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Published: May 4, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Data is crucial to building any successful business. The more a company can collect insights into employee performance, customer behavior, and overall efficiency, the easier it is to make intelligent decisions for growth. However, some of the most valuable data in the business landscape hasn’t always been easily accessible. For instance, pulling information, trends and patterns from conversations and discussions has long been a time-consuming and complex process.  

Fortunately, the rise of artificial intelligence has begun to solve this issue. Through conversational analytics, empowered by natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU), companies can finally unlock the secrets hidden in human discussions.  

Already, this technology is driving amazing opportunities for business leaders, and interest in the market is growing. By 2030, the conversational AI market is set to reach a value of $32.62 billion. The challenge for today’s brands is in figuring out which vendor to work with on their conversational analytics journey. Here are just some of the top options available today.  

  • CallMiner
  • Calabrio
  • Uniphore
  • NICE
  • Infinity
  • Cognigy AI
  • NTT Data (Eva)
  • Survey Sparrow
  • Sprinklr
  • Qualtrics
  • Amelia
  • IBM
  • Omilia
  • Oracle
  • Google
  • Avaamo
  • Amazon Web Services
  • [24]
  • Verint
  • Rasa
  • Sinch
  • Aisera
  • SmarTek21
  • Aivo
  • MiaRec


Committed to helping companies unlock the power of business intelligence, CallMiner produces software solutions and products for quality management, fraud detection, compliance and more. The brand even has its own “Eureka” platform, designed to assist organizations in analyzing 100% of customer conversations, with AI and machine-learning powered analytics. 

With CallMiner, companies can uncover insights from customer interactions at scale, collecting data from live and recorded audio, as well as text, chat, email, and more. The comprehensive platform even comes with multiple language support, playbooks for improving ROI, and speaker separation capabilities. Additionally, companies can take advantage of sentiment analysis too. 

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For years, Calabrio has focused on putting AI and machine learning solutions in the hands of less technical team members, aiming to deliver insight without any data scientists required.

Its speech analytics solution epitomizes this, turning raw conversational data into usable customer intelligence – which includes predictive net promoter scores, sentiment indicators, and automated agent evaluations.

Yet, with Calabrio, it is not only conversational data. Its solution pairs this with metadata stripped from screen recordings, keyboard activities, and more to try and break beyond the barrier of speech analytics.

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Named a leader in the 2022 Opus Conversational Intelligence report, Uniphore develops platforms and tools for companies looking to drive value from conversations. The company’s conversational AI and automation platform for contact centers provides access to tools for self-service, agent assistance, analysis and more. Using the U-Analyze service from Uniphore, companies can surface trends, track topics of conversations, and identify key call drivers. 

The platform allows organizations to create custom reports specific to the needs of their business, identifying upsell/cross-sell opportunities, compliance issues, and performance gaps. Additionally, the analysis system can leverage tonal analysis to provide insights into human emotion and intent from recorded speech. There’s even an interactive dashboard for agents. 

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NICE produces a range of tools designed to help companies capture more insights from crucial conversations. The NICE portfolio includes a comprehensive contact center interaction analysis toolkit, which can monitor and pull insights from 100% of interactions, whether customers are communicating with voice, text, or video.  

NICE also offers the Enlighten AI ecosystem, which uses artificial intelligence to deliver insights into customer satisfaction scores and opportunities, complaint management, and sales effectiveness. The NICE solutions integrate with a range of other products from NICE, including call-center reporting software and real-time interaction guidance tools. Plus, it can work with a range of contact centers.  

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Software and cloud solution providers, Infinity helps companies to leverage more impactful calls, and pull insights from conversations. The flagship conversation analytics service from the company includes access to a variety of tools for tracking call outcomes, managing payments, and even drawing attention to crucial conversational trends. There’s also sentiment analysis built in. 

The call-tracking and analytics tools can be implemented into a range of business environments, from marketing and sales landscapes to call centers. Built-in data redaction and payment identification tools also ensure companies can minimize compliance risks when recording conversations. A built-in testing system and setup wizard even assists companies in getting their new analytics system up and running quickly.  

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Cognigy AI 

Delivering everything from conversational IVR systems to smart self-service and agent assist, Cognigy focuses heavily on unlocking the benefits of artificial intelligence. The comprehensive Cognigy.AI platform includes access to a range of tools, including virtual agents, natural language understanding, voice gateways and live agent support.  

The “Insights” component of the platform enables enterprises to collect and monitor interaction data in a secure environment. Within the suite, companies can set and monitor KPIs, dive into metrics collected from multiple conversations, and track the steps involved in each customer journey. There are also tools available for exploring transcripts, and implementing privacy settings into recordings. 

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Focusing exclusively on conversational AI technology, has been named a market leader in the Magic Quadrant for enterprise conversational AI platforms for a number of years. The organization offers a range of platforms and tools to businesses, including industry-focused AI tools for banking, healthcare, and retail. The XO platform is the complete suite of conversational analytics tools offered by, with built-in generative AI and automation capabilities. allows companies to not only track interactions and patterns in conversations, but also build automations and virtual assistants based on their discoveries. With, companies can also access no-code platform tools, and leverage end-to-end support with the development of assistants and automation campaigns. 

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NTT Data (Eva) 

Investing heavily in the world of artificial intelligence, NTT Data developed the Eva solution for conversational AI. The platform allows companies to create and manage virtual agents which can be deployed across the call center, mobile environment, and websites. The system comes with natural language processing capabilities in 53 languages, as well as automated learning for long-term growth. 

The Eva platform can integrate with a host of different channels in the omnichannel contact center environment, and provides businesses with the tools they need to automate workflows based on conversational discoveries. NTT Data even partners with a variety of business leaders such as Microsoft and Infobip to make integrations easier.  

→ Explore NTT Data (Eva)

Survey Sparrow 

Inspired by the quest to understand the voice of the customer (VoC), Survey Sparrow develops enterprise survey software, NPS solutions, reputation management tools and more. With Survey Sparrow, business leaders can develop and automate surveys throughout the omnichannel communications landscape, to collect more meaningful insights from customers.  

The platform comes with a range of products to leverage, including case management tools and customizable dashboards. Plus, built-in conversational analytics allow organizations to uncover trends and patterns in discussions, predict trends, and prioritize specific workflows. There’s even support for sentiment analysis to track the perception customers have of each company. 

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Committed to turning customer data into actionable insights, Sprinklr offers access to AI tools capable of collecting large volumes of information and analyzing patterns. The Sprinklr AI engine can be deployed across a variety of different channels, without the need for custom code. Additionally, companies can also use Sprinklr to embed chatbots with NLP capabilities into tools. 

Sprinklr’s backend environment ensures companies can choose which kinds of customer intents they want to track, and collect contextual information from each conversation. The solution can also monitor compliance risks and customer sentiment across every channel. Sprinklr even integrates with a variety of tools from Salesforce and Shopify to Slack, Zendesk, and HubSpot.  

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Software vendors Qualtrics produce numerous products focused on customer and employee experience. Companies can leverage NPS tracking tools, contact center capabilities, and survey software, alongside a range of other services. With Qualtrics omnichannel customer analytics software, businesses can pull sentiment insights and other data from conversations on every channel. 

The Qualtrics XM “Dscvr” platform leverages natural language processing with support for over 20 languages. It also offers access to automation tools, for streamlining interactions, and simple chatbot building tools with multilingual capabilities. With Qualtrics, companies can also monitor agent performance, script compliance, empathy scores, and more, with intelligent alerts customized to the needs of their business.  

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Artificial Intelligence company Amelia supports companies in the development of digital agents and assistants, chatbots, and automated workflows. The conversational AI platform comes with numerous tools to help business leaders connect with their customers in a variety of languages. Additionally, companies can take advantage of built-in analytics for tracking sentiment and performance. 

Amelia’s software integrates with over 1,000 different tools, thanks to its open framework. Plus, companies can leverage orchestration services to assist with building end-to-end workflows utilizing AIOps. The conversational analytics tools built into the ecosystem are equipped with machine learning capabilities so they can constantly evolve and develop over time.  

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Technology giants IBM produce numerous solutions for communication and contact center management. The IBM range of analytics tools and solutions provide organizations with access to AI-driven resources for business analytics, text analytics, and data science. Companies can use the conversational analysis tools offered by IBM to build data fabrics, predict outcomes in interactions, and customize customer care.  

IBM also offers Cognos Analytics with Watson, a BI solution which can capture, clean, and connect data, providing access to visualizations for shareholder and team meetings. The Watson chatbot platform also comes with conversational analytics built-in, with convenient tracking for a range of important customer experience metrics.  

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Cloud software solution providers, Omilia focuses on leveraging conversational intelligence to improve contact center interactions. The Omilia Conversational Insights dashboards and monitoring tools allow companies to choose the metrics they want to track, and analyze KPIs with visual reports. Omilia can even help businesses minimize instances of fraud and compliance risks.  

The customizable dashboards built into the Omilia ecosystem cover everything from task reports, to self-service success rates and dialog. Companies can monitor intent and customer sentiment, and leverage real-time monitoring tools to pinpoint issues with customer churn and compliance. There are even options to add-on options for conversational fraud analysis.  

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Exploring concepts like generative AI, robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning, OneReach has earned a number of awards for its intelligent tools. The core solution offered by the company is a no-code/low-code process automation platform, with conversational AI and analytics built in. The system includes tools for automation, security, and governance. 

Business leaders can use to automate routine conversations with bots and virtual agents, as well as automating routine tasks for data capture. Within the platform, companies can find an Action Desk with custom reporting and management dashboards. Plus, OneReach can integrate with a variety of tools and services in the CX landscape, for end-to-end visibility, reporting, and storage.  

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Multinational computer technology company, Oracle offers various application development services, platforms, and tools featuring AI enhancements. The Conversational AI solution for customer experience companies allows organizations to build bots and virtual agents using the Oracle cloud infrastructure. These assistants can also leverage natural language understanding capabilities. 

Oracle customers can also take advantage of an end-to-end analytics suite, designed to help business leaders, data engineers, and citizen data scientists capture and act on conversational data. The solution comes with built-in data preparation, support for data visualization on any platform, and code-free machine learning solutions. The technology is also crafted to the highest security and privacy standards, to ensure compliance in growing brands.  

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Search, software, and technology vendors, Google, have made their own investments into the conversational analytics landscape. The Google Cloud Conversational AI toolkit comes with numerous resources for creating bots, and leveraging business insights. Companies can access tools built into Google’s Contact Center AI offering, or purchase stand-alone solutions.  

Google’s conversational AI and analytics tools empower brands to embed conversational technologies into a range of channels and services. Using these solutions, companies can then pull meaningful insights from interactions, using natural language processing, speech to text, and automation. Conversational data can even be viewed directly within the Google Contact Center AI system.  

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Analytics and artificial intelligence company Avaamo provides companies with the tools they need to build conversational AI applications, leverage bots, and analyze interactions. The conversational analytics platform available from the company comes with easy-to-follow dashboards and visualization to assist with the creation of custom reports.  

Within the ecosystem, businesses can unlock user journey mapping capabilities, with interactive insights into every interaction with customers. Through natural language processing technology, users can also unlock inference insights and sentiment insights from every discussion. Avaamo also has it’s own built-in solutions for agent diagnostics and performance management. The continuous learning technology built into the framework also ensures the technology can continue to grow in efficiency and performance year after year.  

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Amazon Web Services 

Cloud and software vendor Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps companies to unlock the value in their data with business intelligence solutions, data warehousing, and scalable data lakes. AWS customers can also leverage operational analytics tools and end-to-end machine learning platforms for behind-the-scenes views into business performance. 

In the contact center landscape, AWS also has a dedicated conversational analytics solution designed for customer conversations. Contact Lens for Amazon Connect offers access to conversational analytics capabilities for tracking sensitive conversations, ensuring compliance, and monitoring sentiment. The conversational analytics solution can also automatically remove sensitive data from interactions during recordings, to minimize privacy risks.  

→ Explore Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

AI-driven software provider, produces tools for customer interaction insights, smart search functionality and more. The company’s core customer interaction analytics solution helps companies to monitor conversations across channels, and leverage insights to understand the root cause of churn, revenue leakage, and more.  

Companies can collect information from across a variety of channels, with automatic speech recognition and natural language processing. The platform includes support for sentiment analysis, as well as PII redaction and speaker classification and separation. Plus, also supports the development of automatic summaries form conversations, and intent analysis. There are even compliance checkers, and process adherence monitoring tools available too.  

→ Explore offers companies access to an enterprise-grade conversational AI platform. Within the ecosystem, companies can build their own intelligent assistants and bots using natural language processing, machine learning, and other intuitive tools. The company also provides access to a suite of CX analytics, offering insights into customer journey mapping, intent, and customer sentiment. 

Using a proprietary NLU engine, the solution can pull valuable trends and patterns from conversations, and help agents to segment audiences based on intent. The platform comes with an all-in-one dashboard for tracking key performance metrics. What’s more, the conversational AI tool can be customized according to the needs of each business, without coding or complex programming.  

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Focused on building chatbots and digital assistants for enterprise environments, offers a comprehensive conversational AI platform. The full platform includes a no-code builder, allowing organizations to rapidly develop and implement chatbot and virtual assistant solutions. Users can also create automated workflows and interaction programs based on intent.  

The self-learning AI built into the platform consistently optimizes itself over time, while providing useful insights into conversational data. Users can leverage reporting, dashboard, and analytics tools to monitor the success of each interaction. Additionally,’s technology can integrate with a wide variety of tools and platforms across the omnichannel CX landscape.  

→ Explore


Serving the customer experience landscape, [24] delivers numerous solutions with its conversational AI platforms. Companies can build their own AI tools and bots into their existing contact center solution, and leverage tools for tracking NPS scores and customer perception.  

The complete Insights platform offered by the company also make it easy to tap into the hidden data within conversational interactions. Within the platform, businesses can take advantage of topic extraction and topic sentiment tools, as well as monitoring sentiment over time. There are transcription and filtering capabilities built in for keeping an eye on crucial conversations. Additionally, companies can build customized dashboards with insights into valuable metrics for different members of staff, with bespoke business rules.  

→ Explore [24]


CX company Verint helps organizations to develop their customer experience strategies through various intuitive tools and AI systems. For companies investing in intelligent analytics, Verint offers the Da Vinci AI and analytics platform. This solution activates insights and enables automation throughout an omnichannel contact center landscape.  

Companies can use Da Vinci Ai and analytics to convert unstructured information into intelligence, leveraging machine learning capabilities for enhanced understanding over time. The platform can provide insights into customer and employee sentiment, and identify trends and opportunities via predictive modelling. Verint’s solution can also detect anomalies in data and take action to improve the accuracy of collected information.  

→ Explore Verint


Specializing in the development of conversational AI bots and virtual assistants, Rasa supports brands in adding intelligence into their CX strategies. The Rasa platform comes with access to a comprehensive conversational AI framework built with open-source technology. Companies can also leverage Rasa’s solutions as a service, for proactive management and support.  

Within the Rasa ecosystem, businesses can take advantage of conversational AI building tools with a low-code UI interface. The platform also comes with analysis built-in, allowing companies to track patterns and trends throughout the contact center and other interactions with customers. Analytics tools also allow for the creation of custom dashboards and reports, tracking everything from sentiment to performance and speed of resolution. 

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CPaaS vendors Sinch support companies in embedding conversational analytics and intelligence tools into their existing applications and ecosystems. The conversational AI capabilities offered by Sinch cover a range of use cases, including verification and fraud prevention. Using the conversation API solutions offered by Sinch, companies can gain a behind-the-scenes insight into the interactions they have with their customers across multiple channels. 

Sinch’s solutions promise low-code and no-code functionality, so organizations can begin implementing new tools into their ecosystem quickly. There even solutions available for building chatbots and virtual assistants which can collect information about intent and sentiment during each interaction with a customer.  

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Aisera is an AI-driven company, experimenting with machine learning, natural language processing, and generative AI capabilities. For companies interested in leveraging the power of conversational analytics, Aisera offers an AI analytics dashboard and reporting ecosystem. The solution provides real-time insights into user interactions and KPIs.  

Using Aisera, companies can gain insight into every conversation across the customer journey, creating customizable reports focused on metrics like resolution rate and satisfaction. The single-pane-of-glass solution includes comprehensive auditing and logging tools, and pre-built dashboard templates to get businesses started. The solution can also integrate with various third-party analytics dashboards and reporting systems.  

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Focused on intelligent engagement and cognitive services, SmarTek promises companies a way to connect with consumers on a deeper level. The company’s range of AI and cognitive services allow organizations to collect information from interactions across a range of platforms. SmarTek leverages machine learning and natural language processing capabilities, as well as image and speech recognition, text to speech and speech to text. 

With SmarTek’s platform, companies can create customizable dashboards monitoring metrics from the contact center, and produce bespoke reports. The platform also comes with access to tools for building bots and virtual assistants capable of utilizing conversational analytics capabilities during interactions with customers.  

→ Explore SmarTek21


With a focus on automation and analytics, Aivo helps organizations from a variety of industries to track, monitor, and improve conversations with customers. The company’s platform includes access to a range of solutions for automating customer journeys with artificial intelligence, and collecting data from discussions. The complete suite of tool includes speech recognition and sentiment analysis capabilities, and can connect with a range of CX tools.  

With Aivo’s analytics dashboards, businesses can create detailed reports unlocking the core information they need to make intelligent CX decisions. It’s even possible to schedule recurring reports to be produced automatically. Aivo also provides access to a range of tools for consolidating conversations, building bots, and automating data management.  

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Conversational intelligence and automated quality assurance vendor, MiaRec, ensures business leaders can access valuable insights into their business operations, with a variety of tools. The company supports recording capabilities across a variety of platforms, as well as an AI-enhanced quality management platform with in-built storage solutions.  

Plus, business leaders can leverage MiaRec’s intuitive voice analytics tools, to surface more insights from conversations with customers. The voice analytics toolkit includes speech to text transcription features, automatic keyword extraction, automatic scorecards and sentiment analysis. What’s more, with advanced reporting tools, businesses can focus on the metrics and KPIs that matter most to them. 

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