A ChatGPT-Powered Voicebot Demo and Conversation with the Microsoft Engineer

CX Today's Charlie Mitchell hosts Jason Shave, Senior Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft, and Roy Dehing, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

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Published: February 16, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

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CX Today’s Charlie Mitchell introduces a demo of a voicebot that combines Azure’s new Open AI platform with Azure Communication Services Call Automation and Azure Cognitive Services to excellent effect.

He then speaks to its developer, Jason Shave – a Senior Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft – and his colleague Roy Dehing, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, to discuss the potential of such innovation.

In doing so, they consider:

  • The process of creating such a voicebot
  • Can businesses create a similar bot to answer customer queries?
  • What advantages does this GPT-powered bot have over the conversational AI currently on the market?
  • The potential of Azure’s Open AI platform to improve other elements of customer experience

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