Genesys DX Review: Conversation Designer Application

Exploring the Genesys DX platform 

Genesys DX Review

Last Edited: May 15, 2022

Rebekah Carter

With “experience” now standing as the ultimate tool for differentiation in the modern landscape, companies everywhere are investing in better ways to interact with customers. At the same time, vendors in the communication and contact centre landscapes are constantly innovating with new tools and platforms to suit the evolving world of service and support. 

One of the market leaders in customer experience solutions, Genesys, announced its new approach to experience management in June of 2021. The Genesys DX platform, a standalone solution for digital customer engagement, promises companies an easier way to delight their audience. The solution leverages the CX expertise in Genesys products, along with a dynamic knowledge base and conversational AI.  

The Genesys DX solution promises companies a fantastic strategy for moving customer experiences to the next level. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at what you can do with Genesys DX. 

Genesys DX Review: Features 

Supporting always-on engagement in the digital age, the Genesys DX environment is built explicitly for tech-driven communication through SMS, email, live chat, messaging, and more. You can connect with your customers on the channels they prefer, maintaining context in every email or Instagram message. With DX, companies get a comprehensive 360-degree view of all their customer touchpoints in one environment, with AI-powered insights included. 

Genesys DX positions businesses of all sizes to win new customers and retain the loyalty of their existing clients, with an easy-to-use environment that empowers agents. The solution is also extremely easy to deploy, with a configuration process to get you up and running in no time. Features of Genesys CX include: 

  • Comprehensive knowledge platform with centralised insights for customers and agents 
  • Intuitive agent experiences with AI assistants capable of offering real-time info to reps 
  • Predictive and proactive outreach to instantly connect with website visitors using personalised messages
  • Web messaging available 24/7 with asynchronous conversations and push notifications for customers
  • Chat and voice bots with natural language understanding to grasp customer sentiment and intent 
  • Rich media omni-channel experiences across all channels, with image carousels, videos, and other interactive content
  • Extensive insights and reporting tools to track the outcomes of your DX efforts 
  • Multiple APIs and tools for extending your environment, including interactions with leading tools 
  • AI solutions for automatic translation and immediate information surfacing in complex environments
  • Conversation designer application for creating advanced self-service solutions 
  • Smart routing and agent smart advisors to ensure the right customer always reaches the correct person for the job
  • Branded customer portal with FAQ and custom libraries 

The Genesys DX environment empowers agents and supervisors in an environment where customer service is becoming increasingly digital. You can transfer files, access co-browsing tools, monitor your visitors in real-time, and even engage with them through video chat. Skills-based routing ensures your customers get to the right agent to tackle their queries, and robust reporting features help you keep track of your success.  

Genesys DX Review: Features 

Lately, customers have been spending more of their time on digital environments, accessing tools that offer fast solutions to problems and excellent levels of convenience. The Genesys DX environment allows companies to leverage this digital ecosystem with everything they need to track and understand the customer journey.  

Integrations are available with a host of leading tools, including Zendesk, Salesforce and Google analytics, and users can access their own connections with APIs too. There’s also a host of advanced modular features to explore, like proactive outreach engines, and resource management with the help of AI assistants. Some of the biggest benefits of Genesys DX include: 

  • Meet your customers wherever they are: Built for an omnichannel digital world, the Genesys DX environment ensures your agents can stay active on any channel important to your target audience. The contextual backend environment connects conversations from multiple platforms to help your agents deliver a more consistent experience. There’s even access to integrations with CRM tools for tracking customer information
  • Better customer visibility: Genesys DX promises companies a convenient and fluid way to track and understand the customer journey. There’s a complete 360-degree view available into your customer touchpoints at all times, and countless analytics systems to help understand your audience. AI solutions and sentiment analysis help you to stay ahead for the customer by predicting and proactively addressing needs
  • Easy implementation and scalability: Genesys make it easy to design and launch a comprehensive Digital Experience environment with all the channels they want to use, complete with AI actionable insights and tools to delight customers. Various integrations are already available with leading tools like Salesforce and Google Analytics, and there are various API options to access too
  • AI Support: With Genesys DX, companies can empower and enhance their teams with access to a host of AI solutions, including bot assistants ready to surface information for an agent at the touch of a button. You can also build bots for proactive and predictive outreach, to make sure you’re always connecting with your customers at the right time to encourage sales and conversions
  • Endless scalability: Because businesses can often grow fast, Genesys makes it easy to scale your ecosystem to suit your needs. There are various packages available for the DX experience, each including its own specialist features like custom intent libraries, voice dashboards, and extensions for agent browsers. You can contact the sales team for help choosing the right package

Genesys DX Review: Verdict 

Combining sensational flexibility with a host of tools to delight and inspire your customers, the Genesys DX solution makes digital transformation easy. If you’re looking for a convenient way to enhance your contact centre and prepare for more digital conversations, Genesys has you covered with a scalable software solution. You can access a host of amazing features to empower your teams, including AI assistants and intelligent reports.  

At the same time, Genesys makes it easy for anyone to access the DX environment with a simple and convenient system, featuring quick configuration.  



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