Vonage Launches Omnichannel Messaging App for Salesforce

The app combines the Salesforce platform with the Vonage Contact Center

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Published: September 14, 2023

James Stephen

Vonage has introduced an omnichannel messaging app ‘Conversations for Salesforce’ that brings together the Salesforce platform with its own Vonage Contact Center (VCC).

The new solution will enable businesses to serve customers from the Salesforce platform alongside bot and VCC agent interactions.

It offers a scalable way of sending SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp messages from Salesforce so businesses can easily create custom workflows using Salesforce’s tools.

Savinay Berry, EVP of Product & Engineering for Vonage, commented: “Many businesses are not using the communications channels made available by today’s technology to their full potential and are missing out on opportunities to make real connections and drive customer engagement.

“Vonage ‘Conversations for Salesforce’ unlocks the power of delivering personalized two-way interactions with customers from Salesforce, enabling engagement at scale with SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp channels while blending bot and VCC agent interactions.

Based on Salesforce’s best practices and latest tools, the app overcomes the constraints of existing solutions and is enabling conversations across the entire organisation.

According to a Vonage study last year, 30 percent of consumers reported that messaging apps are the most common method of business communications.

Conversations for Salesforce helps businesses increase customer interactions, raise productivity, and enhance customer experiences with customized conversations.

Using Salesforce as the source of customer data, users can access entire customer histories.

Response handling can also be automated with chatbots or routed to the relevant agent or organization.

The app is part of the full Vonage AI Acceleration Suite for Salesforce, which is a portfolio of AI, low-code/no-code components that can integrate with Salesforce applications across omnichannel communications and facilitate business transformation.

Conversations for Salesforce is being showcased at Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce event this week.

Salesforce has also announced Einstein 1, the next generation of its Salesforce Platform, at Dreamforce 2023.

Success Story

As a demonstration of the app’s effectiveness, Vonage points to one of its customers, Thunder Funding, which it calls the “leading carrier services company” in the United States.

Following the implementation of Conversations for Salesforce, Thunder Funding has enabled two-way conversations, and it can send over 5,000 messages per day to customers and prospects.

Its conversations can now be managed within Salesforce, helping to maintain the context of conversations, which can be escalated to agents when a lead has been qualified.

Jim Marshall, IS Project Manager, Thunder Funding, provided his feedback for the app: “At Thunder Funding, Vonage Conversations for Salesforce has enabled us to handle two-way interactions with our customers through SMS and MMS, improving our response rates and elevating our customer engagement.

“Getting the app set up didn’t require any coding, and the platform offers extensive customization to fit our specific needs.

“Customers can now more quickly and easily communicate with our client support and sales teams and we have full visibility of conversations across each department, with real-time activities accessible to supervisors on our live dashboard.”

Vonage recently added a new mobile app, AI-powered widgets, and messaging channels to its Vonage Conversational Commerce solution.

The updates enable organizations to enhance their customer engagement across all channels, with live chat and messaging capabilities to enhance mobility.




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