Zendesk’s New No-Code Personalisation Tools to Ensure Customer Loyalty

New CX tools from Zendesk aim to improve customer-to-agent workflows and problem solving

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Published: November 10, 2023

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

This Wednesday, Zendesk announced a set of no-code tools that provide business end-users with custom data services for generating bespoke customer experiences (CX) for a range of use cases.

The fresh no-code tools allow company admins to create efficient CX workflows with custom objects and end-to-end context to enable personalized customer conversations.

Paxton Cooper, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Zendesk added:

There is a clear path for CX teams to create personalized interactions that build stronger customer relationships, but to get there, data from all parts of a company’s business needs to be readily available to them. Our customers have long benefited from Zendesk’s open, flexible platform, and our new offerings will allow service teams to act quickly and unlock more of their data’s potential.

Zendesk is developing its no-code solution to answer several emerging issues the firm discovered across its client base.

According to Zendesk forecasts, the volume of CX data that clients create, capture, copy, and consume will exceed 180 trillion gigabytes by 2025.

Moreover, the firm found in its Zendesk 2023 CX Trends Report that 67 per cent of it questioned business leaders who report disorganized and reactive efforts to leverage CX data.

Based on its research and latest product offerings, Zendesk recommends that its clients and related business leaders unify their company’s CX data via its new toolset. Then, companies can strategically improve agent-to-customer relationships using the newly unified CX data.

Additionally, Zendesk notes that personalized CX avenues – that clients can build on the new toolset – are seen as the new standard by 70 per cent of customers. On the other hand, Zendesk claims that only 69 per cent of sales agents “do not feel equipped” with the data models or tools required to improve and personalize CX avenues.

Alongside improving the customer side of a buyer’s journey, the new toolkit also helps agents manage data across coworkers and customers.

Custom Workspace for Call Agents

Zendesk built upon its agent workspace solution with its latest offering. Now, clients and agents can customize their digital workplaces without using coding methods. The firm can allow agents to use fresh tools, such as integrating custom objects into their workflows.

Zendesk states that users can “swiftly act” on CX data provided by the newly released features, such as object triggers, because agents do not need to link the new trigger option to a service ticket – currently, agents can only use these via an early access program.

The new workspaces allow agents to record details about an item, providing quick information for a customer’s request ticket.

The streamlined workflows also give agents easy access to critical sales information, without requiring building or buying an asset management app to manage IT equipment.

Moreover, Zendesk is also debuting a new “flexible layout builder,” allowing sales agents and teams to create personalized user interfaces to match roles, use cases, and workflows that will enable sales agents to exclusively see the information required to complete a chosen customer request.

Zendesk states the new easy-to-customise layouts allow agents to save time when completing customer requests, providing solutions for more customer issues throughout the day.

Agile Custom Workflow Options from Zendesk

Zendesk is trying to solve numerous pain points with its new solution, such as improving service operations, growing a business, and streamlining workflows for agents – helping them to spend less time on admin tasks, instead turning their attention towards personalizing CX communications.

Andrew Schreiner, Director of Customer Success Operations at Optimizely, said:

Zendesk’s custom objects give us the confidence in knowing that everything is being updated in a uniform way, everything is displayed in a uniform way, and people are working the same across the board, making it an efficient use of everybody’s time.

Zendesk also cites Deloitte, highlighting how brands with leading personalization services can improve customer loyalty with 1.5x more effectiveness than brands without high-quality personalization services.

The CX also notes that the sector’s future does not rely on data. Moreso, success depends on leveraging that data suitable for each customer request.

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