CallMiner Integrates Zoom Meetings for Improved Customer Insights

The new integration provides companies with customer insights and revenue opportunities

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Published: April 21, 2023

James Stephen

CallMiner has added a new Zoom Meetings integration to provide companies with enhanced customer insights and revenue opportunities.

Describing itself as the “leading provider of conversation intelligence”, CallMiner is now providing its customers with the necessary insights to improve sales, compliance, service, support, and product development teams via Zoom Meetings’ video and audio features.

CallMiner’s Zoom Meetings integration allows clients to record and examine interactions. It can also be combined with customer conversation types, including contact center conversations, to get a complete set of data points that will inform the next steps toward boosting customer experience.

Paul Bernard, President and CEO of CallMiner, said: “Departmental leaders across organizations face the daunting task of trying to understand how employees, from sales reps to support and compliance staff, interact with customers.

CallMiner’s new integration with Zoom Meetings gives these leaders visibility into customer-facing activities and meeting effectiveness, empowering them to make data-driven decisions to improve productivity, revenue opportunities and customer satisfaction.

“Further, they can share insights enterprise-wide to support continuous performance improvement and desired business outcomes.”

While Zoom is a highly popular business application, it is not easy or scalable to capture and analyze conversations that take place on the platform but by integrating Zoom Meetings, CallMiner can provide this added service to its customers.

As well as the benefits offered through this integration, CallMiner’s comprehensive platform can also be used to analyze customer interactions across multiple channels.

Its platform can be applied at scale to organizations of varying sizes, with expert knowledge and AI and machine learning technology.

CallMiner says its aim is to help companies find business opportunities that lead to improvements, growth, and transformational change more effectively than ever.

Mitch Ricks, Global Leader of ISV Partnerships and Strategy at Zoom, commented:

“The need to understand what’s happening in virtual video and audio-conferencing conversations is more important than ever before.

“Our expanded integration with CallMiner empowers organizations to uncover deep customer insights from every Zoom Meeting, regardless of team, and identify opportunities to drive significant ROI.”

CallMiner’s integration with Zoom Meetings is not its first integration partnership with Zoom.

At Zoomtopia last year, Zoom announced several new partnerships, including a Zoom Contact Center integration with CallMiner and making CallMiner available to its Zoom Phone users.

While Zoom already offers Zoom IQ for Sales, it is not yet able to assess service contacts. CallMiner is able to offer this functionality, however, providing keyword analysis, sentiment, and intent across contact center interactions, including those taking place on digital channels.

Paul Bernard, President, and CEO at CallMiner, said at the time:

By introducing new integrations with Zoom, CallMiner is making it easier to not only capture and analyze customer interactions wherever they occur but also combine them with other calls, chats, emails, and more to gain deeper insights into customer behaviors, patterns, and trends.

Late last year, Eric Williamson, CMO of CallMiner, shared his predictions of the customer experience trends that will shape 2023.

Last month, CX Today listed CallMiner as one of the top CX compliance vendors for 2023.



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