Microsoft Power BI Review: Business Clarity 

Intelligent insights into your business  

Microsoft Power BI Review Business Clarity 
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Published: October 26, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Knowledge has always been the power in the business landscape. However, customer expectations regarding service and support continue to change, and the marketplace grows more competitive, being informed has never been more important. The right insights into your business don’t just give you the power to improve efficiency, and lower costs, they also ensure you’re structuring your organisation to deliver the best possible experiences to customers.  

Fortunately, Microsoft, one of the leaders in the technology and data landscape, is on the case. Microsoft Power BI helps companies to gain a deeper understanding of crucial business operations. Winner of the highest scores for the current offering and strategy categories of the recent Forrester Wave Report, Power BI enables companies to make the right decisions, based on data. 

Today, we’re going to explore what Microsoft Power BI can really do.  

Microsoft Power BI Review: Features 

Power BI from Microsoft is one of the pillars of Microsoft’s “Power Platform”, designed to enable companies with access to the right data and tools for digital transformation. The easy-to-use ecosystem paves the way for business leaders to build a data-driven culture, backed by authentic business intelligence. Most importantly, the technology means everyone at each level of your organisation can make more confident decisions with access to data. 

Available on desktop, Microsoft Power BI is already helping companies like Adobe to deliver more comprehensive data capabilities for stronger digital experiences. The technology has also assisted Microsoft in maintaining its 14-year position as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence tools. Features include: 

  • Comprehensive data visualisations for the whole team 
  • Connect information across global data centres and national clouds 
  • Extend data loss prevention with Microsoft Cloud App security 
  • Apply sensitivity labels to data with Information Protector 
  • Maintain access to crucial data without compromising on security standards 
  • Protect organisational data with Azure Virtual Network, Private Link, and service tags 
  • Access Power BI across every desktop 
  • Weekly and monthly updates to improve Power BI functionality 
  • Unified self-service and enterprise analytics 
  • Industry-leading AI insights and machine learning models 
  • Simplified deployment pipelines 
  • Unparalleled Excel interoperation 
  • Connectivity with Microsoft Power Platform 
  • Stream analytics in real-time 

Microsoft Power BI allows companies to use and leverage data like never before, with access to intelligent tools which make managing insights easy. As part of the comprehensive Microsoft Power Platform, Power BI can also work alongside other tools for automation and bot creation to enhance efficiencies based on valuable information. 

Microsoft Power BI Review: Benefits 

Microsoft Power BI is Microsoft’s solution for giving businesses crucial self-service analytics at scale. You can reduce the complexity and cost associated with using multiple solutions for analytics, with a platform that adapts to suit you. More importantly, Microsoft’s ever-evolving environment grows increasingly intelligent over time, offering more meaningful ways to share insights with AI capabilities, data visualisations, Excel integrations and a range of data connectors. 

As an added bonus, Microsoft ensures companies can maintain absolutely security and privacy when it comes to analysing data. Industry-leading security solutions like sensitivity labelling, end-to-end encryption and access monitoring allow for complete peace of mind. Some of the biggest benefits of Microsoft Power BI include: 

  • Democratise data access for business innovation: Companies can make real strides in developing a data-driven culture with Microsoft Power BI. The solution makes it possible for people from any environment to access the information they need for better decision-making. Self-service and enterprise analytics solutions are available on the same combined platform, along with semantic models, application lifecycle management toolkits, and reports
  • Learn more from your data: Microsoft’s Power BI solution can connect insights and information from multiple different data centres and landscapes to give you a more end-to-end view of your business information. Combined with Azure technology, it’s easy to align and analyse the entire data estate and search for trends
  • Unlock the power of AI: With built-in artificial intelligence, companies can quickly and conveniently take advantage of the latest advances in Microsoft AI to help people all across the organisation prepare their data, build more advanced machine learning models, and collect insights from structured, and unstructured data 
  • Ease of use: Power BI from Microsoft is built for accessibility, to improve the way everyone in a company uses and understands data analytics. To enable better ease of use, Microsoft offers unparalleled interoperation with Excel, as well as convenient, visual power BI dashboards. You can even take your insights to the next level by connecting Power BI with other elements from the Power Platform, like Power Automate and Power Apps
  • Real-time visualisations in minutes: Every second counts when it comes to making crucial, data-driven decisions. That’s why Microsoft’s Power BI solution allows business leaders to create visualisations and data dashboards in minutes. You can even stream analytics in real-time and get reports in the moment, so you can make better decisions

Who Needs Microsoft Power BI?

If you’re hoping to build a more informed, data-driven culture in your company, Power BI can help you to make the right information more accessible to everyone on your team. The flexible solution ensures business leaders can stream information to the people who need it, allowing them to make better decisions based on both historical, and real-time data.  

For any business hoping to compete in terms of productivity, performance, innovation and customer experience, Power BI could be the edge you need.  

Microsoft Power BI Review: Verdict

Microsoft Power BI is the simple but effective solution for businesses hoping to bring more intelligence into their daily workflows. With Power BI connecting data from various points throughout your company, you can make confident decisions about how to grow your organisation and serve your customers.  

Even better, Microsoft Power BI also works perfectly alongside the other Microsoft Power Platform-tools, to help make digital transformation easier than ever.  



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