Capacity Snaps Up LumenVox and Denim Social In Major CX Play

The acquisitions will allow Capacity to automate more conversations and service workflows

Capacity Snaps Up Lumenvox and Denim Social In Major CX Play
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Published: August 31, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Capacity has acquired LumenVox and Denim Social to extend its support automation platform.

Currently, the solution automates many queries for employees and customers by connecting the tech stack to surface answers to their questions.

It does so through a bot that sits natively inside various chat applications alongside other digital communication channels through its Capacity Web Concierge.

Yet, Capacity’s acquisition of LumenVox will see the business dive deeper into the voice space too.

Indeed, LumenVox offers a portfolio of voice-related applications. The most prominent is its Automated Speech Recognition with Transcription solution.

Built on a deep neural network, the tool learns over time for more accurate transcriptions that allow businesses to seep more value from voicebots and speech analytics tools.

Making note of the voicebot value-add, David Karandish, CEO of Capacity, stated: “LumenVox’s tools are key in our expansion into voice automation.

Our expanded platform will free up team members to do their best work while also building more meaningful relationships with their customers.

Alongside the expansion of voice and conversational AI, the Capacity platform includes solutions to automate several other service workflows.

These will now expand across social media with the roll-up of Denim Social.

The social media management platform scales organic and paid social media content, centralizing publishing and advertising in a single location.

Once integrated into the Capacity platform, end-users may also launch proactive cross-channel social media campaigns from a familiar workspace. Karandish added:

Denim Social’s platform will empower brands to more effectively communicate with customers on their social channel of choice.

As a result of both acquisitions, Capacity will allow customers to automate more queries and customer service workflows.

Moreover, the deals follow the business’s acquisition of Textel, the enterprise SMS vendor, announced in January this year.

By blending the technologies acquired from these three businesses, Capacity aspires to build an engagement automation platform for customers and employees.

The platform will provide real-time support, customer outreach, and agent-assist capabilities that span web, voice, SMS, email, and several social media channels.

What Next for LumenVox and Denim Social’s Teams?

Leaders from LumenVox will help evolve Capcity’s omnichannel support, with Nigel Quinnin, CEO of LumenVox, now leading Capacity’s voice initiatives.

Excited by that prospect, Quinnin stated:

The right voice technology can save teams countless support hours. Marrying LumenVox’s technology with the Capacity platform ensures voice is a seamless part of the omnichannel experience.

Meanwhile, Doug Wilber, CEO of Denim Social, will become Chief Strategy Officer at Capacity at the deal’s completion.

In thanking his team’s efforts, Wilber looked ahead in posting the following message on LinkedIn:

Finally, Karandish wrapped up by stating: “With these two great additions to the Capacity platform, we’re proudly offering customers an all-in-one solution for support.”

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