Intercom Conversational Relationship Platform Review

Rebekah Carter

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Intercom Conversational Relationship Platform Review

Experience is the holy grail of business success in the modern age. Today’s companies have discovered the only way to maintain loyal customers is to offer more than just the right services and products. If you don’t have the right experience strategy, you’re never going to thrive.

However, it’s worth noting that as important as “CX” (Customer Experience), it’s only one piece of the entire experience puzzle. A truly incredible business needs to look beyond the basics of customer experience and look instead at all aspects of experience – including the meaningful moment’s employees have each day.

Intercom’s Conversational Relationship Platform promises an opportunity to examine and optimize multiple parts of the experience journey at once, from employee interactions to customer service.

Intercom Conversational Relationship Platform: Features

The Intercom Conversational Relationship Platform aims to improve all kinds of experiences in the modern landscape by allowing people to share information more effectively. The solution supports better team experiences while paving the way for stronger customer interactions through quick responses to queries and aligned teams.

The flexible Intercom environment promotes better interactions between employees, with excellent back-end collaboration and information sharing. At the same time, you can create automated workflows, FAQs for customers, and behaviour-driven messages. Features include:

  • Internal collaborative inbox for teams
  • Rules and automated workflows
  • Routing and project assignment
  • Code-free chatbot for agent and customer support
  • Connections for all channels including emails, mobile, WhatsApp, and more
  • Visual campaign builder for customer interactions
  • Customisable visual reporting
  • APIs and app integrations
  • Customer data management
  • Onboard, activate and reengage customers with targeted messages
  • Email campaigns
  • Product tours
  • High-quality self-service and proactive support
  • Conversational marketing

The Intercom Conversational Relationship Platform promises businesses a way to take a more conversational approach to the various aspects of the customer journey. You can deliver high-quality conversational support at any scale with self-serve, human, and predictive support strategies. There’s also technology for onboarding, activating, and engaging customers with targeted messages and campaigns.

Intercom Conversational Relationship Platform: Benefits

The Intercom Conversational Relationship Platform is a layered platform featuring everything you need for employee collaboration, team management, and customer data in one environment. The business messenger space allows for a better chat with customers, as well as collaboration and knowledge sharing between teams. In-built management tools help companies to easily assign tasks to the right employees, even in a hybrid environment. The customer relationship platform is where you strengthen connections with clients. Some of the biggest benefits of the Intercom “CRP” (Customer Relationship platform) include:

  • Excellent business messaging: According to Intercom, the messaging system allows companies to handle 1.6 times more support tickets, and results in a 37% lower time to resolution. The messaging solution supports team conversations and consumer discussions. You can chat in real-time or follow-up later, automate conversations with chatbots, support self-service, and deliver outbound messages for sales. There’s also the option to target chat messages towards specific segments
  • Better workflows: As noted above, Intercom doesn’t just improve the customer experience, the brand focuses on employee interactions too. A collaborative inbox means staff can find information about customers in no time. Automated processes and workflows also help to take extra work off your team’s plate, so they can focus on what matters most – serving customers. You can even orchestrate full cohesive journeys for your employees with a visual campaign builder for outbound connections
  • High-level reporting: Immersive reporting and data analytics helps companies to understand how their business operates, and what needs to improve. You can customise and build your own reports based on key metrics or use a pre-built reporting template from Intercom. The analytical insights are visual, easy to understand, and ideal for all kinds of teams. Reports are available on company data, conversational data, behavioural data, or custom metrics
  • Strong personalisation: An immersive all-in-one platform for customer data makes it easier to personalise experiences at scale. You can route VIPs and urgent issues to the top of the support queue, bring new context into conversations, and target specific customers based on who they are, where they come from, and what actions they’ve taken before. United data across your entire stack allows for a more accurate insight into the customer
  • Apps and integrations: Intercom’s solution can easily integrate with a wide range of tools and solutions. You can connect your Intercom service to a range of tools to boost agent and employee experience or work with the Intercom API to build functionality into your existing technology stack

The Intercom Conversational Relationship platform takes a user-focused approach to helping teams see who’s using a product, interacting with a website, or just looking for assistance. The flexible environment makes it easy to connect with customers, engage their interests, and unlock new opportunities. You can even create behaviour-driven messages and automated targeted content.

Who Needs Intercom’s Conversational Relationship Platform?

With the Intercom Conversational Relationship Platform, companies can build amazing, unforgettable journeys for customers and their employees. With AI and data, you’ll be able to automatically route important customers and urgent issues to the top of the support queue, so crucial clients are never left a rating. An aligned information environment also means you can find the context you need to respond to clients with a personalized voice.

Intercom allows teams to target specific customer segments based on where they are and what they do, all the while, your employees get a more unified back-end environment for handling conversations across a range of channels. If you’re building more conversational avenues for your customers, and you want to keep staff as productive as possible, Intercom will help you reach your goals.

Intercom CRP Review: Verdict

Intercom paves the way for happier customers, with personal touchpoints across familiar mediums like messaging. You can engage your clients at the moment when they’re most likely to buy and create connected workflows for consistent experiences at scale.

At the same time, you get to look beyond the customer experience to ensure agent productivity and efficiency too. The Intercom environment comes with tools like collaborative inboxes, rules, and automated workflows, to reduce the amount of complexity in the modern brand/customer interaction.



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