AGAT Launches AI Meeting Assistant for Microsoft Teams and Webex

Sandra Radlovački

Virtual assistant uses AI analysis to detect decisions, tasks, and notes from conversation transcripts

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AGAT Launches AI Meeting Assistant for Microsoft Teams and Webex

Security and compliance solutions provider AGAT Software has launched Agi, an AI virtual meeting assistant that can be integrated with Cisco Webex, and Microsoft Teams.

AGAT says Agi helps “improve meeting productivity” by using AI analysis of conversation transcripts. The assistant can detect highlights in text like decisions, tasks, notes and a summary.

Yoav Crombie, Co-founder & CEO of AGAT Software, said: “With more meetings taking place online and the hybrid work option more popular than ever. AGAT identified the need to make virtual business meetings more productive.”

“Agi guarantees that nothing from your meetings and calls will fall between the cracks. All the decisions, notes, summary and action items are captured, allowing attendees to stay focused on the conversation taking place instead of manual note taking.”

The virtual assistant is said to be able to sync tasks to a preferred task management system including Asana,, Trello, Microsoft Planner and others. Same as with decisions and tasks, Agi can identify the task title and due date and will assign them to the relevant people.

Agi can also detect the need for a follow-up meeting and schedule it accordingly.

Agi can also help improve communication and identify communication risks with the Meeting Sentiments feature. The assistant does sentiment analysis and provides an overall positive/negative score helping identify and handle situations with high negative sentiment and clone positive behaviour.

The company says the virtual assistant will soon be available for integration with Zoom.



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