users can make changes to the modules making up their software suite based on their team’s needs.  

The CRM solution also offers specific tools for different use cases, including CRMs for management, sales, marketing, and customer service groups. Included features range from social CRM tracking to opportunity tracking, segmentation, reporting, and campaign automation. 

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Leadsquared is a sales automation and CRM platform built for a range of different industry needs. There are various specialist solutions available for healthcare, educational, insurance, and financial companies, as well as tech marketplaces. Users can find tools for creating their own self-service portal, automating marketing campaigns, and creating workflows within the platform. 

Leadsquared integrates with a range of tools, from Zoom to RingCentral and Salesforce. It also provides access to extensive reporting and analytics tools, with insights that can be tailored according to each company’s needs. There’s a mobile version of the CRM available for flexible team members on the move too. 

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Promising a combination of pipeline and lead management tools, the Nutshell cloud-based ecosystem helps businesses to sell to clients and manage contacts. A comprehensive solution for customer profile creation makes it easy to track information about each client across any channel. There’s a B2B sales tracking platform for examining opportunities and automation tools for lead assignment and advancement.  

Nutshell also offers companies ways to connect with their target audience, through automated email sequences, with pre-built templates. Plus, a range of reporting and analytics tools help businesses to examine lead opportunities and individual rep performance. 

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