CallMiner Conversation Analytics Review: Conversational Intelligence Tools

Rebekah Carter

Insights into Your Customer Conversations   

CallMiner Conversation Analytics Review: Conversational Intelligence Tools

How much do you know about your conversations with customers?  

A contact centre solution can show you where your calls are coming from, and help you manage conversations across multiple channels. But it takes something extra to dive into the meaning behind those conversations. CallMiner, a market leader in conversational intelligence, can help you to understand the deeper nuances of your conversations.  

CallMiner is the leading provider of conversational analytics, designed to drive better experiences for customers. CallMiner Conversation “Analyze” solution is part of a comprehensive selection of tools from the brand, used for coaching team members, alerting staff to new opportunities, and visualising valuable data insights.  

Let’s take a closer look at the CallMiner Conversation Analytics service. 

CallMiner Conversation Analytics: Features 

CallMiner offers a complete portfolio of conversational intelligence tools created to enable stronger business decision making. The system allows business leaders to capture and analyse customer interactions across a range of channels. Once you’ve collected the information you need, you can extract meaningful insights from unstructured data to drive genuine action.  

The “Analyze” section of the Call Miner portfolio delivers the central analytics environment. This solution can work alongside other CallMiner products to provide a more comprehensive service. CallMiner Analyze is a customisable dashboard for your Eureka platform. Features include: 

  • Automatically score 100% of calls, emails and chats 
  • Identify immediate actionable insights 
  • Transcribe audio into readable text 
  • Categorize content 
  • Search for and share insights 
  • Score conversations with automated metrics 
  • Omni-channel Expansion for every channel 
  • Support for use of special characters and emojis 
  • Automated multi-journey mapping 
  • AI innovation for conversational insights 
  • Federated repository of contact centre insights 
  • Organic discovery  
  • Customer journey tracking 
  • Contact detail view 
  • Agent performance view 
  • Robust API integrations 

With CallMiner analytics, you can track text and audio interactions in one environment, as well as generate insights across various channels in the customer journey. Ai-driven search suggestions enhance search category building and alerts, enabling insights and actions across all omnichannel interactions. There’s even the option to easily search through content using phrases, keywords, and acoustic measurements.  

CallMiner Conversation Analytics: Benefits 

CallMiner’s Analyze system is a state-of-the-art tool for reading in between the lines of your conversations with customers. You can discover potential issues and trends easily with AI analytics and gain a better understanding of the customer experience across chat, web, and social media content. There’s also a contact detail view for playing back calls, adding comments and more. 

With CallMiner, companies get visibility into not just their contacts, but also their employees, with a full view of agent performance with score comparisons for gamification. Benefits include: 

  • Omni-channel insights: Understanding the complete customer journey is much easier when you can track conversations with clients across every channel. With the omnichannel expansion from CallMiner, you can even search for content with included special characters and emojis and build journey maps with automated systems to help you understand the paths that lead to purchases
  • Intelligent insight: AI innovation is at the heart of the CallMiner environment, with unsupervised machine learning that auto-correlates conversational insight. You can even set your AI up to pinpoint “unexpected” topics of conversation. At the same time, companies have access to a unique repository of permission-based contact centre data, so they can train their own machine learning models
  • Content management: Managing content from calls and conversations is much easier with CallMiner. You can transcribe phone calls into searchable text, and access auto redaction to protect sensitive information. There are category options and automatic metrics for tracking performance and emotion through the customer journey
  • Access to the Eureka platform: CallMiner Analyze can help you organise and analyse conversations with Eureka platform enhancements, where you’ll find things like speech recognition, alert generation, and pattern discovery. The Eureka platform improves operations and performances by helping you to understand trends in your customer’s interactions, as well as monitoring employee performance
  • Collaboration: To ensure everyone stays on the same page with customer analytics, CallMiner also offers company-wide sharing. With this functionality, businesses can identify and prioritize insights, then share them with a range of people around the business. You can create executive summary reports and track the wide impact of changes to the business over time

Who needs CallMiner Conversation Analytics? 

The conversational analytics environment within CallMiner makes it quick and simple for businesses to better understand all aspects of the customer journey. End-to-end omnichannel tracking, combined with intelligent tools and machine learning, means you can discover what’s really going on behind the scenes when your employees are building relationships with customers. 

The ability to track all kinds of trends in one environment, from customer conversation patterns to changes in your employees’ performance, makes it easier to find areas where you can potentially improve customer service, and enhance relationships with clients. Being able to create and share immersive reports into the customer journey with other members of the team is excellent too.  

You can also connect your “Analyze” solution from CallMiner with other tools within the portfolio, such as Eureka for deeper insights, or tools for training. There are services for visualising your reports and capturing valuable information from reviews. You can also integrate the CallMiner solution with a host of popular tools.  

CallMiner Conversation Analytics: Verdict 

CallMiner is one of the most popular tools on the market for conversational analytics. The solution has offered businesses of all sizes a new opportunity to see behind the scenes of customer interactions. Throughout the omnichannel customer journey, you can use CallMiner to examine the trends leading to better customer service.  

The intelligent tools implemented into the CallMiner environment also make it easier to turn unstructured data and conversations into actionable insights. From there, you can make more effective decisions about how to run your company and delight your audience. 



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