NICE Real-Time Speech Analytics Review: Faster Performance

Reading between the lines in CX

NICE Real-Time Speech Analytics Review Faster Performance
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Published: November 3, 2021

Rebekah Carter

In the competitive world of customer experience, being able to listen “between the lines” in a customer conversation can be the difference between success and failure. To truly make a difference to customer experience and satisfaction, today’s business leaders and analysts need to become experts at understanding the context, intent, and sentiment in conversations.  

Tools like NICE Real-time speech analytics make the art of understanding your audience easier by giving you crucial information during the discussion. The real-time analytics solution identifies important verbal cues when you’re still talking with your customers, so you can instantly detect when something might be going wrong and reduce your risk of churn. 

Let’s take a closer look at what NICE Real-Time speech analytics can do. 

NICE Real-Time Speech Analytics Review: Features 

NICE Real-time speech analytics is an intelligent technology intended to work alongside your post-call analytics services. While analytics post-call can help with identifying trends, finding the reason behind issues, and categorizing calls, real-time analytics takes a different approach.  

With real-time analytics, companies can discover useful information and shape conversations in real-time. It’s even possible to track important events, such as when a customer starts to lose interest or when a sales opportunity presents itself. NICE Real-time speech analytics integrates with your calling technology to capture and analyse the entire conversation with a customer as it unfolds.  

Sophisticated linguistic analytics modules identify key phrases and words, picking up information from all aspects of the discussion. The real-time decisioning engine then considers additional contextual and customer information before making a suggestion. The NICE Real-time speech analytics solution is: 

  • Powered by NICE intelligent call recording 
  • Designed to work alongside post-call speech analytics 
  • Equipped with real-time word searching  
  • Enhanced by real-time decisioning engines 
  • Capable of providing instant guidance to agents, or alerting supervisors 

The intelligent technology can make agents aware of common churn signals during the conversation, and track compliance signals like high-risk statements, so agents get corrective guidance instantly. Speech analytics can also track agent mistakes and sales opportunities and send alerts to supervisors when agents need additional support.  

NICE Real-Time Speech Analytics Review: Benefits 

NICE Real-time speech analytics identify important information, triggers, and trends within a customer interaction as it unfolds, paving the way for better customer satisfaction, and even improved employee productivity. Because NICE believes real-time insights are most valuable when paired with action, the Real-time speech analytics technology pairs with NCIE Real-time guidance, to provide agents with tips into the next best action for handling customer situations.  

You can also set your NICE Real-time speech analytics to trigger real-time alerts for supervisors, letting them know when they may need to assist agents or jump in and address a problem. Some of the major benefits of Real-time speech analytics from NICE include: 

  • Improved quality assurance: When errors, missing information, and broken processes appear in a business, they often lead to frustration, confusion, and poor customer satisfaction. The NICE Real-time speech analytics environment can detect the issues leading to customer dissatisfaction, alert supervisors, and tell agents what they need to do next to improve the business reputation
  • Extend supervisor awareness: Alerts can manually or automatically push to the NICE Manager-on-the-go smartphone app or tablet app, which allows for remote listening and joining on calls too. This also helps to improve regulatory compliance, by making business leaders aware of things like missed ID verifications, non-compliance with internal policies, and disclosure failures
  • Increased opportunities: Real-time insights into conversations can help to highlight opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling among sales teams. At the same time, these insights also make it easier to detect opportunities where agents might be able to improve relationships between the brand and consumer
  • Faster performance: With NICE Real-time analytics, by the time the customer finishes explaining an issue to the agent, the employee already has all the information they need to deliver the relevant response. This exceptional performance results from the 100% real-time streaming technology provided as part of the NICE Engage platform and the NICE advanced interaction recorder software
  • Complements post-call analytics: Most companies interested in improving CX and business performance already have post-call analytics solutions in place. Real-time speech analytics and traditional post-call analytics are complementary, perfect for helping companies track the interactions of the full customer lifecycle

Who Needs NICE Real-Time Speech Analytics? 

Real-time speech analytics help to ensure every interaction between your customers and agents reaches the optimal resolution. Rather than looking for trends over time like post-call analytics, these tools focus on what’s happening at the moment, reducing the risk of churn. According to NICE, real-time speech analytics makes it easier to detect issues and opportunities as they happen, so companies can proactively deliver better service.  

The NICE advanced Interaction Recorder server also makes it easy for businesses in the NICE environment to rapidly scale and adapt their environment as they need to. The Advanced Interaction recording which powers real-time speech analytics can easily expand to support new hybrid, remote, and in-office employees.  

NICE Real-Time Speech Analytics: Verdict 

The Real-Time Speech Analytics technology from NICE builds on proven technology like the NICE Engage platform and the NICE Advanced Interaction Recorder to deliver amazing results. For companies hoping to reduce churn or improve sale volume, NICE helps you to see between the lines when analysing customer conversations.  

With NICE Real-Time speech analytics, companies can reduce churn, deliver a better quality of service, and even improve the quality of their overall data strategy. Real-time analytics makes an excellent complement to post-interaction analytics for brands that aim to fully understand the end-to-end customer journey.  



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