HubSpot Announces Sensitive Data Tools for Smart CRM Users

Healthcare customers will benefit from HIPAA compliance.

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Published: June 6, 2024

Rhys Fisher

HubSpot has promised new data protection and compliance navigation capabilities for its Smart CRM users.

The enhancements are supported by “robust” security and privacy protection tools, which HubSpot claims will help to provide companies with a “complete view of the customer in one place.”

Users will be able to access the new features by activating the sensitive data settings within the HubSpot CRM portal. From there, users can select the type of sensitive data that they will be storing.

Once data is marked as sensitive, it will be equipped with an additional layer of encryption, as well as only being accessible by authorized users.

Screengrab of a HubSPot video showing how its new sensitive data protection feature will work.

Andy Pitre, EVP of Product at HubSpot, discussed how these new data protection features will address one of the company’s biggest pain points:

“Storing sensitive data in HubSpot has been the top customer request across industries.

It not only strengthens the Smart CRM as the single source of truth for customer data, it means businesses no longer need to piece together solutions just to have a single view of their customer.

Let’s take a more in depth look at some of HubSpot’s additional features and how they differ from sector to sector.


In HubSpot’s own words, “nowhere can a complete view of the customer be more impactful than healthcare.”

While all sectors will benefit from the additional data protection, HubSpot has made a point of highlighting the company’s commitment to their healthcare customers by achieving HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance for the new products.

The organization’s B2B healthcare firms and care customers can securely store HIPAA-protected medical data within HubSpot’s CRM – leveraging it to automate workflows, facilitate team collaboration through closed-loop reporting, and craft personalized campaigns.

One such customer is Jan Beery, President of Global Life Sciences at Atypical Digital, who was full of praise for the additional features:

With the rise of e-commerce in B2B healthcare comes the growing need to securely store sensitive data and the timing of HubSpot’s sensitive data launch couldn’t be better.

“From personalized nurture campaigns to innovative marketing strategies, this feature unlocks endless possibilities for healthcare manufacturers. The healthcare industry needed a simple yet secure solution for storing sensitive data, and HubSpot is stepping in to fill that gap.”

Dissecting the other Sectors

Despite the healthcare capabilities taking center stage, HubSpot also outlined the following sector specific enhancements:


  • Enhance lead generation by gathering sensitive data from customers who have given consent for its use in marketing, typically through website forms or during product orders.
  • Safely segment audiences, send targeted marketing campaigns, and utilize marketing automation without using makeshift solutions to manage protected data properly.


  • Tailor prospecting efforts by gaining a comprehensive understanding of prospects, enabling more relevant connections and greater pipeline growth.
  • Streamline deal management processes by automating tasks that involve customers submitting sensitive data through forms, like loan applications.


  • Establish a unified customer profile for help desk representatives by securely storing sensitive data necessary for providing personalized services, like booking and adjusting travel plans.

More HubSpot News

Broken by Bloomberg at the beginning of last month, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is in discussions with HubSpot regarding a potential acquisition of the CRM company.

Alphabet, with a significant cash reserve of $110.9 billion as of January 1, 2024, has the financial capacity to invest in growth opportunities, potentially including HubSpot, which has a market capitalization of $30.0 billion as of April 9, 2024.

However, regulatory scrutiny of big tech in the US could present a significant obstacle to the deal, as noted by prominent CX analysts.

Elsewhere, earlier this year HubSpot introduced its Content Hub, a platform designed to revolutionize content marketing by providing CX teams with a centralized space to create and manage content throughout the customer journey.

Powered by HubSpot’s AI platform, it aims to address key marketing challenges of reach and relevance.

Content Hub also targets to improve the efficiency of CX teams, addressing the common struggle of meeting content demands.

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