Zendesk Teams Up With Momentive to Announce a New Integration

The two vendors finally join forces to bolster Zendesk’s offering with voice of the customer capabilities

Zendesk Teams Up With Momentive to Announce a New Integration
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Last Edited: June 1, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Zendesk has partnered with Momentive – the parent company of SurveyMonkey and GetFeedback – to offer the “GetFeedback integration with Zendesk.”

Combining Zendesk’s customer data with the VoC capacity of GetFeedback, it creates a central source of customer insights and surfaces blind spots in customer interactions.

To achieve these results, the integration seemingly offers three integral features:

  1. Survey Automation – Automated, branded post-interaction surveys, which track CX metrics – such as CSAT, NPS, and CES – allow companies to map customer feedback and benchmark KPIs.
  2. Contextual Insights – Sentiment and intent tracking across various customer segments and agents are possible thanks to the fusing of GetFeedback data with Zendesk’s operational and customer data.
  3. Dashboards – These aim to create a “holistic view of the customer”, marrying together Zendesk and GetFeedback data. Such a view may power more personalized customer service.

Users can also access Zendesk ticket data alongside various customer metrics to enable contact center teams to understand how they perform against critical customer intents.

Sharing his thoughts, Tim Sheard, Director of Tech Alliances at Zendesk, added:

GetFeedback and Zendesk are complementary solutions that together can provide a comprehensive view of the customer journey and sentiments.

“We’re excited for this strategic partnership that allows us to strengthen the customer support ecosystem and offer our mutual users a deeper understanding of their customers to provide exceptional customer experiences with every interaction.”

The partnership has been brewing for a long time, with Zendesk failing to push through an acquisition of Momentive earlier this year. Yet, this announcement enables its leaders to realize part of its vision.

After all, the original purpose of the Momentive acquisition was for Zendesk to move further into the data analytics space and build a broader customer experience platform.

However, despite the deal’s collapse, Zendesk is pushing forward with this vision and delving further into the data analytics space – as Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research, predicted.

Recently talking to CX Today, Kerravala stated: “I would think they would want some kind of analytics engine. Those are awfully hard to build yourself, and you could leverage them from Google or AWS. But, I would guess acquisitions and close partnerships would be back in play for them, as – to me – that would be their path to growth.”

Momentive is a good company, though, and it would be good to see them go after them again, and that would create a nice growth engine for them.

However, this deal also supports Momentive in its future vision, with the vendor striving to simplify the complexity of CX management by offering a holistic view of customer insights.

Such an outcome is desired by many CX professionals, with recent SurveyMonkey research suggesting that less than a third (32 percent) strongly believe their current CX solution meets their needs. Momentive will undoubtedly hope that the integration may enable a better reality for many.

Indeed, as Priya Gill, Vice President of Product Marketing at Momentive, said: “A GetFeedback integration with Zendesk has been one of our customers’ most-requested features, which makes sense — it’s a natural fit to combine GetFeedback customer feedback data with Zendesk’s customer service data.”

This bi-directional integration solves the problem of stale data leading to bad decision-making by empowering users of both solutions to take swift action with confidence because they have a holistic view of the customer journey and the most timely data.

To improve data management further, Zendesk also recently announced a series of CRM innovations. These included the addition of conversational AI to automate customer interactions via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Discover more about its latest CRM additions and vision for the future by checking out our interview with Matthias Goehler, CTO EMEA at Zendesk.




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