The Top CX Compliance Vendors for 2023 

Compliance vendors leading the way in 2023 

The Top CX Compliance Vendors for 2023 1
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Published: March 20, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Compliance has always been a critical concern for brands serving customers in a variety of industries and landscapes. As companies continue to collect huge amounts of data from their interactions with clients, regulations influencing how this information is managed and stored have begun to evolve. In recent years, in particular, the compliance space has grown increasingly complex.  

To protect companies and their customers from data leaks, breaches, and privacy issues, vendors in the technology sector have begun producing enhanced solutions for CX compliance. These tools, either offered as standalone technologies or embedded into CCaaS and CRM environments, help companies to avoid penalties, as well as damage to their reputation.  

Today, we’re looking at some of the leading vendors in the compliance space serving companies in the evolving age of customer experience.  


Specifically focused on the compliance needs of contact centers, PCI PAL aims to simplify the privacy and security challenges businesses face when serving customers. The company specializes in securing transactions according to PCI DSS standards. Within the brand’s comprehensive portfolio of tools, companies can find solutions for capturing and managing digital and IVR payments.  

Additionally, PCI PAL produces agent-assist technology, which helps agents to capture card information securely during live interactions. PCI PAL’s solutions are certified by the PCI Security Standards Council and can integrate with various contact center environments, thanks to the company’s broad partner network. All tools offered by PCI PAL are also scalable and cloud-based, so companies can remain agile as they grow.  


Focused on translating business data into actionable insights, CallMiner produces a host of software solutions for frontline agent experience, quality management, contact center efficiency and fraud detection. The company’s risk and compliance suite assists brands in understanding and securing the data captured in voice and text conversations. 

Designed to adhere to global and industry-specific regulations, the CallMiner ecosystem allows companies to identify risk issues across all customer conversations at scale. The solutions on offer support PCI and PII compliance and provide organizations with the tools they need to track agent performance and reduce human error. There are also reporting tools available to help brands pinpoint productivity and efficiency issues in the workplace.  


Software vendors Verint create technologies for the contact center and business intelligence landscape. Companies can take advantage of tools for creating conversational AI assistants, tracking real-time workflows, and scheduling employees. The quality and compliance portfolio offered by the brand offers a proactive, risk-based toolkit for identifying compliance gaps.  

Within the scalable ecosystem, organizations can find tools for assessing and identifying cardholder data, minimizing transaction vulnerabilities, and creating custom auditing reports. Solutions range from workforce optimization platforms to automatic compliance triggers and IM content filtering tools. Plus, organizations can take advantage of RSA/AES-based technology for file encryption. Tools are also available for HIPAA protection.  

Semafone (Sycurio) 

Now known as Sycurio, Semafone helps organizations to defend themselves and their customers against data breaches. Using patented technologies, the company assists with minimizing penalties and brand damage, particularly in regard to PCI DSS compliance. Organizations can leverage tools which automatically secure transactions when agents take payments over IVR or phone systems.  

Business leaders can also use Sycurio to payment-enable other digital channels, adding compliance capabilities into email, SMS, commerce, and social media channels, and more. Sycurio also offers value-added services and support from a team of dedicated compliance professionals capable of working alongside business owners to ensure the protection of the technology stack. 


Suitable for use within a range of different communication environments, Dubber’s security and compliance tools empower brands to record, monitor, and analyze conversations. Companies can take advantage of compliant recording capabilities without common storage and hardware hassles. Additionally, recordings can be enriched and transcribed using built-in artificial intelligence. 

Dubber’s portfolio of tools includes solutions for proactive reporting with automatic compliance workflows and reports. Users can take advantage of automated monitoring and surveillance tools with real-time alerts, secure voice data management, and accurate record-keeping capabilities. The unified system works across 142 global service provider networks, with full data encryption and access to strict user permission controls. 


Focused on the contact center landscape, Calabrio devises solutions to assist companies in protecting customer and business data. Products from the company range from enterprise performance and customer experience management to workforce engagement tools. The risk and compliance tools available from Calabrio leverage a powerful analytics engine with script compliance and adherence trends, instant real-time alerts, and agent coaching.  

Calabrio also offers manual and automated pause and resume features to ensure contact centers can prevent the collection of sensitive data. Within Calabrio ONE, companies can also access an end-to-end solution for workforce management, monitoring, and risk evaluation.  


Provider of customer experience and analytics tools, NICE empowers teams with products built for digital self-service, journey orchestration, automation and more. The Reporting and BI ecosystem produced by NICE gives companies an end-to-end environment where business leaders can leverage holistic surveillance solutions for all types of communication. 

Integrated tools range from real-time visibility dashboards covering recording events and data usage. Organizations can also gain access to reporting for measuring and proving compliance during audits. Plus, there’s open access to system data available via APIs. NICE even offers specialist compliance tools for companies in highly regulated industries like finance.  

Private AI 

Developer of privacy-preserving machine learning and NLP tools, Private AI assists organizations with data discovery, auditing, and assessments. The compliance and secure storage portfolio produced by the brand assists brands with identifying, redacting, and replacing PII to safeguard customer trust.  

With Private AI, companies can unlock a 99.5% data accuracy solution, available in more than 47 languages. The technology doesn’t allow for third-party access and can handle real-time data redaction, with the ability to process 70,000 words per second. Private AI also uses the latest advancements in machine learning to ensure companies can consistently upgrade their compliance system.  


Avaya takes compliance seriously, with end-to-end solutions in place to protect the privacy of all data captured within the company’s platforms. The Avaya Experience Platform and Enterprise Cloud technologies are both secure and flexible, with technologies in place to ensure data is carefully collected and stored according to the latest regulatory requirements.  

Avaya’s technologies provide companies with complete access to access controls, privacy and security holding features, and analytics. Additionally, companies benefit from a platform which has been built with compliance and security in mind from the ground up. Avaya users can even leverage tools and processes which allow for the manipulation and restriction of data.  

Enghouse Interactive 

CCaaS and customer experience vendors Enghouse Interactive built compliance, security, and privacy tools into their cloud-based ecosystems to keep companies secure. The customer interaction solutions from Enghouse come with access to tools which allow companies to manage, monitor, and measure data without harming security standards.  

The Quality Control and Insight solutions available from Enghouse assist businesses in not just improving service quality but also retaining and storing data for auditing purposes. Companies can leverage call and screen recording tools, real-time speech analysis, and data storage systems. BI software, call billing software (Enghouse Proteus) and AI-enabled agent evaluation capabilities are also available from the brand


CPaaS vendor Twilio is PCI-DSS compliant and adheres to a range of other industry regulations with their open technologies and tools. The Twilio Programmable Voice service can be tailored to the needs of companies in highly regulated industries, with redaction options for personally identifiable information. Companies can also take advantage of compliance reporting capabilities in the Twilio ecosystem to monitor crucial metrics and risks.  

With the Twilio Regulatory Compliance APIs, organizations can create regulatory solutions which can be built into existing apps and solutions. There’s even the option to set up specific compliance triggers and requirements for users interacting across a range of communication environments.  

Theta Lake 

Heavily focused on the security, privacy and compliance landscape, Theta Lake produces tools which can be leveraged in a variety of environments, including Microsoft Teams. The Theta Lake Compliance and archiving suite is a purpose-built solution which supports automatic policy detection of regulatory risks. Companies can also leverage archiving and workflow tools for all forms of communication and even video marketing.  

The portfolio of solutions available from Theta Lake includes everything from integrated capture tools with cloud-based directories and monitoring tools to digital content analysis. Theta Lake ComplianceMD can even detect compliance risks using deep learning and NLP. Plus, Theta Lake also supports dedicated compliance archiving. 


Technology innovators Cisco supports business leaders with compliance requirements through a comprehensive Compliance Management and Configuration service. This ecosystem enables brands to take advantage of network management tools and Cisco expertise in unison to meet complex infrastructure and communication needs.  

Companies can also leverage built-in workflow reporting, monitoring, and analytics tools within the Cisco ecosystem, designed to improve business continuity and reduce risks. Cisco’s platform of tools within the Webex ecosystem also includes access management and security solutions to assist organizations leveraging the cloud for communication, collaboration, and customer service.  


Offering support for everything from compliant call recording and analytics to data management, Speechmatics protects businesses from fines and penalties. The Speechmatics platform and portfolio of tools come with access to video and audio monitoring solutions, so companies can track crucial information across a range of different channels.  

Natural language processing and other AI initiatives assist brands with monitoring compliance and risk issues in real time. Plus, organizations can take advantage of analytical tools built into their contact center environment to assist with both improving workplace productivity and efficiency and reducing compliance challenges at the same time.  

Red Box 

Focusing on the area of compliant recording, Red Box delivers automatic speech recognition, interaction insights, quality assurance and analytics tools for a range of platforms. The company’s compliant recording tools are also certified for Microsoft Teams. For regulatory compliance, companies can leverage tools which comprehensively capture information across all communication platforms and ecosystems 

The Red Box solution unifies reports and insights from numerous channels and enhances them with built-in artificial intelligence. Additionally, Red Box voice tools can also integrate seamlessly with other AI compliance applications from partners such as Behavox and Theta Lake. Companies can even leverage compliance and business intelligence tools at the same time.  


Business analytics and recording solution vendor Tollring offers various tools companies can use to improve privacy and security in the modern landscape. The brand’s portfolio of solutions covers everything from call recording and fraud management to business analytics. With Tollring’s solutions, companies can ensure GDPR compliance and adhere to the regulations set out for a host of different industries.  

Tollring specializes in compliant call recording tools designed to streamline processes, deliver business intelligence, and reduce risks in the workforce. The company’s tools can be deployed on the cloud, in hybrid environments, or on-premises. Plus, solutions are available for UCaaS and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams.  


Producing solutions for the contact center and workforce management landscapes, Genesys delivers a host of tools for compliance and security to businesses of all sizes. Solutions from Genesys cover everything from secure contact center software to workforce engagement and AI tools. The Genesys Cloud CX environment comes with built-in tools for monitoring and preserving compliance. Plus, companies can leverage end-to-end journey management solutions too.  

Genesys Cloud CX is compliant with a host of different regulatory guidelines, ranging from ISO and HIPAA, to HiTrust and SOC 2 Type 2. Companies can even leverage specialist solutions designed for the unique needs of organizations in highly regulated industries, such as financial services, government, healthcare, and retail landscapes.  


Specialists in compliance and security, OAK offers extensive call recording and reporting tools designed to provide organizations with the insights they need to minimize risk. The company has its own dedicated portfolio of tools for companies in the healthcare ecosystem, who often face some of the most stringent compliance and security requirements.  

Alongside a range of call recording and reporting solutions which can integrate with existing platforms and collect contextual information from every channel, Oak also has a dedicated offering for Microsoft Teams. With Oak, companies using the Teams ecosystem can leverage end-to-end recording and reporting tools, with built-in analytics and security.  


Offering compliance solutions for financial services, government agencies, healthcare, insurance, law enforcement, and technology, Smarsh covers a wide range of use cases. The company’s end-to-end compliance platform enables companies to capture and preserve information across every channel, from voice to email and mobile SMS.  

With Smarsh’s compliance management technology, companies can take advantage of professional archiving and web-based storage tools, as well as comprehensive business solutions for recording and analytics. Smarsh even has its own digital safe solution, where businesses can keep information securely stored for auditing purposes. Plus, the purpose-built solutions integrate with tools like Microsoft Teams, Gmail, and Slack.  


Conversational intelligence and automated quality management solution provider MiaRec helps companies to make the most of their available data. The company offers a variety of compliant, secure, and reliable call recording software solutions, as well as voice analytics tools and reporting services. Organizations can leverage Miarec’s technology to develop deeper insights into customers, reduce risk, and improve agent performance.  

The compliance and security platform integrates with existing contact center solutions, offering full access to audit trails, AI-powered automatic redaction, and encryption. There are even intelligent tools included within the portfolio to help reduce the risk of fraud in the contact center.  


Taking a modular and flexible approach to contact center technology, 8×8 provides businesses with the flexible tools they need to communicate, collaborate, and serve customers. The 8×8 ecosystem of solutions are HIPAA compliant, and meets the regulatory requirements of countless other industry standards, including PCI DSS and GDPR 

8×8 solutions can also be enhanced with a variety of security and authentication tools, including two-factor authentication applications and seamless verification services. Users can also take advantage of call masking secure data-sharing tools and auditing capabilities. Plus, with 8×8, companies have the freedom to monitor their end-to-end communication environment in a single pane of glass.  


Evaluagent delivers quality assurance, improvement, and monitoring tools to businesses around the world. With the straightforward platform, companies can quickly and effectively evaluate every conversation across all communication channels for compliance, training and coaching purposes. The end-to-end ecosystem also has an available Auto-QA add-on solution on offer.  

With automation and artificial intelligence built-in, Evaluagent provides a scalable and intelligent environment where team leaders can keep track of a range of crucial metrics. The technology can even automatically analyze every interaction in the back end, logging remedial actions with a fully auditable trail. It’s even possible to assess business compliance on a per-agent basis.  



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