Launches Conversational AI That Can “Go Live Within Minutes”

Charlie Mitchell

The vendor claims that its new NLP models require no training and deliver 97 percent intent accuracy

Latest News Launches Conversational AI That Can “Go Live Within Minutes” has released DynamicNLP, a sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) solution that will power its conversational AI offerings.

Thanks to DynamicNLP, the vendor claims that these offerings can now go live in minutes, lowering operational costs while achieving over 97 percent intent accuracy.

Of course, this is the theory. In practice, businesses will likely invest lots of time in conversational copywriting and customer psychology before considering the technology.

Nevertheless, if this is all lined up, promises to support businesses in streamlining the deployment of conversational AI to a significant degree.

Just consider 2021 Deloitte research, which uncovered that it could take operations up to nine months to train conversational AI models. The difference is stark.

Building on this point, Co-Founder and CEO Raghu Ravinutala – who was also crowned CX Leader of The Year at the 2022 CX Awards – added: DynamicNLP is a first-of-its-kind proprietary technology in the global enterprise Conversational AI industry; a breakthrough innovation that can help enterprises save time, effort, and operational cost while accelerating their go-live strategy.

An example of how DynamicNLP can save time is by automating data labeling, which also helps to remove the risk of human error and add value to conversational AI.

Moreover, suggests that the innovation is proficient in many verticals, reinforcing use cases across customer support, engagement, and commerce.

The solution may also support agent-assist conversational AI models, as long-time client Eric Hansen, CIO at Waste Connections, hopes. He stated: has helped us accelerate our AI automation journey… We firmly believe that DynamicNLP will open new avenues to scale up additional use cases of customer support and agent productivity.

Such brand loyalty has supported’s rapid rise after undergoing a fast period of growth. Gartner recognized this in its 2022 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Conversational AI. Inside the report, the analyst commended the vendor for its market awareness and vision.

Perhaps its latest innovation – which will support companies in accelerating AI-driven transformation strategies – is also a testament to this.

Uncover more insights from the Gartner study by watching our video: Inspecting the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Conversational AI



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