Zoom, Oracle to Optimize Telehealth Services

Oracle Cerner Millennium now includes deep Zoom integrations to assist healthcare professionals at various levels

Zoom, Oracle to Optimise Telehealth Services
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Published: April 20, 2023

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

This week Oracle and Zoom enhanced their collaboration to leverage telehealth channels on Oracle Cerner Millennium to improve remote patient appointment connectivity and seamless access to relevant patient electronic health records (EHR).

The continued partnership looks to deliver faster, easier, and more effective telehealth services for patients and healthcare professionals.

Oracle and Zoom achieve this with a connected solution that creates a familiar workflow and provides tools to track EHR data before, during, and after a call.

As a result, the Zoom-enhanced Oracle Cerner Millennium can reduce time investments with the multipurpose suite tools.

Heidi West, the Head of Healthcare at Zoom, added:

As people have adopted virtual meetings in workplaces and in their personal lives, they are increasingly seeking that same convenience, simplicity, and choice in healthcare. Telemedicine consultations and virtual visits provide options and access at the times and places that would be best for them.

Moreover, West said that integrating Zoom with Oracle Cerner Millennium provides “the next step” in expanding Oracle’s solution as a healthcare tool.

West also noted that the Zoom-optimized platform can “make it easier for doctors to incorporate telemedicine into their practice to enhance the patient experience while reducing administrative overhead.”

A Deeper Dive into Oracle Cerner Millennium

With its Cerner Millennium expanded partnership and Zoom’s interest in healthcare end-users, the video conferencing firm aims to spread its solutions to medical professionals to assist in patient outreach.

Stephanie Trunzo, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Health, noted the global need for “secure, convenient, and on-demand telehealth services is only growing.”

Trunzo also added:

Integrating Zoom with Oracle Cerner Millennium is an important step in advancing telehealth options and giving patients increased options for care. This unified system enables caregivers to better engage and serve patients even when they are remote, helping reduce practitioner’s administrative burden and increasing access to care.

The optimized platform allows healthcare professionals to improve outreach for patients in distinctly remote regions, those with poor connectivity, or a lack of transportation. According to the project partners, the solution can also find inclusion in other healthcare settings.

Moreover, the Cerner Millennium solution allows Oracle clients to leverage telehealth solutions in decentralized clinical trials to increase the accessibility of participation, treatment, research, and development.

Oracle Cerner Millennium also contains rich security considerations for healthcare settings. The solution includes compliance with HIPAA, PIPEDA/PHIPA, GDPR, Mars-E, and other enterprise guidelines.

Earlier this month, Oracle won big when it revealed multiple new IaaS customers, some of which signed billion-dollar contracts.

Thanks to high-value signing, Oracle can optimize and grow its cloud infrastructure business which accounts for roughly 22,000 customers.



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