Vonage Goes Deeper on Conversational Commerce with New Innovations

The new capabilities will be available via its Vonage Conversational Commerce solution

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Published: July 4, 2023

James Stephen

Vonage has added a new mobile app, AI-powered widgets, and messaging channels to its Vonage Conversational Commerce solution.

These updates will enable organizations to improve their customer engagement across all channels, with live chat and messaging capabilities to enhance mobility.

Vonage, which was acquired last year by Ericsson, describes itself as a “global leader in cloud communications helping businesses to accelerate their digital transformation.”

Ron Maayan, SVP of Product for Vonage, said: “As technology advances and customer expectations evolve, businesses must innovate and find new ways to connect with their customers.

“With Vonage Conversational Commerce, we are meeting these expectations and exceeding them by providing seamless and personalized interactions at every touchpoint.

These latest enhancements represent our commitment to continuously push the boundaries of conversational commerce and empower businesses to create meaningful, lasting relationships with their customers.

New Mobile App

The new mobile app for Vonage Conversational Commerce can be used on both iOS and Android to allow agents to access live chat features outside the office, enabling them to communicate with customers from anywhere.

They will be able to offer customers immediate support via real-time messaging, with the same tools available to them through the Jumper.ai unified dashboard, including CRM, customer information, resources, and other functionality.

Agents will even be able to create orders and share products and images using the mobile app.

5G capabilities may also be integrated in the future as Ericsson has said it plans to migrate 5G developer tools into its customer experiences platform.

As a result, Ericsson’s enterprise clients will be able to leverage 5G networks for internal communications and CX.

AI-Powered Widget

The Vonage Conversational Commerce Attentive Widget enables businesses to embed instant messaging widgets on their websites so that customers can engage with them at the opportune moment.

The widget is powered by AI bots, and it can be easily accessed via the CX management dashboard.

By integrating the widget, businesses can start conversations with customers early in their buying journey, add conversational commerce for product placements on third-party websites, and increase visibility for new offers and launches.

The Attentive Widget differs from ordinary chat widgets through its focus on the needs of e-commerce, with live chat, product sharing, order filling, and payment features.

Improved Messaging Capabilities

New messaging capabilities have been added, including SMS and Google Business Messenger (GBM).

Organizations will now be able to send and receive messages directly to and from customers using a single customer experience management dashboard, plus integrate chatbots through Vonage’s AI Chatbot Builder.

Vonage Conversational Commerce supports social applications, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, iMessage, Viber, Telegram, LINE, and more.

Dan Miller, Lead Analyst and Founder of Opus Research, commented:

“Vonage is ahead of the pack of cloud-based solutions supporting Conversational Commerce.

“These conversations take place over time and employ multiple channels and culminate in a completed transaction. That requires a global network that integrates VoIP with 5G wireless, informed by Conversational AI and under the control of easy-to-use dashboards or toolkits.”

Conversational Commerce Packages

The Vonage Conversational Commerce solution is available to businesses as one of three modular package options.

  • Notify: The Notify package is designed for notifications and marketing use cases
  • Engage: Engage meets the needs of customers with FAQs and customer support with the ability to create intelligent bots, plus further broadcast and live chat capabilities.
  • Convert: Convert provides all the benefits of Notify and Engage, and it also includes commerce and payment features.

In May this year, Vonage released a study showing the latest small and medium-sized business consumer expectations.

Quick resolutions and multiple customer communications channels were ranked by consumers as the top two expectations.



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