Noble IQ Review: Advanced Contact Centre Analytics 

Noble IQ enhances contact centre insights 

Noble IQ Review Advanced Contact Centre Analytics 
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Published: August 30, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Companies in the modern world compete for one thing: excellent customer experience. While a wide selection of features and services might attract your audience, the right experiences transform leads into lifetime clients.  

A strong omni-channel contact centre environment, where companies can access disruptive features (like AI and machine learning), is a good place to start building your CX strategy. However, to continue optimizing, improving, and outshining the competition – companies need something more significant – they need contact centre analytics. 

Nobile IQ is a comprehensive reporting and analytics solution from Noble Systems. The service supports companies in strengthening their contact centre strategy, by giving them all the tools they need to understand the customer journey and improve interactions with clients. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do with Noble IQ.  

Noble IQ Review: Features 

According to the Noble Systems team, today’s digitally transformed landscape means companies have new opportunities to capture the voice of the customer and develop deeper understandings of their target audience. However, before you can begin to generate meaningful changes in your business, you’ll need the right analytics and decision-making tools.  

Nobile IQ is a suite of patented, proprietary, and automated tools for analytics, which helps companies to access the deeper insights they need for a sensational customer experience. You can use the service to define your best customers, decide where and how to contact them, and even set up automated workflows for your hybrid team. Features include: 

  • Best time to call predictions 
  • Predictive AI algorithms to track customer needs 
  • Campaign management on autopilot 
  • Self-learning mode for understanding customers over time 
  • Strategy simulation 
  • Call targeting based on customer risk
  • Pre-scheduled campaigns for customer contact 
  • Intelligent decision making
  • Real-time screening for calls 
  • Phoneme analytics 

The full collection of features available from Noble IQ spreads across a series of critical intelligence tools. These tools include: 

  • Noble Contact AI: A best-time-to-call tool that increases productivity while meeting dialling regulations. The service weighs factors like agent availability, account priority, and contact probability to create call queues
  • Noble ONQ: A campaign management tool for automating and centralizing policy and campaign management, while improving call rule compliance
  • Noble Decision AI: An automated decision tool bringing intelligence to contact centre policy management and decision making with analytics for multiple data sources
  • Noble Conversations Analytics Now: Proactive service and management compliance while calls are taking place. Real-time insights help to improve first-call resolution
  • Noble Conversations Analytics: For long-term insights and predictive reports, use conversational analytics to access huge amounts of data and detect potential patterns. You can use post-call recordings to spot trends, improve quality assurance and more

Noble IQ Review: Benefits 

Noble IQ takes customer experience to the next level by allowing companies to see behind the scenes of their client conversations. The range of IQ features mentioned above ensures you can get into the heart of what’s happening during each conversation with your customer. Through predictive speech and analytics tools, you can identify your best customers, understand which campaigns work best for you, and potentially drive more sales in real-time.  

The biggest benefits of Noble IQ include: 

  • Better agent performance: From an agent perspective, Noble IQ helps companies to optimize inbound and outbound productivity with contact centre tools and analytics, to help give your agents the best chance of making calls successfully. You’ll be able to increase call rates, reduce downtime, and boost performance in calls too, thanks to in-conversation guidance and AI support 
  • Improved customer experience: Everything about Noble IQ is built to deliver a better quality of customer experience. Leveraging real-time data and customer insights means you can improve the quality of every call and improve your chances of a speedy resolution. You’ll also be able to identify the best time to connect with clients due to AI support and deliver targeted offers at the perfect time. Historical analytics could even lead to predictive insights
  • Enhanced profitability: With access to better business intelligence from recorded calls and conversations, companies can improve the success of their communication strategy, and drive more efficient operations, while reducing risk exposure and corporate liability. The Noble IQ system is a powerhouse of efficiency and insights
  • Better management: Aside from helping agents perform more effectively, Noble IQ can also improve your management strategy, by allowing managers to track everything from calling programs, to agent compliance. Supervisors can even monitor quality in conversations and pinpoint opportunities for better training
  • Stronger decision making: Noble IQ allows companies to get ahead of the curve with better decision making. You can easily use huge amounts of information with Decision AI to find patterns in customer service experiences, and plan for future success. The Decision AI quickly and conveniently analyses multiple data sources for you, so you can address opportunities and issues faster

Who Needs Noble IQ? Noble IQ Verdict 

Noble IQ is one of the most attractive tools for today’s business leaders, as it allows for a deeper insight into the customer journey, and the steps required to convert clients. With Noble IQ, you can learn more about your target audience, and what kind of conversations are more likely to lead to sales, loyalty, and ongoing interactions.  

Noble IQ also makes it easier for business leaders in hybrid and distributed environments to keep an eye on their teams. You can track crucial performance metrics wherever your agents might be and find opportunities for training and support which might lead to better revenues and sales. There are even real-time analytics opportunities available for when you need to jump in and address a potential issue with a customer as quickly as possible.  

A comprehensive analytics system offering both immediate and historical overviews of your business, Noble IQ is a reminder that knowledge really is power.  



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