NICE Nexidia AI Analytics Review: Flexible Service To Suit You

Intelligent Omni-Channel Interaction Analysis 

NICE Nexidia AI Analytics Review Flexible Service To Suit You
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Published: October 21, 2021

Rebekah Carter

To thrive in today’s competitive landscape, companies need to leverage every ounce of data they can access about their target customer. After all, every interaction between a brand and its consumer has the potential to make or break a valuable relationship.  

In the past, manual searching through endless customer conversations for valuable insights would have been practically impossible. Now, companies have tools like NICE Nexidia customer engagement analytics to help. This intelligent tool provides omni-channel interaction insights, to help drive important changes to customer experience strategies.  

Through Nexidia AI analytics, companies can discover ways of lowering costs, improving sales outcomes, and increasing customer loyalty. Let’s explore what a tool like NICE Nexidia AI analytics can do.  

NICE Nexidia AI Analytics Review: Features 

Nexidia Analytics is a comprehensive suite of evaluation tools, designed to provide companies with the tools they need to drive meaningful business growth. The Nexidia Analytics ecosystem covers all aspects of business and CX analysis, including: 

  • Call centre quality management: NICE Quality Central provides a comprehensive view of quality management, ensuring all interactions meet expectations. Quality Central automates and customises quality processes in a single application, regardless of recording solution, channel, or data source
  • Nexidia contact centre analytics: The omni-channel contact centre analytics from NICE provide comprehensive speech and text analytics technology, for insights into 100% of your interactions. The Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics with automatic speech recognition delivers scalable, flexible insights
  • Real-time monitoring: With real-time monitoring from NICE Nexidia AI analytics, companies can quickly and easily provide their agents with insights into real-time interactions. Real-time monitoring can reduce the risk of customer churn, improve client sentiment, and get agents help when they need it most
  • Audio Discovery: Advanced audio discovery technology within NICE Nexidia AI analytics enables a higher level of accuracy for compliance-focused analytics. The Nexidia Search patented phonetic technology platform helps companies to produce critical evidence in no time
  • Predictive churn prediction: Using in-depth insights into customer behaviour gathered over time, NICE Nexidia AI analytics can predict customer churn. This helps companies to see which clients are most likely to abandon subscriptions and fail to renew
  • Managed analytics services: NICE can also offer managed analytics through Nexidia technology. Using Nexidia technology, NICE can provide everything from predictive behavioural routing to customer journey analytics to companies looking to evolve

The comprehensive AI-enhanced toolkit of analytics solutions provided by NICE paves the way for a new level of intelligent business decision-making. Easy-to-use and immersive, the selection of tools makes it simpler for businesses to understand complicated ideas like customer sentiment.  

NICE Nexidia AI Analytics Review: Benefits 

Delivering excellent customer service and support is mandatory in today’s business landscape. Companies with a limited understanding of their clients’ needs will suffer to stay afloat. The only way to overcome this issue is to find the right way of collecting, analysing, and using important CX information. NICE Nexidia AI analytics can help with this.  

A comprehensive suite of AI analytical solutions, Nexidia gives businesses everything they need to understand what’s really happening behind the scenes of customer/company interactions. With Nexidia, business leaders can make better decisions about the future of the company and improve customer loyalty. Major benefits include: 

  • Omni-channel insights: The NICE Nexidia AI analytics environment can pull information and insights from a host of different communication environments. In today’s complex environment, where consumers are reaching out to brands through a range of different channels, the ability to create an end-to-end view of the customer journey is crucial. You can even track call quality in the same environment where you examine customer sentiment
  • Next level speech technology: NICE ensures companies can read between the lines of their conversations with customers. With speech and text analytics enhanced with state-of-the-art technology, companies can learn more about their target audience and needs. There’s even built-in prescriptive and predictive analytics to help you drill down into patterns and trends
  • Historical or real-time insights: Companies can conveniently collect information about their interactions with customers in real-time, or historically. While insights over time allow for better predictions and trend-spotting, real-time insights can improve interactions in the moment. The real-time service can even alert supervisors and managers when agents need assistance with a troubling call
  • Improved compliance: Features like Audio Discovery and Nexidia Search built into NICE Nexidia AI analytics make reporting and analytics more compliant. You can easily find the information you need with NICE tools, and produce the evidence required for audits and legal cases, without having to rely on speech-to-text transcription
  • Flexible service to suit you: NICE Nexidia AI analytics is a flexible, modular approach to full business analytics designed to suit the needs of different companies. You can access the insights most important to your business, in a way that suits you. Nice even offers managed analytics tools for companies who need help leveraging the data they process every day

With technology experts and analytics leaders to guide you in making the most out of your analytics technology whenever you need them, NICE takes accessing business insights to the next level. Whether you embrace the managed analytics services approach or simply reach out for help from the NICE team, you’re sure to get amazing support. 

NICE Nexidia AI Analytics Review: Verdict 

NICE’s approach to AI analytics is comprehensive, intelligent, and brimming with potential. Whether you want to learn more about your call quality, or you need a full view of the omni-channel customer journey, NICE has you covered. The Nexidia environment is packed with opportunities to see behind the scenes of your customer service strategy, so you can determine what’s really working.  

Access to real-time monitoring can help you reduce the risk of churn instantly, while longer-term insights pave the way for predictive trend spotting. As the value of understanding your customer becomes increasingly significant, tools like NICE Nexidia AI analytics will quickly become essential to business owners. 



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