Twilio Completes Its ‘Largest Flex Deal Ever’

The announcement comes as Twilio reveals its second quarter highlights

Twilio Completes Its 'Largest Flex Deal Ever'
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Published: August 5, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Twilio has signed its largest Flex deal ever with a Fortune 100 retailer.

While the CX vendor did not disclose many more details of the deal, it revealed that the client was already a customer of its communications APIs.

Jeff Lawson, Co-Founder and CEO, believes that this reflects Twilio’s success in attracting customers via its core APIs, establishing positive relationships, and moving them onto broader customer engagement solutions.

Going further during an earnings call, Lawson stated the Fortune 100 company aimed to strengthen “the connection between the brick-and-mortar stores and the virtual stores using Twilio Flex, video, chat and messaging.”

[They] are going to create a single view of the customer across their organization to provide a seamless, personalized customer experience that starts with their marketing through their sales and through their customer service.

The exciting partnership comes to the fore as Twilio continues its global expansion, with the vendor recently establishing a presence in Canada.

Alongside this, new partnerships with fellow industry juggernaut Sprinklr and prominent CPaaS player Syniverse may have fuelled the brand’s growth, achieving $943.4 million in Q2 revenues.

Over the past three months, Twilio hosted its CDP Week 2022 event too, introducing how its Twilio Segment solution enhances customer data strategies.

Yet, it also teased the long-anticipated launch of Twilio Engage – a new hyper-personalization tool built on Segment.

As Khozema Shipchandler, COO at Twilio, stated:

Engage is still planned for a later in year launch, as we’ve been saying for some time. And we’re super excited about the way that that beta program has been going.

Twilio had likely strived to release the solution before the close of the year, as Google Chrome planned to stop its use of cookies in 2023. As such, first-party data solutions – like Segment and Engage – were expected to rise in prominence.

However, with Google holding back, Twilio may rethink its immediate go-to-market strategy and add more emphasis to its communication APIs and Flex platform.




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